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  • In general, any online community where some people refer to themselves by their real names, and others are only known by their pseudonym. How long they've spent together, how comfortable they are with each other, and their level of preferred privacy factor heavily into it. Some people may start off being known only by their pseudonyms, but switch to their real names once they've known the rest of the group long enough.
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  • The Penumbra Podcast has Peter, Vicky, Omar, Rita, Ramses . . . Juno, Miasma, and Pilot.
  • Kakos Industries generally sticks to Corins, and Stephens, and Haleys—but then there's Melantha.
  • Celestial Refresh has it primarily because of massive Culture Clash AND including several worlds already known to have this trope applied to them.
  • Pokemon Universe RP: Seeing as the moderators aren't too critical of what you name your character and anybody can play with somebody else, it's inevitable.
  • Rise of the Believers has quite a bit of it. Understandable when you consider that characters come from all over the world and beyond.
  • This comes up in Survival of the Fittest a fair bit, with students supposedly hailing from America having bizarre names (although occasionally justified if the character has immigrated). Examples include names like Rais, Shoar, and Venka amongst Adams, Alans and Helenas.
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  • On the Livejournal roleplaying community Drama Drama Duck, Delirium has mentioned having two fish: Humphrey Finkleton the 75th, and his daughter, Bob. It's in character for her.
  • Tales of MU has quite a bit of this because of the cultural mishmash of the college environment. Characters brought up by Humans have names like "Mackenzie", "Ian", "Steff", and "Jamie". Other races have more exotic names or even constructed ones.
  • The original Berserk has some examples that are somewhat easy to overlook (Guts, Pippen, Corkus, Zodd and Caska among others, mixing it up with Julius, Charlotte, and Griffith) but hbi2k turned this trope on its head for his abridged series when he went ahead and named the snake baron Phil.
  • Very common in Darwin's Soldiers. Characters with names like Neku or Dr. James Zanasiu interact with people like Dr. Josephine Smithson and Dr. Rudyard Shelton
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  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum has this, what with agents being recruited from all continua and some agents being Only Known by Their Nickname.
  • and Game Damage's Matt, Yug, and Yahtzee. Yeah, that Yahtzee.
  • Smirvlak's Stone has the main goblin brothers. One of them is named Nickolas, while the other is named Gnekvizz.
  • In Time to Shoot Down The Moon and Sentinel, a German scientist is named Vier Sackingen. It means four even though he is the second in his family.
    Vier: My older brother is called Jacob, my younger sister is called Lilia, I'm called No.4. Not even 2. Oh, and the actual 4th kid, my younger brother is called Elwin, after general Rommel.
  • Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society has some agents who are generically named: Tyler, Ben, Dave, etc. It gets a bit crazy when you put them next to people like Aster, Ossa, Chrys, Cristoph...
  • A running gag in Nigahiga's early "How to be" videos. "Hello, my name is Hanatewakusoshiseotadashiteteriyakisuzukihondacivic!" "Hello, my name is Bob.
  • The Questport Chronicles gives us Djadan, Sabriel, and Jaheira alongside Emmy, Acre, and Tulip.
  • The Saga of Pretzel Bob: in this case though, it's Seraphoth and Bob.
  • The heroes from the Something Awful: Dungeons & Dragons gaming sessions include Joey, Miriam, Kensington, Minerelle, Asalynn, Bananaramawicz, and Kodrinschreiner. This isn't even getting into NPC names, such as Thraxidelantis, which is embarrassing enough that Syrg just shortens it to "Thraxi" after a few jokes at his expense.
  • The convicts from Einsteinian Roulette have names that range from Maurice, Thomas and Jim to Feyri, Thrak and Charro.
  • A few examples from Game Grumps, usually through in-game naming systems.
    • The Jeopardy! two-parter has Nixon (Arin's character), Dixon (Jon's character) and Larry (the AI character).
    • From The Price Is Right: Eva, Jon, Jay, and Sopojkkk.
    • Arin and Jon themselves also count somewhat.
    • During the intro clip to episodes, the on-screen text introduces the duo as "Egoraptor" and "Danny"
    • Their three legendary bird Pokemon are named Blupl, Lomster, and Greg.
    • In their review of Sonic The Hedge Hog 2006, Arin tries to make a point after finally beating Silver and mentions a made up game called "God of War: Legend of Greg" which sends Jontron into an extended laughing fit.
  • At the time of her introduction in Worm, the dog-based supervillain Bitch has three dogs: Brutus, Judas, and Angelica.
  • Actually used as a (subtle) plot point in The Lay of Paul Twister: Most of the human characters have standard English names like Paul, Sarah, or Patrick, but then there's Archmagus Ken'tu Kel, head of the Circle of Magi. Gerald says that several things about him are suspicious, including his name which "sounds like something out of an ancient saga." Turns out that's because he spent a couple decades on Earth, where time flows at a different pace.
  • In Twitch Plays Pokémon, a Pokemon will either be nicknamed, and end up with a very bizarre and usually unpronounceable jumble of letters, or it will be left with its original name. The Mob typically gives any Pokemon with a major role a Fan Nickname based on said jumble of letters.
  • Pact has names such as Essyit, Blake, Laird, Padraic, Barbatorem...
  • Demo Reel has Donnie, Rebecca, Quinn, Carl and... Tacoma.
  • In Epic Rap Battles of History, Pablo Picasso invokes this during his battle with Bob Ross, by rapping out his entire Overly Long Name and then,
    Back to you... Bob.
  • Played for Laughs in Needs More Gay: Rantasmo reviews a gay porn parody of The Ring where none of the characters have names, so he makes some up for them. Note that all of them are men.
    Naomi goes to investigate the other two friends, who I’ll call...Cedric and Boniva.”
  • reshiram and justin, together forever!
  • Matt Santoro's clones are named Hugo, Eugene, Lorrenzo... and Big Shine
  • Enter The Farside main character Shaun doesn't like the idea of superhero names. Being a new recruit to the NFU means he doesn't have a name regardless, which makes him stand out from other Agents like Visionary, Tether and Grandmaster.
  • From The Gaming Lemon's Assassin's Creed: Syndicate funtage, we get this:
    "Me, Sir Big-Toot Erdun Lemon Trout, and my sidekick, Watson.
  • The Gaming Beaver likes to give his Jurassic World creatures funny nicknames: His Pteranodon is "Pecky Eyses", his Dimetrodon is "Unicorn Wizard", his Diplocaulus is "Flaffy", his Archelon is... Dave.
  • The six characters that have been given proper names in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared thus far are Tony, Roy, Michael, Malcolm, Colin and... Shrignold.
  • In Reflets d'Acide, we have characters named Zarakaï the Dwarf, Enoriel the Elf... and Roger the Bartender.
  • The usual cast of Oney Plays consists of Chris, Julian and DingDong.
  • Petscop: Some of the pets have strange names like Pen, Wavey, Roneth, and Toneth...but then you have Amber and Randice.
  • The Runaway Guys' TRG Colosseum charity livestream featured a Dungeons & Dragons game with protagonists Mittens, Methanthor, Feista Ki... plus Barry and Brock (the Rock). Then there's Steve the Dragon (Who is also Brock the Rock) and Barry's ex-wife, Brenda
  • The Gods Are Bastards lampshaded at one point with a drow-human couple whose names actually are Avrith and Bob.
  • In the Classic Game Room review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back From The Sewers for the Game Boy, host Mark Bussler forgets the name of the turtles and names them "Leonardo", "Donatello", "Mussolini" and "Bob".

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