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  • In Tacos and Tea Parties, Winifred "Fred" Burkle is changed from a college student in her mid-twenties who was sent to Pylea on purpose to a six-year-old girl who sent herself by mistake when she wandered around a library trying to find an interesting book. With her parents dead by the time she's rescued from Pylea, she is subsequently adopted by Angel.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • In Ash and Petals, Aang dies over forty years too early, and Korra is born during the War; she'd be middle-aged by the time Mako and Asami, who are around the same age as her in canon, are born.


  • Believe in the Weird and Wild:
    • Rather than being the age he was at the start of his series, twelve, Steven is nine when Star is sent to Earth.
    • In canon, Connie is one-two years younger than Steven. Within the fanfic she's one to two years older, in part because Steven's changed age would make her seven or eight otherwise.
  • BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant:
    • Characters like Ragna, Tsubaki, Noel, Makoto, Jin, Mai, and Kagura were all adults in their early to mid-twenties during the events of the series. Here, they're all in their late teens, with Ragna and Kagura being eighteen at the start of the story and the rest being seventeen.
    • Platinum's fourteen-years-old here, making them a few years older.
    • Tao in canon was shown to be younger than Ragna, as she was a child when Ragna was in his teenage years. Here, she's older than Ragna by about a year.
  • Child of the Storm and its sequels broadly keep the generations the same (i.e. those people who are contemporaries in canon broadly remain contemporaries), but play around with character's ages relative to main character Harry Potter/Thorson, who's 13 and a half when the story starts - for instance, Carol Danvers, eventual Deuteragonist, who first appears in the comics in her late 20s, makes her first appearance as a 15 year old. By contrast Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. the Scarlet Witch, is Harry's godmother and thus is in her mid 40s (though thanks to the age slowing effects of practising magic, she looks about 30).
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  • Since it's co-authored by the same author as Pokémon Reset Bloodlines below, Infinity Train: Crown of Thorns has the same age change by turning the 10 year olds into teenagers, and the adults even older.
  • Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations has Micchy and Gou having their ages lifted up to match their respective Live-Action TV actors' ages - Mitsuzane becomes 20 years old just like his actor, Mahiro Takasugi, as opposed to 17/18, while Gou is 23 years old like his actor, Yuu Inaba as opposed to being 20.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton: A downplayed example, but Kim Possible never had her actual age clarified in the first season of the series, with many theorizing she was either 14 or 15 before season 3, where she was confirmed 16. She is revealed to be 14 on her date with potential boyfriend Danny Fenton.
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  • Marvel Infinites: Franklin Richards has a Vague Age in the comics, often between five and eight. In this fic, he's around twelve-years-old.
  • My Hero Playthrough does this both ways. Cassandra Cain is traditionally somewhere between 17 and 20 years old. Mikoto Misaka is 14 and in her second year of middle school. Both of them are introduced to the story at age 15, starting their first year of high school.
  • My Huntsman Academia has Izuku and the rest of the transplanted first-year My Hero Academia students aged up slightly to 17 to match the usual age of entry for Beacon Academy students. Similarly, the transplanted third-year students are aged up to 19 from 18.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku Midoriya is the same age he is in the canon manga. But since he's also Kal-El, he's drastically younger than many of the heroes that are Superman's contemporaries in DC Comics, with characters like Starfire and The Flash being decades older than him.
  • In Spider-Man: The Young Avenger, depicting a Marvel Universe that is essentially a blend of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comic universe, and other Marvel media, Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man when the Young Avengers make their debut after being friends with Cassie Lang since they were in school together, which leads to Peter and Cassie dating after they each join the Young Avengers.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse): The writer made a minor adjustment to the ages of the main protagonists; Oliver is now only two years older than Barry, who is two years older than Kara. The biggest change is Kal-El, who is several decades younger than he is in canon due to being in the same ship as Kara and thus stuck in the Phantom Zone with her.
  • In Yin-Yang, Evil-Lyn is a child when Keldor attempts his coup and becomes Skeletor, which makes her much younger than she was in the 2002 series, where she was an adult at the time.
  • Boop the Snoot for Critical Damage!: All the main characters from RWBY are given a slight age increase.
    • Ruby is now eighteen and about a year younger than Yang rather than two years younger, while the rest of her team and the members of JNPR are nineteen, making them all adults while in the original they were teenagers.
    • Penny's age in canon is unknown, but she's at the very least implied to be Younger Than They Look. Here, she's over fifty years old chronologically and 18 years old mentally.
  • In The Last Son, Clark Kent begins his career as a superhero at age 19, while modern depictions of Superman have him do so at his late twenties to early thirties.
  • Avenger Goddess;
    • Basically applies to Ben Parker; some adaptations of Spider-Man state that Ben Parker fought in the Second World War, but since this would make him too old to match the May Parker seen in the MCU, Private Peter Parker meets the Howling Commandos during D-Day and is confirmed by Word of God to be Ben and Richard's father.
    • As a more developed example, Thor and his immediate family are described as being older than they were in the MCU to give him a more explicit heroic history, such as allowing him to have actively taken part in Odin's war with the Frost Giants.
  • In the episode of The Owl House titled "Wing it Like Witches", it was revealed that Lilith was Eda's older sister. In the Hellblazer crossover, Raisin' Some Hell, Eda is Lilith's older sister.
  • Equestria Girls: A Fairly Odd Friendship: The Human CMC are elementary school-age while Zephyr is a middle-schooler.
  • There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton:
    • Jameson is shown to be much older when he debuted in the MCU. Here, he's the same age as he was in the original trilogy.
    • Peter Parker was a child when the Battle of New York happened. Here, he's fifteen and has been Spider-Man for the past six months.
    • Gohan and Trunk's are roughly similar in age while canonically there was a decade separating the two.
  • Honey and Vinegar:
    • Seras is much older here than she was in Hellsing. By the end of Hellsing, she was almost half a century old, while here she's already well over a century old by the time the story begins.
    • Walter C. Dornez being composited with Walter Bernhard means that he pre-dates Dracula's existence, making him multiple centuries old, while canonically he was a human in his late 60s.
  • Amazing Fantasy:
  • Shirou in Fate: Gamer Night is five years younger than canon.



  • The Our Own League series plays fast and loose with ages of the Teen Titans due to Composite Characters and merging this team with similar sidekick team-up, Young Justice:
    • Canon later additions to the team, Starfire and Cyborg, are founding members alongside Dick Grayson/Robin, Garth/Aqualad, and Roy Harper/Speedy.
    • The current lineup includes Damian Wayne, Conner Kent, Donna Troy, Wally West, Jaime Reyes, and Jackson Hyde, later joined by M'gann M'orzz and Lian Harper, which is full of generational tweaks. In the comics, Donna and Wally were on the founding roster, the age gap between Conner and Damian is much more than (biologically) 2-3 years, and Lian is usually depicted as a preschool-age instead of twelve.
    • Beast Boy and Raven, veteran Titans in the comics, are ten year-old trainees still unfit for field work.
  • Daughter of Fire and Steel: In the comics, Kara is usually in her mid-to-late teens by the time she leaves Krypton. In this story, she's well within adulthood, being an experienced commander in Zod's army by the time Clark was born.
  • New Tamaran:
    • In The Killing Joke, Barbara Gordon is a young adult. In this story, Barbara is an ex-girlfriend of Robin, who has turned 18 at the story's beginning, implying that this version of Barbara was still in high school when the Joker crippled her.
    • Kyle Rayner is (or was) a sidekick to the other Green Lanterns, thus also turning him from a young adult to a teenager.


  • Wolf in the Streets, Sardine in the Sheets: Several characters have their ages tweaked in order to be included among Valvatorez's collection of children that he's taken under his wing.
    • Kurtis is the most prominent example, going from twenty-nine years old to seventeen. Jennifer is similarly de-aged in order to keep the two-year age gap between them, becoming a fifteen-year-old.
    • Killia also had his age knocked down from being in his early twenties (in demon years) to being a teenager closer in age to Seraphina.


  • Basically applies in "Guardian of the People", where Elisa is a gargoyle rather than a human; in terms of her physical age, she appears the same as she did in canon, but due to gargoyles aging at a slower rate than humans, she was essentially adopted by Peter Maza's father after her gargoyle parents died while she was still in her egg, Peter subsequently taking her with him to New York.

Girls und Panzer

  • In Girls und Panzer: Hope Dies, Miho is 18 at the time of the finals. In canon, she, a second-year in high school, would be 16 or 17- most likely the former, as her birthday is October 23, and the finals take place before summer vacation.

Gravity Falls

  • A somewhat popular Fan Verse among Gravity Falls fans is the Relativity Falls AU, in which the parents and children of Gravity Falls swap ages with Stanford and Stanley Pines now being twelve-year-olds off to spend the summer with their Great-Aunt Mabel.

High School D×D

  • In canon, Kunou is a first-year middle school student (as of Volume 22) making her around 11 or 12 when first introduced. In DxD - The Last Amagiri, she's 15 by the time the story catches up to Dx D canon.

Marvel Universe

Miraculous Ladybug

  • By default, Cornerverse ages up the students from fourteen to sixteen. In Hero Chat this explains the mature polyamory negotiations that one group goes through, and in Lady Luck (Miraculous Ladybug) it helps justify how Rose and Juleka are already in a sexual relationship (complete with a "freebie list"). The swearing is probably realistic for either fourteen year-olds or sixteen year-olds, though.

My Hero Academia

  • A Green Dragon's Hoard:
    • Mitsuki is Izuku's age rather than over twenty years his senior due to her and Katsuki having switched places, with her as Katsuki's daughter.
    • Inko is eight years younger than canon, being 19 when Izuku is born rather than 27.
    • Rumi Usagiyama is 11 years younger, being Izuku's age instead of 26.
  • Ara Ara goes both ways. U.A. is changed to a university so all the students are three years older. On the other hand, Moe Bakugou aka Burnin' is a third year student, making her five years younger than canon.


  • In Konoha High School, the characters start as 15 year olds rather than 12 year olds.
  • Instead being a year older than Hinata, Neji in White Eyes is roughly five years older than her.
  • The Last Prayer goes both ways. Naruto's peers are all three years older, making them sixteen to seventeen (twenty in Temari's case). On the flip side, Mabui and Samui are twenty instead of twenty-six and Kurenai is twenty-four rather than twenty-eight. Similarly, Mei Terumi is approximately a decade younger than canon, being in her mid-twenties rather than mid-thirties.
  • Son of the Sannin: Haku in canon is three years older than Naruto and his peers, but in the story he's treated as being the same age as them.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Advice and Trust: The writer bumped the main characters' age by a year (stretching the Angels' attacks timeline so that over one year has passed since Sachiel and Shinji came to town) so that he does not "feel quite as awkward having them going at it hammer-and-tongs nightly")
  • Evangelion 303: Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, and Mari are 18 or older as opposed to 14. This also affects their characterization too, and is how the story differentiates from its source material. They drink, drive, have sex lives (or develop one), and are generally more worldly and independent than their teen counterparts.
  • Shinji The Casanova: The titular character is nearly sixteen, in contrast with his fourteen-year-old canon self.

The Octonauts


  • This is the main idea behind the Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU, where all of the original game's child and teenage characters are now adults and the adult characters are now teenagers, with the once adult confidant characters now acting as the teenage Phantom Thieves.
  • The cast of Persona 5 retain their canon ages in Steal The Truth, Reach Out For Your Heart, but because the story now takes place in 2021 than an implied 2016, they are actually about five years younger than in canon. This also makes the casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4 older than they would be at this point, as their game years were not adjusted.


  • In Anachronism, instead of being ambiguously 11-17, Gloria and her friends are aged up to 18.
  • Back To Zero:
    • Mondo and Domino are younger than in canon. They're both teenagers.
    • There's only a five/six year age difference between Ash and Jessie. Canon implies it's closer to fifteen.
  • In Caged Wings, Dawn, May, and Ash (originally 10 years old) are aged up into teenagers to fit the setting, a High School A.U. Nando also becomes a teenager, but he's aged down instead of up, since he was originally a young adult of Vague Age.
  • In Celadon's New Blossom, Ash is eleven, not ten. He started his journey at ten but turned eleven by the time he met Giselle.
  • In Essence, Erika is described as being in her early teens, not her late teens or early twenties.
  • Kanto Calling doesn't use Comic-Book Time, so Ash has aged throughout his journey. Instead of being eternally ten, he's almost seventeen. Everyone else has been aged up accordingly, except for Bonnie who is still a kid.
  • Pokémon: Nova and Antica: The author has raised the ages of the canon characters. Much of the main cast are adolescents or full-blown teenagers. For example, instead of 10, Ash is 14. This retroactively means the others grew up during their travels as well. Sounds like the writer wants to ignore the first episode of the B&W seasons like the rest of us.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Ash wakes up in the reset timeline to find that he's now 15 years old, because things couldn't be reset perfectly. A number of other characters have also aged up or down to varying degrees.
  • In Rebuild of Pocket Monsters: The Animation, Professor Oak is 50 instead of the 47 that he is in the games.
  • Darkfire1220's Challenger:
    • Pikachu starts the story as a Pichu here.
    • Cynthia is younger than her fully grown-up self in the anime and games, being 18 years old.

Red Dwarf

  • The Fifty Shades Series: Rather than starting off as 25 years old as in the main series, here, Lister starts off as a 20 year old.


  • In Fixing RWBY, Cinder is more obviously older than most other characters. Instead of being disguised as a student when she infiltrates Beacon, she's disguised as a teacher.
  • Ruby and Nora: Ruby is a few years older than in canon, and as a result, so are almost the entire cast.
  • RWBY Alternate:
    • Ruby starts at sixteen, not fifteen.
    • Blake is aged down from seventeen to sixteen.
  • Remnants:
    • Ruby is 17, not 15.
    • Adam is 10 years older than Blake, making him 28 in comparison to his estimated 23.
  • RWBY: Scars:
    • In the cartoon, it's implied that Ruby was a toddler at oldest when Summer died. Scars ups her to seven. Likewise, Yang has been aged up a few years in the flashbacks.
    • Winter is changed from being in her early 20s to being 28.
    • There's a 6 year age gap between Adam and Blake, which is larger than in canon.
  • Silver Rings and Golden Hearts:
    • Ruby and Penny are both aged down to five, while Yang is seven. Other similarly aged characters are aged down too.
    • Oscar is under 12 months, instead of being 14.
  • This happens with much frequency in Vale's Underground, many times being a pragmatic change. Discounting any age-gap changes, these are some of the more concrete changes noted:
    • Most of the students in the main cast of RWBY aren't even in their twenties yet, but they are aged up since they are in positions that would require them to be much older such as police officers, teachers, and sex workers. The aversion to this is Team CFVY (sans Coco). They're students in college, but they'd be relatively the same age as they are in canon according to the author's notes.
    • Raven Branwen isn't Yang's mom in this story, so the writer decided to have her and her twin brother Qrow are aged down to their mid-30s. In canon, they'd be in their late 30s at least based on the fact that Yang is seventeen.
    • Salem is noted to be thousands of years old in canon. Since this takes place in a real-world AU, she is brought down to a more realistic age (in her 60s).
    • Jaune Arc downplays this the most. He's seventeen in canon, but the fic ages him up to nineteen.
  • In Reverse RWBY, the ages of characters are shifted around. For example, Watts is a teenager, while Whitley is an adult and older than his sisters.

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong

  • SV Wishes, while their ages were ambiguous in canon due to their immortality here Liu Qingge is explicitly ten years younger than Yue Qingyuan.

Sengoku Basara

  • In SilfofinaDragon's fanfics regarding Date Masamune (father) and Sanada Yukimura's (mother) children Yuki and Masa, Masa is the older sibling and Yuki is the younger sibling, however averted in misakiyu's illustrations dubbed 'fanfic-depics', where Yuki is the older sibling and Masa is the younger sibling.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In the oneshot Fallen Angel it's mentioned that Amy is fourteen. In Sonic canon she's only twelve.
  • Single Parents Night:
    • Characters who are age-lifted: Sonic went from 15 to 21, Blaze went from 14 to 21, Knuckles went from 16 to 22, and Shadow is (biologically?) 21, Amy went from 12 to 20, and Rouge went from 19 to 23.
    • Characters who are decreased in age: Tails went from 8 to 2, Marine went from 7 to 2, Silver went from 14 to 5, and Cream went from 6 years old to 6 months old.
  • Both Sonic and Elise are eighteen in Solarhood; Sonic is fifteen in canon and Elise is implied to be around his age.

Story of Seasons

  • Frostbitten Flower:
    • Celia's age is lowered from 26 to 18, which only makes her being a pregnant widow all the more tragic.
    • It's implied that Muffy is older than her canon age of 30. She's already resigned herself to being unable to have kids of her own due to her Christmas Cake status, but it's still a sour topic nevertheless.

Super Mario Bros.

  • My Pain, My Thrill has Peach's unmentioned birthday in New Super Mario Bros Wii be her 30th birthday. Peach has a Vague Age in canon, but signs point towards her being 21-24, going by Mario's canon age of 26ish and the developmental gap between the two as infants.


  • TS!Underswap:
    • Asgore and Toriel are a downplayed example. Since Asriel is still alive as part of the Role Swap AU, they've continued to age. Asgore now wears a pair of glasses for his worsening eyesight.
    • Asriel himself, since he missed the fate his Undertale counterpart met as a child. He is stated to now be a young adult.

Warrior Cats

  • In Warriors Kingdoms: The Prophecy Begins, Spottedleaf's age is tweaked so that she's closer to Firepaw's age. In canon, she was 4 years at her death, making her roughly 25-40 in human years. In this fanfic, Spottalia starts at only 16 and is barely older than Fiyr.


  • The Bald and the Esper makes Tatsumaki 22, a full six years younger than she is in canon. Though she's also just starting out as a hero rather than being an established one.
  • Fate/Harem Antics: In her source series, Miyu was ten years old. Here she is about sixteen, one year younger than Shirou.
  • A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor: Arturia herself has stated she is thirty-five, a whole decade older than her canonical age....but still doesn't look a day older than fifteen.
  • In Legend of the Monkey God, Goku is 14 at the start of the series rather than 12.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim presents the main human characters as being roughly 11-12 years old, in keeping with the author's interpretation of the ill-defined ages of characters in canon. However, for the non-canon spinoff New Adventures: Mature Edition, they're all aged up to at least 18, to allow the author to get over the awkwardness he felt regarding the more mature themes featured in the spinoff.
  • The Young Stag has several characters aged up or aged down for the purpose of the story. Arya Stark, for example, is introduced as 14, mainly because of her Perfectly Arranged Marriage to Steffon, who is 15 at the start of the story.
  • In the Alternate Tail Series, Kagura Mikazuchi is 13 years old in the year X784, rather than 16 like her canon counterpart would be, who was 23 when introduced in X791.
    • Rogue is 6 years old when introduced and 13 after the 7-year time skip, instead of around 19 plus 400 years from traveling from the past as in canon.