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  • Toho Kingdom Toons:
    • Godzilla himself is a city destroying monster, yet he is noticeably erudite and well-cultured.
    Godzilla: Why must we engage in such senseless violence towards one another? Especially considering the glaring fact that both of us face a common foe?
    • Anguirus as well.
    • Even Spacegodzilla falls under this. Despite being the one of Godzilla's most evil foes, he, somehow, is able to host his own political talk show.
  • Bowser from SMG4's Mario Bloopers following his Heel–Face Turn in "Hotel Mario".
  • Medoner, of The Nekci Menij Show, is this - despite being totally self-obsessed and willing to publicly insult every friend she has in song, she is still seen as the height of pop culture.
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  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Applejack is a mobster with absolutely no qualms about getting her hooves dirty, yet she's cheerful and friendly to anyone she isn't threatening at the moment.
  • In Diamond in the Rough (Touhou), both the final villains Yukari and Tenshi are educated, while the first hands presents to the gappies, the seconds clearly enjoys talking with them.
  • RWBY:
    • Although she slips occasionally, Salem is calm, friendly and polite, tailoring her behaviour to a person's personality, such as when she expresses gentle disappointment with Tyrian's failed mission, knowing his worship of her will leave him devastated over displeasing her. She chastises needless malice and patiently schools her subordinates whenever they turn on each other, such as when she patiently reprimands Watts for mocking Cinder's injuries. With the casual ease of a dinner conversationalist, she tasks her subordinates with duties that will enable terrorism, murder and mayhem, and teaches that flaunting the power to destroy lives is unnecessary when anyone can be exploited. She only drops her affable nature whenever someone challenges her authority. When Leo accidentally tells her she "must" act quickly to obtain the Spring Maiden before Qrow, Salem instantly has him partially strangled while she conversationally reminds him of how terrifying she is.
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    • Hazel Rainart, one of Salem's direct subordinates, is always polite to people, even to his enemies (unless it's Ozpin). He genuinely regrets having to fight Nora and Ren, and he asks Oscar to forgive him before attacking him. He is also disgusted with Adam's cold murder of Sienna Khan, believing it to be pointless.
  • The Ranch Hand from episode three of Nomad of Nowhere is a low life Bounty Hunter, that is willing to threaten children to get his bounty, but while waiting for said bounty to arrive, he's also shown making small talk, telling jokes, and even sharing bits of his past with the people he was just terrorizing.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Counselor Aiden Price speaks in a calm, monotone voice and is rather polite, even to the point of functioning as the Only Sane Man to the Director. However, the Counselor is downright ruthless when need be, such as when addressing Walter and using False Reassurance to disguise their true plans.
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    • Chairman Malcolm Hargrove/"Control". While it's not made entirely clear if he's faking it or not, he always speaks in a polite tone of voice that only goes away if he's sufficiently pissed off enough and even then, usually in the form of Tranquil Fury. He is so good at this, he even came off as a Reasonable Authority Figure, before his true nature was revealed. Even when the BGC and the people of Chorus discover that he's Control, he doesn't lose his cool and calmly tells them that they can't leave Chorus.
  • Battle for Dream Island: Four. His funky manners sometimes compensate his sometimes downright sadistic antics, and plus there's the fact that he's an alien and probably has a very vague idea of basic social rules.
  • Hazbin Hotel: Alastor is a terrifying warlord who toppled the entrenched lords of Hell almost immediately after his damnation started, was a remorseless serial killer when he was human, and constantly smiles to assert dominance. His first real appearance in the show has him surprisingly upbeat, polite, and gentlemanly. At least until you act like you can stand up to him, at which point he'll gently put you in your place.
  • Llamas with Hats: Carl is this, at least toward his best (and likely only) friend, Paul (though likely no one else). He is extremely cheerful when talking with Paul and appears to value him as a true friend. That said, he is still a Serial Killer, much to Paul's chagrin.
    • It's severely deconstructed in the revival as it becomes clear Paul functioned as both part of his serial killer MO and a subconscious Morality Chain. The depths of Carl's insanity are revealed in the several episodes after Paul abandons him, culminating in Carl destroying all life on Earth, including, unintentionally, Paul. When Carl finds this out, he has a complete mental breakdown that ends in suicide.


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