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TB-DOTS: The Musical

Mitch Glee is a television commercial by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and USAID that aired in the Philippines in December 2014. The commercial is meant to promote the Tuberculosis-Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (TB-DOTS) program.

The advertisement features Mitch Valdes, Filipino singer-comedian singing along with residents of a barangay about a certain Mang Ben getting cured of tubercolosis after complying with the TB-DOTS.


Mitch Glee exhibits the following tropes:

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Featuring Mitch Valdez.
  • Crowd Song: When Mitch Valdez is not singing the crowd spouts lines in unison.
    • The first part of the ad where a group of people were gossiping about Mang Ben's having tuberculosis.
    • The crowd chants Araw araw (Everyday), and tuldok tuldok (period, period).
    • The crowd amazed that Mang Ben has been cured.
  • Exposition: Mitch Valdez explains the TB-DOTS program to the audience.
  • Call-and-Response Song: The first part of the jingle:
    Crowd: chismis, chismis May TB si Mang Ben! (here's some gossip, Mang Ben has TB!)
    Mitch Valdez: Tama ng ang chismis! (Stop with the gossiping!)
  • Jingle: The whole ad is one.
  • Magic Countdown: Mitch sings that one undergoes TB-DOTS treatment in six months, but Mang Ben emerged cured after a few seconds of Mitch and the village folks singing.
  • Public Service Announcement: For being a government sponsored ad meant to promote awareness on the tuberculosis treatment.
  • Advertisement:
  • Offstage Waiting Room: Mitch Valdez and the village folks were singing the whole time Mang Ben was undergoing six months of TB-DOTS treatment.


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