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  • Francine had a beauty pageant queen gimmick in ECW, but was originally a babyface who was good to Stevie Richards(if a little too interested in him for comfort) and antagonized by Raven and Beulah McGillicutty who were bullied by Tommy Dreamer as children, had not gotten over it as adults and associated pretty Francine with the 'popular kids' of their youth. They successfully turned Stevie against her and Francine in turn hooked up with The Pitbulls, who had been abused by Raven. But when Beulah turned face and forgave Tommy, Francine turned heel and left The Pitbulls, about the only friends she had left, for Franchise Shane Douglas, becoming "The Head Cheerleader" and revealing that she really did look down on women like Beulah, and Dawn Marie, and Kimona Wanalaya, and men like Brian Lee.
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  • The Radiant Rain and The Lovey Lacey, acted as a pair of alpha bitches known as The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, though in a humorous twist on this trope they acted as baby faces Women's Extreme Wrestling and WSU just because their opposition was worse. They were the bad guys for most of their Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro and SHIMMER runs. Payton Banks(the name Radiant Rain takes on when working for Bobby Roode) was also this in Victory Pro Wrestling, but was once again a baby face thanks to the object of her scorn being Jillian Hall, whose notoriously bad singing made the crowd agree with Banks.
  • Of team blondage, created to capitalize on the popularity of Mean Girls, Lollipop and Krissy Vaine best served in this role, Amber O'Neal being more like a Jerk Jock party girl and GeeStar being The Brute. Vaine in particular would be accused of engaging in various immoral activities for positions of power and interrupt shows in her attempts to publicly humiliate other wrestlers. Lollipop rarely appeared with Vaine, usually acting as a Suspiciously Similar Substitute when Vaine wasn't available, but could be distinguished by being more playful and less malicious or ambitious in matters that didn't involve tag team title belts.
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  • Torrie Wilson became this for a time after she came to the Raw roster late in 2005 and expressed her jealousy toward new Diva Ashley Massaro. She and fellow bad girls, Victoria and Candice Michelle, divided their time between picking on the more sympathetic Divas and serving as henchwomen (and, presumably, mistresses) for Vince McMahon. And just to make audiences detest her more, Torrie started carrying around a cloyingly cute Maltese puppy named Chloe. Torrie eventually turned face again after Candice became The Starscream and she and Victoria beat Torrie up.
  • TNA's stable The Beautiful People, first lead by Angelina Love, then Angelina Love got deported due to a faulty visa, leading to Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich acting as a joint trio of Alpha bitches and focusing their efforts on Love when she returned. Angelina and Velvet made up and their Alpha mission statement "Cleansing the world, one ugly person at a time," disappeared, though not before Madison Rayne turned on them for mistreating her (which somehow made her the bad guy because the group had become faces by default), only when Winter tried to breakup the group. While Love and Rayne initially avoided this in ROH, it came back in full force when Sky debuted and they put the band back together, again, with intent on corrupting ROH Dojo graduate and recap hostess Mandy Leon.
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  • WWE Divas Michelle McCool and Layla El were vapid, brainless co-champions (the last co-champions were over-caffeinated male cheerleaders for reference). They seemed to exist only to insult every other Diva on the Smackdown roster. They started with trying to say that Mickie James and Beth Phoenix were fat and ugly. Eventually, they wised up and used only non-visual insults, saying that Kelly Kelly had bad body odor ("Smelly Kelly!") and just treating Rosa Mendes like dirt (although they occasionally still called The Bella Twins "The Belly Twins"). Michelle was tall and blonde, fitting the traditional visual aid for this trope; Layla, by contrast, was rather short and Ambiguously Brown (Moroccan father, English mother).
  • Bella Twins have also displayed those traits, in the ring and on Total Divas.
  • AJ Lee became this after her Face–Heel Turn. She could back it up in the ring & on the mic though. The general dislike of the existing, poorly trained reality stars turned Diva's, compared to AJ who had fought her way up through the industry and who could actually wrestle, the heel turn lead to her cutting promos about the other divas that were supposed to draw heel heat but instead were cheered by the audience.
  • ROH also had a male example in Matt Taven, who at the sight of Hanson reminisced about refusing to hang out with him during his childhood days out of a refusal to be associated with someone so much less pretty than himself, a practice he continued into adulthood with The Young Bucks and Bullet Club as a whole, adding that anyone who cheers them was a Melvin(as in they deserved to get one). He also demonstrated ditzy traits such as lecturing former sports correspondent Kevin Kelly on American Football on the assumption Kelly never played and then proceeding to demonstrate his own ignorance of the sport, including inquires about nonexistent teams of the UK and Mexico Young Lions go on excursion to. And of course he has a posse in The Kingdom, though not a girl posse, the true leader Maria Kanellis being a comparatively subtle puppeteer and figurehead Adam Cole caring too much about what people thought of him. But then the second incarnation of The Kingdom recreated in Taven's own image was more girl posse like, just with Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan instead of girls.
  • Another male example is John Morrison, aka Johnny Mundo, aka Johnny Impact. The only thing he lacks is a posse, though given the amount of time he spends telling everyone else how much less attractive, healthy, wealthy, fashionable and enlightened they are than himself, the idea of him keeping a posse would probably stretch the Willing Suspension of Disbelief to its breaking point. He's such an alpha bitch that he once traveled through time to mock his past self, Celebrity Hanger On Johnny Nitro, for not being as awesome as he was. However, on the occasion Mundo is a baby face, he is less vocal about his presumed superiority.
  • Dos Caras Jr became yet another male example after being unmasked as Alberto Del Rio, a towel wearing Mexican aristocrat who looks down on other Mexicans who identify with their Amerindian roots on the basis that he can trace his blood back to the monarchs of Spain, on Gringos on the basis they have no soul, on anyone not as wealthy as himself or at least not appearing to be on the basis they are peasants who need to know their place, on anyone with darker skin than himself unless they can produce papers to prove they are not illegal immigrants and on Puerto Ricans on the basis they are inferior to Mexicans. The latter was ignored as El Patron Alberto in the World Wrestling League in favor of him having his own posse known as The Gentleman's Club. He curiously tends to clash with Johnny Mundo.
  • The Dollhouse led by Taryn Terrell increasingly became this. Terrell supposedly started the group for the purpose of getting out of Gail Kim's shadow, but somewhere down the line their purpose became tormenting the other knockouts for the sake of it.
  • Progress Wrestling has Jinny, who is a fashionista that feuds with people she thinks are ugly.
  • Maria Kanellis herself would become this after The Kingdom split when she(and Bennett) joined TNA Wrestling in early 2016. Kanellis began to more overtly manipulate and bully other new knockouts like Allie into serving her, with intent to gather enough power to remove more established wrestlers like Gail Kim from the show while keeping someone around to look down on while getting in the ring herself as scarcely as possible.
  • Candy Cartwright tends to behave in such a manner, and even got her own posse in "The Cutie Pie Club", a group actually named for Kiera Hogan but who Cartwright is the unquestioned leader of through whining and bossiness. That said, Hogan is one of the few people Cartwright is usually nice too.

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