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All Girls Want Bad Boys / Professional Wrestling

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  • If a woman in WWE ever undergoes a Face–Heel Turn, there are good odds that this is how she'll do it. Examples include:
    • Stephanie McMahon, who turned heel after marrying Triple H. In her post-heel-turn promo, she admitted that she was always attracted to him, but her feelings were only spurred on by her desire to spite her father.
    • Tori, when she ditched Kane for X-Pac.
    • Years later, Lita would leave Kane for Edge. This mirrored her real life actions with Matt Hardy. This is at times gender-flipped, since alot of the male wrestlers seem to be interested in her.
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    • Trish Stratus, who turned on Chris Jericho in favor of Christian after Jericho did a Heel–Face Turn for her sake.
    • Layla choosing William Regal over Jamie Noble is another example, though she never really turned face in the first place.
    • Subverted, though, by Molly Holly's heel turn in 2001. Despite the fact that it showed all the qualities of the above angles, the fact that she left Spike Dudley for The Hurricane undermines the "bad boy" aspect since he's...well, a superhero. It didn't help that neither of them really did anything heelish at all beyond disapproving of The APA drinking beer, and immediately turned out-and-out face after the WCW/ECW Invasion angle ended. A much more definitive heel turn occurred for Molly the following year, with no bad boy in sight.
  • Played with in the case of Terri Runnels during WWE's Attitude Era. She made her debut as Marlena the valet of her real life husband's Goldust persona. Goldust was a heel. However, after his Heel–Face Turn, Goldust lost Terri for a few days to heel Brian Pillman, but then initially refused to take her back. About a year later, Goldust broke character and appeared as a Born Again Christian Dustin Runnels, who was willing to forgive and forget and take Terri back. She however, blew him off for Val Venis, a playboy persona. However, when Venis started to reform, Runnels showed up again as Goldust and Terri came running to him. After he rejected her for good this time, she became a Straw Feminist who swore off men completely.
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  • A quite frankly, bizarre example is with AJ Lee, who pursued not one, but three men who each fit the bad boy criteria to different degrees. Her main interest focused on Anti-Hero CM Punk, wearing his shirts and mimicking his mannerism to a degree. Then there's Jerkass Daniel Bryan, her ex who she admitted she wasn't quite over yet, and was possibly just trying to make jealous. And finally there's Kane, who she made dreamy eyes at, and apparently thought he had a heart buried under his tormented soul, and who she notably kissed with considerably more passion than she showed towards the other two. The one thing all three men appeared to agree on is that AJ is out of her damn mind. After a stint as RAW GM, she began an on screen relationship with WWE's good boy, John Cena. Then she topples a ladder with him on top and ends up with bad boy Dolph Ziggler.


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