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  • Deliver Us From Evil Series: Mortality Watson states that, despite the fact that Holmes is an arsehole, you really shouldn't mess with him. This gentle soul will unremorsefully kill you if you do.
    "If your master's actions destroy him whom I regard as-as the best and wisest man I have ever known, make no mistake that I shall hunt down, to a man, everyone who played a part in his destruction."
  • In A Pikachu in Love, this is how Pikachu feels at the start of the fic, being unable to fully communicate with Ash and Co. and being treated as a 'Teachers Pet' by the other Pokemon due to being Ash's favorite.
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  • Sleepwalker bizarrely inverts this trope when he does this to himself. Although he's formed close friendships with many of the humans he's come to know on Earth and some of them have made an effort to make him feel like one of their True Companions, Sleepwalker himself still feels that he doesn't truly belong on Earth. Even the Thing, despite being turned into an orange, rock-skinned giant, can still relate to his humans in a way Sleepwalker never could.
  • The Dark Fic Nobody Asked is a very good deconstruction of this trope as played with in Invader Zim (see Western Animation): In a world where Zim's successfully conquered Earth, Dib and all his classmates are now enslaved by the Irkens and condemned to (seemingly pointless) hard labor — and none of them can speak to or even make eye contact with Dib, out of guilt over the fact that they never believed him and treated him like crap. Later, when Dib manages to steal a ship and escape the planet to get help from the Resisty, until the last moment he debates with himself whether or not to just keep going, to abandon Earth the fate he feels it earned for itself. Ultimately, his hero complex wins out.
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  • In The Secret Life of the Backyard Kids people treat Jorge poorly because he's a wizard and some people don't think wizards are "normal" humans.
  • In We're Gonna Get There Soon, Derpy Hooves is the resident klutz and Butt-Monkey. She's the target of much teasing and disrespect, making her very insecure.
  • Elly tried to justify taking Robin's hearing aid away in The New Retcons to prevent this trope from happening. Given that she prefers being unhappy to doing something to fix things, though, it's hard to believe that she meant it.
  • Littlepip grew up as Stable 2's despised outcast and scapegoat, not only because she was the bastard daughter of the Stable's resident drunk and her cutie mark was so generic, but because she was a lesbian. Even when she pulls a Big Damn Heroes and breaks the Steel Ranger siege on the Stable, they start treating her like a hero and offer to let her come back to the stable but she refuses to come back because she still has a job to do.
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  • The Dinobots suffer this treatment in A Child Shall Lead Them, even when one of them, Swoop, gains the Matrix and becomes the next Prime.
  • In Break My Fall, Blue's widely known throughout school for being a "bad boy," so people avoid him like the plague.
  • Red from Speak Up wasn't well liked by his classmates because he was mute, and they thought he was dumb, so they avoided him like the plague.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, prior to his arrival in Konoha Town, Naruto attended Uzushio High School in Whirl City, but wound up getting ostracized following a fight with a gang that left a lot of property damage to the school compound. The ostracism was exacerbated because Whirl City had been one of those hardest hit by the 365-day rampage by the Nine Terrors, and Naruto was suspected of being one of them (he was, but it wasn't an openly-known fact).
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act III: Throughout most of the act, the entire student body of Yokai Academy ostracize and shun Tsukune and his friends, thinking they're nothing but Glory Hounds claiming to have taken down Fairy Tale. When the group proves said rumors true by successfully fighting off separate attacks from Kuyou and a Fairy Tale squadron, the students get hit with a big-time Jerkass Realization, and now Tsukune's posse are the school idols.
  • The Terminators: Army of Legend, a military supercrossover series features the protagonists, having been Child Soldiers, ostracized by the rest of their peers and bullied because of their brutal past. It also doesn't help that Alpha Company itself is comprised of a collection of familiar children-oriented characters.
  • Swinging Pendulum Ichigo is isolated and decried by many of the other students due to his genius and connection to the Shiba clan. He finds it very petty. A small number of the other students, on the other hand, are big fans of his due to his obvious skill and dedication, but Ichigo can't stand the kind of treatment fans give him. Thus, he pretty much ignores or avoids most of the other students.
    • Asuka is bullied and ignored by other students for being a bastard child of a noble family and a Shrinking Violet. One time, a bunch of students went a little too far in their bullying of Asuka and Rangiku...while Ichigo was still present. Needless to say, the events that followed ensured that no one would dare to bully either of them again, whether or not Ichigo was around.
  • In Catch Your Breath, this is the case with Obito. In addition to being generally treated like a dead weight by his classmates for being weak, no one within his clan adopted him after his parents died. It turns out that this is because he is Madara's sole living descendant. He didn't know until he broke into a secure office for some kind of explanation for their poor treatment.
  • In The Legend of Korra fanfic Book Five: Legends we have Temuji, born an albino with mystical power that inherently seems to frighten people, especially as a child. His mother is (seemingly) the only one whom loves him unconditionally, and losing her is what ultimately sets him on his path of Darkness.
  • Guardian shows Lulu being isolated as a child because her magical prowess unnerves other kids. She's out-of-place at Bevelle's temple later because of her grief and growing sense of doubt. Yuna, meanwhile, is actively mistreated by the clerics for the crime of being Braska's daughter, and Lulu notes how quickly they about-face once Braska defeats Sin.
  • In Harry Potter fanfic Returning, Scorpius Malfoy is isolated because of his family's reputation, although it's primarily within his house. His Only Friend is Lyra, who is a Book Dumb Inept Mage in Ravenclaw.
  • Remmy Cormo, narrator and protagonist of the Pack Street series, sees himself as a pariah in the eponymous predator-exclusive neighborhood he moved intonote , as nobody shows him any respect or consideration. The truth is a lot more complicated than that, with Fantastic Racism and Poor Communication Kills in full effect, as later on we find out that the "pack" of the building he lives in felt like Remmy was not showing them any respect or consideration.
  • In Kamikakushi, Tobirama receives negative attention due to his coloration. He gets splashed with holy water by priests and his own cousins fear him.
  • In Bride of Discord:
    • Discord reveals to Fluttershy that he received this treatment from ponies as a child, due to his bizarre appearance, leading to him becoming a recluse and setting the stage for the person he would become.
    • Luckily this mostly averted in the sequel Daughter of Discord with his daughter Screwball, who does sadly face bullying from her peers and prejudice from older ponies, but still has a loving family and multiple True Companions to stand by her growing up.
    • Played straight with Mothball, who faces resentment from his whole hive/family out of envy, because Queen Chrysalis chose him to be her eiar over them, despite the only difference between him and her other children being he was born with a more naturally regal look than them.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku is incredibly lonely despite having superpowers that make him the envy of his peers. He gets this treatment because everyone is terrified of what he could do to them if they were to piss him off, as he nearly killed Katsuki Bakugou by accident when they got into a brawl as kids. His own self-loathing over his alien identity and his massive guilt complex only exacerbates the issue, as he reinforces his own treatment by purposefully distancing himself from others so he won't hurt them.
  • Total Drama
    • Total Drama Pomewin Island Dave who had been left on Pahkitew Island like in canon, even had his parents not care enough to rescue him thus leaving it ultimately up to the production crew - really for the purpose of bringing him onto the game, and then had nearly everyone be against him save for but a few people due to his previous actions on his first season. This even persists after the first few eliminations.
    • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread Cody had been ignored ever since high school started. Heather soon joined him in isolation after knowledge of their relationship went public.
  • I'm More Than You Think is a Warriors fic about a cat named "Whitescar" who is hated by almost everyone in her Clan. This is because a prophecy from prior to her birth states that she'll kill everyone who loves her. Her parents hated her from birth, while her brother grew into a Big Brother Bully. The prophecy is fake. Her father is a manipulative murderer who hid the real prophecy - that Whitescar was the "light" her clan needed - from everyone.
  • Promise is a Warriors fic about Whitefang. Her mother preferred her sister from birth and her clanmates looked down upon her for not being like her sister.
  • The Warriors fic What Is There To Do? is about a kit who is born a chimera with two different colours on her face. As a result, her peers fear her.
  • In Lost Causes, Jessica Rabbit was created to act in adult cartoons and as a result was "born" into the lowest rankings of Toons. Humans looked down upon her because she's a Toon, while Toons looked down upon her because she's deemed "selfish" for working in the adult entertainment industry instead of making people laugh. This all changed when she met Roger and he began putting her in cartoons alongside him.
  • In Flip A Coin, Barry Allen expounds on his past and reveals that he was never really able to outrun his father's crime until he was an adult, so he had few friends until then.
  • In Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto, Asuma reveals that he's just as reviled among the shinobi as Naruto is among civilians but with the difference that he deserves their scorn. Among his crimes are abandoning Konoha shortly after the Nine Tails attack and trying to pick a fight with Kakashi (the only friend he had left) by trash talking his dead team and father.
  • After Kathryn, the main heroine of The Heart Trilogy, gained her purple eyes and first vision (both a result of her being a Seer) at the age of six, her parents isolated and controlled her in an abusive way, afraid that superstitious villagers would kill her as a witch. Kathryn run away at the age of sixteen and began searching her place, but wherever she went, people shunned her, tried to kill her, or attempted to take advantage of her visions. At the age of nineteen, she tried to settle in Dale's ruined city, leading her to be captured by her future soulmate Smaug.
  • In Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey, the heroine, Julia, wasn't very well liked in school due to being autistic and considered weird by her classmates. It doesn't help that she has the ability to understand what Pokemon are saying, but most everyone she talks to about it don't believe her, thinking she's lying or trying to get attention. A lot of her problems and insecurities stem from being shunned and treated like a burden, and she was always sad about not having any friends.


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