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  • Amy Rose will try and try but she'll never get Sonic to return her feelings. However, the titular hero does like her as a friend.
    • A few bios state that Sonic probably doesn't dislike her as much as he appears to, hinting at a facade. But he's still 15 and she's 12 and she's very clingy. Sonic Chronicles, being a typical BioWare game, does actually allow the two to become an item if you play your cards right. Whether or not this will become Canon has yet to be determined.
  • Knights of the Old Republic manages to accomplish the trope backwards with the addition of the second game. Pursue romantic subplots in the first game all you want; Revan still takes off for parts unknown and never returns, leaving their love interest behind to wait indefinitely.
    • Also occurs with the Exile. While it's possible to have certain party members fall for you, you're never really given the option to return their feelings. At best, all your character can do is dancing around the issue. Also a male Exile can make advances on Mira, but she turns you down.
      • Though Revan, a prequel novel to Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals Revan (who is canonically male) and Bastila is requited after all, with Bastila being pregnant with a son sometime before Revan fought the Sith Emperor. The Exile is still ambiguous on everything, though.
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  • Neverwinter Nights 2: Pursue the romanceable characters, you still get the Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies ending. Until Mask of the Betrayer, anyway. Though if you mod the game to restore Neeshka's romance, she is one of the characters confirmed to survive the ending…
  • Neverwinter Nights, for male characters: Of the three reocurring female characters, one has no interest in the player, one never progresses beyond occasional flirting, and one dies no matter what you do. Averted with Nathyrra in the Hordes of the Underdark expansion.
  • Though The King of Fighters mostly doesn't play this one, it does nod to it—in XI, you can get a special ending screen by playing as "Unrequited Love Team": Ramon (for Vanessa), Sie Kensou (for Athena Asamiya), and Robert Garcia (for Yuri Sakazaki).
    • The Robert-Yuri example comes off as strange, since their relationship was never depicted as truly one-sided in the original source (Ryo even seems to support it in AOF 3), and in KOF itself it seems that she may reciprocate… if her father Takuma actually allowed Robert to speak romantically to her. Mai-Andy remains a much more classic example (lovechild jokes and all), and in fact, in their origin series the ultimate fate of their relationship has been left a mystery, though Mai is said to be still in love with Andy but she seems to be out of luck by this point.
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    • In regards to Athena and Kensou, they've been friends and partners ever since Psycho Soldier times, and he's very much in love with her. However, while Athena greatly cares for him as her best friend and is all but stated to know of his feelings, she simply doesn't reciprocate them. In other media, it's also implied that Athena has a crush on Kyo Kusanagi… whose canon girlfriend, Yuki, is a pretty close friend of Athena as well. (Besides, the girl seems to be very Married to the Job of being an Idol Singer, and Japanese idol singers tend to have trouble if they ever get boyfriends,,,)
  • Galford D. Weiler from Samurai Shodown really really likes Nakoruru. Unfortunately, the girl has already devoted herself to the protection of nature, so his feelings will never be returned, even if she wants to. Both still maintain a good relationship, since Galford fights for justice, and at least he understands that protection to nature also means protecting justice. In fact, in Galford's SS 2 ending, she specifically asks him to not pine after her after her Heroic Sacrifice, and Galford accepts it very graciously.
    • Another example is that of Charlotte-Shizu-Haohmaru. Charlotte and Shizu were both in love with Haohmaru, but he is a Celibate Hero, dedicated entirely to fighting. While Shizu is depicted as being permanently interested in him and Haohmaru returns her love to a degree (he even kisses her in his SS 2 ending, though he also also warns her she's better off without him), Charlotte eventualy renounces to her feelings (Important Haircut and all) once she finds Haohmaru and Shizu together at the end of the second game.
      • Later, Shizu and Haohmaru seem to have set in Loved I Not Honor More. Their mutual feelings are clear, but they also know that Haohmaru's biggest priority is fighting. As for Charlotte, she also has seemingly decided to shun romance aside and live her life at the fullest.
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  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona has Masao Inaba's crush on Maki Sonomura going unrequited, as she is interested in the protagonist, although he's nowhere to be seen by the time Persona 2 rolls around. The Eternal Punishment half of the Persona 2 duology also reveals that Eriko Kirishima had a crush on the protagonist, with one reason her becoming a model being to impress him.
  • Persona 2
    • In Innocent Sin, Lisa Silverman spends a large chunk of the game clinging all over protagonist Tatsuya Suou. While you can potentially have him reconcile her feelings at the Taurus Temple, the earlier stages of the game hint that he lacks interest in her and generally finds her clinginess annoying. Meanwhile, Maya Amano's coworker (and a playable character from the previous game) Yukino Mayuzumi is very much in love with her photography partner and mentor, Shunsuke Fujii; speak to him in private and he'll reveal that he sees her as a sister figure more than anything else, although he's touched by her feelings.
    • In Eternal Punishment, it's Tatsuya's older brother Katsuya who's crushing on Maya who, in both EP and IS, heavily favors Tatsuya. As for Tatsuya himself, he does love Maya on a very deep level, although whether it's a romantic love or a more familial love (as Maya babysat both him and his other friends when they were children) remains unclear.
  • Persona 4
    • Early in the game, Saki Konishi, the girl that Yosuke Hanamura was crushing on is killed before anything really comes of it. Later on however, he learns that Saki actually hated him and his family for putting hers out of business (Yosuke's father is the manager of a Mega-Corp supermarket that made things tougher for smaller businesses) and was only cordial to him since he's the boss' kid.
    • It's all but stated that Kanji Tatsumi is crushing hard on detective Naoto Shirogane. While they do get their fair share of teasing, Naoto is mostly disinterested in romance and doesn't notice his feelings. The player can potentially make it worse for Kanji if they actually decide to make Naoto the protagonist's girlfriend, as she falls for him pretty hard. While later canon notes that Yu Narukami didn't seem to romance anybody during his stay in Inaba, he makes several comments in several spin-offs that fluster her, whereas she remains mostly aloof towards Kanji.
  • Persona 5
    • As revealed during the mission to find out about Futaba Sakura during the fourth story arc, the protagonist's guardian and (as it turns out) her adopted father, Sojiro Sakura, held romantic feelings towards Wakaba Isshiki, her now-dead mother. It's played around a bit when Futaba, during her Confidant link, shares that while Wakaba claimed to be too invested in her research to pay attention to Sojiro, she did greatly enjoy their time spent together and always seemed happy when she spoke about him, guessing that they could've possibly gotten together had she not been so busy.
    • While the protagonist of this game gets bits of Ship Tease with all four of his female party members, the end of both the aforementioned Futaba's and Haru Okumura's Confidants imply that they were both crushing on him to begin with, as if you opt for friendship instead of romance, they react rather badly. Haru will even confess in their Rank 10 conversation that she spent the night crying over being rejected.
  • In BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger: Present time (past time had Jubei and Nine together, so that doesn't count), Bang Shishigami is pretty much all-heels to Litchi Faye-Ling, but she pretty much puts him at the 'friends' box at best; or think he's a disgusting Stalker with a Crush at worst. Litchi herself is completely dedicated to Arakune, who's… in no condition to reciprocate her feelings, and during the times he was sane, he's too absorbed in trying to upstage Kokonoe due to inferiority complex and pretty much ignores Litchi's feelings. On the other side, there's Tsubaki Yayoi who's all heels for Jin Kisaragi, but Jin just saw her as a 'good cousin' at best, because he's an asshole. And has a questionable attraction for his brother Ragna the Bloodedge, who's got other business to deal about, not even caring for Noel Vermillion's small, growing crush on him.
  • As of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, everything gets mixed around. Jin's "attraction" to Ragna is revealed to be the result of his desire to free his older brother from his suffering. Unfortunately, the Yukianesa drove him insane and his fairly innocent wish to help his sibling ended up as as insane, borderline-incestuous desire to kill him. Ragna also comes to accept Noel more, but only as a sister-figure to him (which makes total sense given that she's a clone of his real sister). Finally, Tsubaki and Jin have something of an Unrequited Love Switcheroo: he goes utterly apeshit every time somebody hurts her, whereas she pulls a Face–Heel Turn after crossing the Despair Event Horizon based on the knowledge that Noel basically stole her destiny.
  • Squaresoft's RPG Bahamut Lagoon has Byuu, who is suggested throughout the whole game to be a very close person to Yoyo who fell in love for Palpaleos during her captive time. Such thing ended in Palpaleos' Heel–Face Turn.
  • In Dragon Age:
    • Cullen the Templar has quite the crush on a female Mage Warden, which ultimately ends quite disastrously. In Dragon Age II, as Knight-Captain Cullen, he implies that even by now he's still in love with her. If Cullen is not romanced in Dragon Age: Inquisition, it is implied in one conversation that this is still the case, ten years after Origins.
    • Carver of the second game holds a rather large crush on Merrill, but his blatant, if weak attempts to flirt with her constantly fall flat due to her distracted nature and crush on his older sibling.
    • This might be implied with Anders: when Hawke finishes up the 'Tranquility' quest by talking to him in his clinic, he will flirt with Hawke—male or female. If Hawke doesn't flirt back, he takes it badly and earns a handful of rivalry points. This could be his ego, or the fact that there's no nice way to let him down gently (at least early on), but…
    • Anders also has some rather bitter dialogue if Hawke romances Fenris, taunting him for leaving Hawke in act 2 and asking what Hawke could possibly see in him during a quest in act 3—even asking them why they wouldn't want someone more open minded.
  • Saints Row: The Third shows this in, of all people, The Boss, if you give her the Female Eastern European voice/personality. She often flirts with Pierce, ranging from offering to being his dominatrix to wanting to make love to him in front of a live studio audience. Pierce is… slightly creeped by the passes, maybe because he's insecure about having an affair with his boss.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, teenage Cloud is in love with Tifa, but Tifa barely knows he exists, which prompts him to join SOLDIER (and kicks off the story of Final Fantasy VII in the first place). When they grow up, Tifa loves Cloud, but if he knows she does, he doesn't show it, at least not until the end of the game when he reciprocates. Johnny has the hots for Tifa too, and ends up running 7th Heaven in her absence because of it. Cloud is interested in Aerith, who later in the game seems to become interested in him (at first she thinks his resemblance to Zack is what attracts her to Cloud, but later she reveals she likes the real Cloud and wants to get to know him as himself). Tseng loves Aerith, but while it was an open secret, he never acted on his feelings. Rude has the hots for Tifa, but every time they encounter one another she either kicks his ass or mouths off to him. Elena loves Tseng, but she's too much of a fangirl to do anything about it. Vincent loved Lucrecia to the point of madness, but she was too busy starfucking Hojo to notice him. Hojo in turn didn't care one wet napkin about Lucrecia. And Shera loved Cid so much she (accidentally) sabotaged his dream rather than let him go through with it and die (they eventually get married after Cid learns her side of the story and he names an airship after her, however).
  • Near the end of Brütal Legend it's implied that Lita has developed feelings for Eddie. But Eddie only has eyes for Ophelia.
  • Tales of Xillia: Leia loves Jude. Elize has a crush on Jude. Jude likes Milla who also likes Jude, but the two of them are too focused on Saving the World.
  • Rather painful yet Played for Laughs example from Tales of Graces. Hubert is in love with Pascal. He even outright spells it out for her. She tells him she'll make sure to take a bath for his rumored Arranged Marriage. Ouch.
  • In the first Pretentious Game, you play as a blue square who's in love with a bright pink square, but she doesn't return the sentiment.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles: One of the party members, Melia, is in love with Shulk, the main protagonist. Shulk is completely oblivious to her affections, (he, himself, is in love with Fiora, who supposedly dies early in the game); however, he does show some feelings towards her, though these feelings almost completely disappear when Fiora is revealed to have survived. As a matter of fact, Sharla is the only one to ever notice Melia's crush on Shulk, and tells Melia that she will support her, though this also disappears when Fiora joins the party in the Hidden Village. 'Poor Melia' indeed.
  • In Monster Hunter 4, the Ace Cadet has the hots for the Guildmarm, but she ignores his advances and sees him as a mild nuisance more than anything. The Guildmarm in turn crushes on the various dangerous monsters you're assigned to hunt, especially the Brachydios, but those… aren't exactly the type to do anything with humans besides attack them on sight.
  • Halo 5: Guardians: The Warden Eternal is in love (or deep devotion; whichever is more appropriate to an AI) with Cortana who is in love with Master Chief instead. Master Chief cares deeply for Cortana, but is clearly not on the same page because he is not willing to go along with her plan of conquest.
  • In Guenevere, the titular character can engineer a situation like this - she's married to King Arthur and (naturally) the object of Sir Lancelot's affection, but the player can choose to specifically cultivate their feelings for her (as well as those of Arthur's sister Morgana while not actually returning them in any way.
  • In Dark Souls II, Queen Mytha had an unrequited love for the Iron King. She tried to use poison to make herself more beautiful and hopefully catch his eye, but this ended up having the opposite effect and instead turned her into a monstrous naga and gave her the title of "The Baneful Queen". Meanwhile, a man had an unrequited love for Mytha, who of course only had eyes for the Iron King and paid him no attention. He turned to eating as a coping mechanism, which transformed him into the Hutt-like Covetous Demon.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Edge is very much interested in Rydia, but Rydia isn't interested in Edge. Also, Kain toward Rosa, but she only has eyes for Cecil.


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