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Almost every episode of the show has an aesop or two, given the nature of family values.

Season 1

  • "Space Chicken": When making an impression, don't cause destruction.
  • "Steak Night": Dinner isn't about the food. It's about the family you share it with.
  • "Cricket Versus": Your opponent may have been Hidden in Plain Sight this whole time.
  • "Blue Tater":
    • Don't believe everything you hear.
    • Luck is not controlled, you have your own luck.
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  • "Swimming Fool": Have courage when it comes to facing fears.
  • "Tilly's Goat": It's best to let others worry about themselves.
  • "Cricketsitter": Taking care of someone is a big responsibility.
  • "Backflip Bill": Don't put too much pressure on someone.
  • "Gramma's License": Don't let fear get in the way of your accomplishment.
  • "Bear Trapped":
    • Some creatures aren't as bad as you thought.
    • Animals belong in the wild.
  • "Photo Op":
    • Seeing someone happy is better than trying to make them happy yourself.
    • Don't trick others into doing something they don't want to do.
  • "Remy Rescue": It's important to speak up for yourself.
  • "Gridlocked": Take time to appreciate your settings.
  • "Mama Bird":
    • It's best to let life take care of itself.
    • You can't force anyone to like you.
  • "Welcome Home": There may not be a lot to know about your new home, but there's lots of things you can do there.
  • "Raccooned":
    • Arguing won't get you anywhere.
    • Problems are best solved if you work together.
  • "Fill Bill":
    • No matter where you go, you'll always be yourself.
    • Don't care about what others think of you.
  • "Critterball Crisis": Don't obsess over what you care about, as it might not be as important toward what someone else cares about.
  • "Parade Day":
    • All rules have a loophole.
    • Don't run out on your job when you're needed at its most importance.
  • "DIY Guys": Some things cannot be done alone.
  • "Gargoyle Gals": Lying never earns you friends.
  • "Supermarket Scandal": When it comes to selling things, be honest.
  • "Barry Cuda":
    • No matter what you buy, nothing can put a price on your family.
    • Don't annoy your family with something you like that they don't so much, or you could expect the worst.
  • "Suite Retreat":
    • It's important to get used to your family.
    • Don't try to ruin the fun of others for the sake of missing them.
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    • Be grateful for those you love, your life wouldn’t be the same without them.
  • "Family Legacy": Treasure has meaning behind it, no matter how worthless it seems.
  • "Paint Misbehavin'": It's best if you compromise.
  • "Rated Cricket":
    • Some movies are not what you expect them to be.
    • Enjoy your childhood while you still can.
  • "Homeshare Hoedown": Everything requires work, and work is hard.
  • "Cricket's Shoes": Doing someone's chores may be hard, but you'll get used to it.
  • "Feud Fight": Fighting never resolves anything.
  • "Breaking News": Don't steal the spotlight from what's really important.
  • "Cyberbullies":
    • It's important to stand up to someone being mean to you.
    • Don't run away for the rest of your life.
    • Bullying is not harmless! It can affect your life if you don't act.
  • "Tilly Tour": It's best to get out of the house.
  • "Dinner Party": Every family is different.
  • "Coffee Quest": Your partner might not turn out as bad as you thought.
  • "Phoenix Rises": Take care of your pets and give them respect.
  • "Blood Moon":
    • Don't ruin the fun of others.
    • It's best to include everyone.
  • "Big Deal": Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you already have; don't fret over what you don't get.
  • "Forbidden Feline": Don't take something you love away from someone who loves it as much as you.
  • "Uncaged": You don't have to act tough to impress your loved ones.
  • "Harvest Dinner": Even the most mundane of jobs are very important.
  • "Winner Winner": You're a champion no matter what.
  • "Night Bill": Spending time with your family is better than buying fancy stuff.
  • "Cheap Snake": Think before you act, or there will be consequences.
  • "Hiya Henry": It's important to tell someone that something is bothering you.
  • "People Watching": Don't be afraid to use your imagination.
  • "Valentine's Dance": Love doesn't take things away, it can give you something special. You won't know unless you try.
  • "Green Streets": Don't go too tough on someone.
  • "Hurty Tooth":
    • It's important to keep your teeth clean or there will be problems.
    • The dentist may seem scary, but it's important to face your fear.
  • "Sleepover Sisters": You and your friend are closer than you thought.
  • "Trailer Trouble": What's best about a fun night is spending it with your loved ones.
  • "Mansion Madness": Watching someone's home is a big responsibility.
  • "Park Pandemonium":
    • It's wrong to spun others like your relatives.
    • Some ideas are not safe.
  • "Cricket's Biscuits": It's best to keep things special.
  • "Skunked": Being a hero is about doing it to help others, and not the rewards you get.
  • "Axin' Saxon": Don't lie to your loved ones.
  • "Cricket's Place":
    • Living alone without discipline has consequences.
    • Always listen to your parents.
  • "Volunteer Tilly":
    • If you love something, set it free.
    • Pranking others too much leads them to not believing you, even when you tell the truth.

Season 2

  • "Cricket's Kapowie": Your appearance doesn't matter. It's what's inside you that counts.
  • "Car Trouble": Sometimes old is better than new.
  • "Urban Legend": Accept your visitors; scaring them away is rude.
  • "Wishing Well": It's wrong to scam.
  • "Elevator Action": Your friends can seem like family to you.
  • "Bad Influencer":
    • Some people are not as nice as they seem to be.
    • The difference between a false friend and one who's true is that they truly care about you.
  • "Green Christmas":
    • What's best about Christmas is spending it with friends and family.
    • As Tilly puts, Christmas is not about the presents, but being kind.
    • You have no one to blame but yourself.
    • Sometimes the best presents don't come from a box.
  • "Reckoning Ball": You can't expect forgiveness from someone unless you really mean it.
  • "Clubbed"
    • You'll have friends no matter what.
    • Don't spoil movies for those who haven't seen the flick yet.
  • "Impopstar": There isn't any life better than the one you already have, whether it's being rich and famous or run-of-the-mill.
  • "Football Camp": There are many ways to impress your loved ones.
  • "Heat Beaters": Friendship is more important than winning.
  • "Bill-iever": It's important to tell the truth, which would save lots of trouble.
  • "Shark Objects":
    • Some pranks are fun, but others can put you in danger.
    • Responsibility comes before fun.
  • "Dream Weaver": Don't interfere with the bedtimes of your family.
  • "Level Up":
    • Family will be there for you.
    • You shouldn’t let yourself get addicted to technology.
  • "Garage Tales": All stories have a meaning behind it.
  • "Animal Farm": Trust your one true leader.

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