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  • The song "Roses" by OutKast is a long "The Reason You Suck" Speech directed at an Alpha Bitch named Caroline. In the music video, she doesn't really seem to mind.
  • The music video to Avril Lavigne's song, "Girlfriend", has her acting aggressively bitchy against the nerdy girlfriend of a boy she fancies. The song is actually parodying the Alpha Bitch, though many real-life Libbies didn't understand and have taken it as a theme song for themselves. Though Avril Lavigne herself seemed to miss the point of her own song when she made the video, since the Alpha Bitch she plays ends up getting the guy at the end of the song and never getting punished for her bullying behaviour, while the poor girlfriend is left alone and miserable. If it was made to reflect the satirical nature of the song, then the video is a particularly cynical depiction of high school dynamics.
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  • Chumbawamba's "She's Got All the Friends" is a perky, poppy song loaded with backhanded compliments towards an Alpha Bitch ("She's got all the friends that money can buy", "Both her faces are so pleasing to the eye", etc.)
  • "Just the Girl" by The Click Five. Gender inversion of All Girls Want Bad Boys. The protagonist is in love with one of these, but she bullies and belittles him.
  • "That Girl" by All Time Low. Gender inversion of All Girls Want Bad Boys.
  • Taylor Swift:
    • Taylor Swift did a double role as both the blonde Girl Next Door and the brunette Alpha Bitch (whom she antagonizes) in the "You Belong With Me" video
    • Her song "Mean" is also at least partially directed at mean girls. The song itself is simply about bullies, but the video shows two examples of mean girls, one trio of girls who ostracize another for wearing the wrong colored bow, and the other a group mocking a teenaged girl working in fast food to save up for college.
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  • The character Jordan Pruitt's song, "Miss Popularity", is about.
  • Emily Osment expresses her contempt for such a girl in her song "I Hate the Homecoming Queen".
  • The girl in the blue dress in the music video for Paramore's "Misery Business."
  • In the Fleming & John song "Ugly Girl", the girl singing appears to be an Alpha Bitch who is trash-talking her ex's new girlfriend who she considers ugly.
  • The rival in Saving Jane's "Girl Next Door". However, it is potentially subverted in that the protagonist does have a boyfriend, seems more of a loner, naturally, and is more edgy, wanting to "hit her", when the only indication of the rival purposefully bothering her is when she pushes her books, which might be imagined in a Dream Sequence. It gives rise to the possible interpretation that the protagonist is actually just insecure and jealous of a girl more popular than she is, and that the popular girl isn't a bad person at all.
    • Song itself shows nothing to make the listener believe this. Said girl might be a Mary Sue, but nothing indicates that's she mean in any fashion.
  • Red Union, a Serbian punk band, has "I Hate Girls Like You", about the protagonist trying to teach and help the Alpha Bitch to be a better person, but being frustrated by her shallow attitude and unwillingness to learn.
  • Deconstructed in Lana Del Rey's "This is What Makes Us Girls," ostensibly about Del Rey's small-town high school experience as part of a Girl Posse. The song itself actually casts a critical eye on the willingness of teen girls to turn against each other in favor of boyfriends and troublemaking, but she even describes them as "the only friends [she] ever had."
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  • "All She Could Be" by Sarah Solovay describes an Alpha Bitch, describing her as "so pretty, but so mean, envied by the whole world" and "lives her whole life getting stuff for free," but paints her as an almost tragic character with "fake friends," describing her as being "smart but she doesn't do a thing" and asking "what happens when you're eighty and your pretty face has gone away?"
  • "Popular" by The Veronicas. It's even the theme song for the biatch female tribute from District 1, Glimmer in The Hunger Games
  • "Popular Girl" by Survivor. However, it's very objective, as the lyrics don't explain the titular girl in offensive terms.
  • "Too Cool" by Meaghan Martin.
  • "She's So Mean" by Matchbox 20.
  • "Lonely Girl" by Tonight Alive is a "The Reason You Suck" Speech seemingly directed at one of these whose latest misdeed was the last straw for the protagonist:
    You've got a lot of nerve, it looks like the table's turning, and now you're wishing me well like you miss me.
    You've got a dirty tongue, it looks like the damage done is forever, and it's a long time to miss me.
  • Marina Diamandis:
  • "Prom Queen" by Molly Kate Kestner deconstructs this trope. The girl is actually a Broken Bird with a Disappeared Dad who masks her troubles. In the future, she'll likely end up as someone's Trophy Wife, desperately clinging onto her youth.
  • "Stupid Girl" by Garbage seems to be about a girl like this: someone who's a complete phony and thinks everyone should admire her just for existing.
  • The music video for "Drop The Girl" by Hit The Lights shows multiple examples of this trope.
  • The MC version of "Fit But You Know It" by the The Streets turns the girl in the song into this. In the original she was just a Proud Beauty. The remix has completely different lyrics and makes her really self-centered (in addition to being vain) and implies she likes leading men on.
  • Most of Lady Sovereign's (who plays the girl in the music video for the above example) protagonists are some form of this.
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: In "Walk like A Man", the protagonist seems to be tormented by one, who he seems to have some feelings for. His father recommends he just forget about her, as she's not worth his time.

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