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  • In one episode of Adam-12, a convenience store robber holds a lady in the store hostage to try to secure his escape—only to have her stomp her heel spike into his foot and run off.
  • In the first season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a long fight between May and Ward through a construction area is abruptly ended when she nailguns his foot to the floor. Through his shoe. Several times.
  • In an episode of The A-Team, Murdock once accidentally drops a garage door on B.A.'s foot. And then Murdock hurts again the same foot toward the end, to B.A.'s wrath.
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  • In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is jealous that Burt the geologist got a grant and he didn't. He tries to "let go of his anger" by throwing a rock and winds up dropping it right onto his foot, and then he kicks it with his other foot.
  • Blindspot: In "Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts", a psycho kidnaps Patterson and takes her shoes in the process. When she unties herself and tries to escape, she really suffers because it is snowing and rocky. Her feet are bleeding by the time she is rescued.
  • In the "Mindhunters" episode of Cold Case, after finding the bodies of several women reported missing over the years, the autopsies note considerable damage to their feet—sprains, strains, fractures. The coroner describes it as "consistent with running barefoot over rough terrain for many hours". It turns out that this is precisely what their killer did—make them strip to their underwear, then run until they simply couldn't run anymore, then shoot them once they were too exhausted to fight back.
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  • Criminal Minds: When Reid is kidnapped by a serial killer in Season 2, the man tries to force a confession out of him by beating him on the soles of his feet.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "Rise of the Cybermen": The Doctor kicks the TARDIS console in frustration, and promptly sits down to massage his foot.
    • "Amy's Choice" has the Doctor kicking the console in frustration, briefly giving him a limp.
    • "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos": When Graham and Ryan have Tim Shaw at their mercy, Graham shoots him in the foot to get him to shut up, and then asks Ryan to never tell the Doctor he did that otherwise he'd never hear the end of it.
  • In the Drake & Josh episode "Paging Dr. Drake", Drake accidentally shoots Josh, who was lifting a barbell, with a potato, causing Josh to drop the barbell on his foot.
  • After being kidnapped by dog soldiers, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman has her boots taken away after one too many escape attempts. Sure enough, her feet end up so bruised and cut that she can barely walk by the time Sully rescues her, slowing them down.
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  • Flesh and Bone has several examples including a ballerina quite graphically removing her big toenail, beating her bare foot with a pointe shoe and discovering that broken glass has been placed in her pointe shoes.
  • Friends:
    • Ross once kicked a lamppost in a sarcastic gesture. Apparently he got more pain than he was planning on.
    • In "The One with Monica's Boots", Monica bought a very fashionable and expensive pair of boots that turned out to be extremely painful to wear.
    • Monica's foot is stung by a jellyfish in "The One with the Jellyfish".
    • Chandler got the top of his toe cut off accidentally (to the sound of ''Psycho'' Strings!). When he arrives at the hospital... a carrot top was brought instead.
    • Monica was kicked in the ankle by a kid which contributed to a Running Gag where she and Chandler were being inundated with "signs" they should get married. Her ankle was so painful, Chandler started to carry her bridal-style over the threshold of the front door before they suddenly both realised what the implication was and panicked.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Theon's Cold-Blooded Torture begins with the application of an Instep bore that leaves him with a pronounced limp.
    • The fact that Cersei's feet are filthy and bleeding by the end of her Walk of Shame through King's Landing in "Mother's Mercy" is highlighted. Luckily for Cersei, she has Qyburn to attend to them.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: As punishment for helping Moira escape, Offred's feet are whipped into pulp (the fate that befell Moira in the novel).
  • In the Haven episode "The Trouble With Troubles", this happens to Audrey when she loses her shoes and tries to walk down the road, which is full of gravel.
  • In Horatio Hornblower, "The Frogs and the Lobsters": Horatio and his French girlfriend Mariette try to get out of Muzillac when it's being overtaken by Revolutionary troops. Mariette hurts her foot when she jumps out of the window and Horatio fails to catch her. It's rather painful and she has to lean on Horatio as they try to reach the strategic bridge controlled by the British landing party. The injury slows them down.
  • In the iCarly episode "iDo", a old grandma stomps on Carly's foot.
  • Downplayed in I Love Lucy. Ethel gets a new pair of good, expensive shoes, and complains how her feet hurt in them. Fred wonders why they're uncomfortable when they were so expensive. Ethel replies that one doesn't buy expensive shoes to be comfortable in.
  • One episode of Justified sees Raylan blowing a gunman's foot off with a 12 gauge.
  • A Kids in the Hall sketch has a bunch of men being recruited to work an unspecified job; they are told to bring steel-toed boots to the sign-ups. Once there, one of the men in charge tests their footwear by dropping a concrete block on their feet. The men who are not wearing steel-toed boots, of course, scream in pain. Finally, everyone who passes is loaded onto the back of a pickup truck and taken to an unspecified location. They are blindfolded and ambushed, and upon looking down, discover that all their shoes have been stolen. (The entire affair was a scam by the local shoe store to sell and re-sell the same few pairs of work boots over and over again.) The sketch ends with all of the victimized men gingerly walking barefoot back to town.
  • Nastier version in Mad Men: Ken Cosgrove rides a lawnmover into the office to celebrate bringing in an account with John Deere. Later on, it gets brought out, with the blade spinning, during the party celebrating Joan's last day and ridden by a secretary who didn't know how to drive it until she runs over someone's foot. It rips apart a good part of the front of his foot, splatters blood everywhere, he couldn't feel anything while Joan made a tourniquet, and he ends up losing the whole foot (and he could have died).
  • M*A*S*H:
    • In "Fallen Idol", Father Mulcahy is outraged at Hawkeye for demeaning Radar the way he did, and is persuaded to resort to violence to let his anger out, so he kicks the iron stove in the Swamp; he found the act unsatisfying, and believes he broke his toe.
    • One episode has BJ get an ingrown toenail - then got the same foot run over by a cart in Post-Op.
    • In the episode where Margaret disappears, Frank is cleaning his gun and accidentally shoots BJ in the foot.
    • A few episodes have dealt with a soldier who shot himself in the foot to get out of a battle.
  • In the The Middle episode "Halloween III: The Driving", Sue accidentally runs over Axl's foot, spraining it.
  • In the Modern Family episode "Disneyland", Gloria stubbornly refuses to admit she's in pain walking around the park all day in high heels.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Earl is making up for stealing a car and a prosthesis from Didi. Because he stole her prosthesis (and she apparently could not get a new one for some reason), she makes Earl hop on one leg all day, just as she has had to do every day since they hooked up (which had to be at least 5 years.) Earl is quite sore after this, but at least Didi allows him to cross her off the list.
  • MythBusters:
    • When they build team tested "fire walking", they wanted a second test made by someone who didn't know the technique. Cue Adam charging across hot coals, followed by Adam being wheeled inside for first aid while on the phone with his wife, explaining why he's hurt.
    • One of the early myths involved testing whether the steel cap on a steel-toed boot would curl in and cut off one's toes if it took a heavy blow (implying that it was less safe than a boot without a protective toe). They concluded that, with an ANSI 75 rated boot, the force required for that to happen was far more than the force required to completely crush the toes on an unprotected foot.
  • In the NCIS episode "Boxed In", Tony and Ziva are imprisoned in a container by terrorists. When they try to convince the NCIS agents to surrender, one gets too close, thinking he's protected by the only slightly ajar metal door. But Ziva can see the tip of his shoe, and as the terrorist asks "Your answer?", Ziva whispers "Here it is..." and shots him in the foot.
  • Princess Returning Pearl:
    • When Qian Long punishes Xiao Yan Zi by making her write lines, she gets so frustrated when Zi Wei keeps tearing up her messily written pages that she kicks the table. Later when she goes to hand in her lines, he asks her why she's limping and she starts to complain that writing lines make every part of her body hurts, and the worst hurt is her toes, much to his confusion because how can writing hurt your toes?
    • There is a moment that involves a lovers' quarrel between Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi which is resolved with the help of an axe being dropped on both their feet.
  • In the second episode of Prison Break, Michael refuses to tell Abruzzi the location of Otto Fibonacci. The mobster responds to this by snipping off two of Michael's toes with a pair of hedge trimmers.
  • An episode of Rizzoli & Isles contains a subplot about an ingrown toenail that has been bothering Jane and making her surlier than usual. Maura's doctors-without-borders boyfriend just happens to be in town for a visit and cures it the old-fashioned way, by using hedge snips as nail clippers.
  • In Roots, bounty hunters cut off half of Kunta Kinte's right foot to stop him from any more escape attempts. The 2016 remake shows this in graphic detail, so as not to shy away from the brutality of it.
  • In the Smallville episode "Hidden", Clark Kent has lost his powers. He stubs his toe and comments that it really hurt.
  • In the Disney channel series Sonny with a Chance, on episode 10 the little girl Dakota, angry with Sonny, stomps her foot.
  • In the Sports Night episode "Intellectual Property", a scene opens with Casey walking to his office with a limp. We learn that he kicked a fire hydrant on the way back from lunch when Dan told him Dana was going on vacation to Vermont with Gordon. Casey spends the whole scene whining about his broken ankle (it's only bruised, if that).
  • Supernatural. In "Family Matters", Samuel Campbell captures the Alpha Vampire, and has him bound to a chair with his feet literally nailed to the floor. It doesn't hold him.
  • Showing his status as an utter klutz, Michael Skupin's time on Survivor was spent accumulating several gnarly cuts and gashes on the first day as a castaway, one of which was a cut on the sole of his foot from carelessly walking barefoot in the wrong place and getting gouged. Tragically, this, among a head wound and several knife cuts to his hands and fingers, was not just a slew of Amusing Injuries— Michael's casual attitude toward his injuries and constant carelessness finally resulted in serious injuries when he fell in his tribe's camp fire and got his hands badly burnt, resulting in the first-ever evacuation in the show's history and an everlasting reminder to fans of the show that this is not a joke to play the game and you can get hurt.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look: A man is abducted by people living in a garden center, who steal his shoes. When he tries to leave, their leader confidently states he cannot, unless he can walk over a gravel path barefoot. The man can't even get three steps before the pain is too much.
  • On Three's Company, there was an episode where Janet and Chrissy find a mouse in their bedroom. The roommates buy a trap and later in the episode, Jack accidentally stepped on the trap.
  • In an episode of Titus, Amy kicks the title character in the groin, then drops to the ground clutching her foot in pain, at which point Titus knocks on his groin, indicating he's wearing a cup, and says, "Rookie!"
  • A strange variation in a Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories episode where a doctor removes the toes from women who don't want them anymore in gory detail yet they show no discomfort with the process. We do see a man with no toes walking painfully, yet this isn't played for laughs.
  • Zoo: In the second episode of season 2, Jamie unknowingly gets a nail stuck in her right big toe while hiking through the Canadian wilderness to reach Caraquet. She doesn't realize it until late in the episode and by this time, gangrene has set it. She settles for having newcomer Logan amputate it in the following episode.


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