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    Anime & Manga 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Reality's Curtain has Matsuda's mother having to deal with her son being dumped on her doorstep and ending up with a concussion the next day without a clue what actually happened. There's also Matsuda being blown off a rooftop in chapter 1 and Kimiko falling out a window in chapter 8.
  • Savior of Demons: The Arcos Special essentially stems from King Kold's fearing for the future of his family, and trying his darnedest to prevent it. He ends up saving half of his family, more or less, but at a price that makes their original fate seem kind in comparison.
  • In Unlimited, Inko Midoriya has to face the possibility that her son might be doing drugs. His behavior has radically changed, he spends hours alone by himself, and most recently, he accidentally destroyed their front door by tripping (Izuku is actually just doing really intense training à la One-Punch Man). When Inko still thinks Izuku is lying to her, she slaps him out of anger. When Izuku takes a drug test and proves he hasn't been doing drugs, Inko breaks down because she hurt her son for nothing.
  • Advice and Trust: When they talk about the conspiracies surrounding NERV, Asuka begs Misato to be careful and keep herself and Kaji alive and safe. If they get assassinated, it'd be the second time she's lost her parents. And she's only fourteen.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion:
    • After Asuka's death, Kyoko says that a woman shouldn't have to bury her own daughter.
    • When Asuka gets pregnant she wonders whether her daughter will feel abandoned and discarded like she and Shinji were... and that idea frightens her.
  • The Second Try: It plays a large role in Asuka and Shinji's Character Development: they are frightened of being parents and getting to raise their daughter in a barren, deserted world. This was also the primary focus of Arael's Mind Rape on Asuka, showing her Aki dead because she and Shinji weren't there.
  • The Child of Love: Several times Shinji tells he is very scared that something bad will happen to his daughter Teri or she will grow up unhappy or lonely because he has not done his father job well. Asuka also fears Teri gets traumatized because her.
    • Shinji being frightened of being unable to protect Asuka and their daughter was the reason of him seeing himself like unworthy to be a father and running from his family for a month.
    • During her Mind Rape Arael exploited Asuka's fear to lose her child.
  • HERZ: Shinji and Asuka live in a world survived an Apocalypse, narrowly avoided another twelve years ago, and where a secret organization is driven to set off the final one to wipe the humanity out while a bunch of state-nations are trying to build an army of Eldritch Abominations turned Humongous Mecha to fight each other. Both spouses fear that unless something is done, their daughter will have no future and no chance to grow up and be happy. Ergo, they are set on carrying forward a risky plan to rid the world of SEELE and the Evangelions.
  • In EVA Sessions: Someplace Vast and Dry, As Japan became increasingly militaristic following Arrival Day, Yui dreaded the thought that her then-unborn son Shinji would one day die in a far-off battlefield with a rifle in hand, a fear not assuaged when her adopted teenage daughter Misato announced she wanted to enlist in the JSSDF to join the fight against the Others once she was old enough. Eight years later, Misato is critically wounded during a JSSDF operation in Indonesia, when her convoy is ambushed by a local terrorist militia.
  • Blind gives us this scenario. It's the night of Hinata's 3rd birthday and everyone is asleep. Cue Hinata's mother (Hinati) hearing a 3 year old Naruto (adopted son) screaming. Hiashi chuckles and says it's just Naruto being Naruto. Hinati says she's going to check on both Naruto and Hinata. She comes back crying, saying they're missing. Oh but it gets worse. Hinati immediately chases after Naruto's screams and eventually catches up to the kids in the forest. What she sees is Hinata lying in a pool of blood with empty eye sockets. She turns about to throw up only to see Naruto pinned to a tree by kunai, 1 of which is through his heart. You guess her reaction.
  • In Detective Conan fic When Pandora's Box Is Opened, when Conan was kidnapped by Vermouth and everyone panics. Those who know the kidnapper have even more reason to fear because the Black Organization has no problem indoctrinating young children into complete loyalty to the organization. Jodie has a brief vision of an older, ruthless Conan preparing to kill a victim and is appropriately horrified.
  • There is a scene during The Tamers Forever Series where the pregnant Mimi Tachigawa is kidnapped and taken to a laboratory where her unborn child is forcibly extracted from her. She is then left to wander the wilderness as her grief slowly drives her insane.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Power Shift has this example: Tino or Berwald, or even Francis'. They fear their child has seemingly disappeared into thin air. You feel as though something bad can and will happen to him. And in Tino and Berwald's case, it turns out they're right.
    • There's also the fate of Estonia, especially the chapter describing what happened leading up to it. It really plays on the fear of a family member being abducted and having something horrible happening to them.
    • In another Hetalia fic, Human Curiosity, nearly all of the world's nations disappear. They just vanish, leaving their friends and family panicked and traumatized. This goes on for a century, leading to most of the remaining nations to assume that their loved ones are never coming back. And then, they learn that not only were the nations kidnapped and tortured for that entire century, but a lot of them were horrifically murdered and frozen in blocks of ice. There's a bit where America, Germany, and Japan get to explore the kidnappers' base, while being terrified and trying to guess who was and wasn't killed. Oh, and the surviving nations were all completely insane when they were found, to the point where they couldn't even recognize their rescuers as people.
    • Raven's Tears: Native America is forced to watch as she slowly loses control of her own land. Then, she realizes that the shift in ownership of the land is represented through her sons, who morph from being Native American children to having blond hair, blue eyes, and being only able to speak French and English. And after all of this, Native America has no choice but to give them to the nations invading her, because she can't communicate with her own children.
    • Feverish starts with the basic premise of Canada getting sick with something. Not so bad at first, with him getting a fever and feeling nauseous. Then, he starts hallucinating, passing out, and suffering increasingly dangerous side effects. All of this goes on while America, France, and England are trying to take care of him and make him better. There's one chapter where Canada gets a nose bleed so bad that England thinks someone was attacked in the room. He attempts to stop the bleeding, only for Canada to go into respiratory arrest. Throughout this, no one knows exactly what Canada is sick with, which means they have no clue as to how to heal him. And on Canada's side, it turns out his government is forgetting about him. So there's the fear of being completely forgotten and neglected going on.
    • Awakening has two big hitters. The first is on France and England's side. Imagine your younger brothers go off to fight in a war and disappear for a long while, only to show back up dead, mutilated, and infected with disease. America and Canada get better, but still France and England have to go through it all. The second is what happens to the other children, most of whom never survived, despite America and Canada's best efforts.
    • The Weakest Link: America, England, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Lithuania are Forced to Watch as sociopathic scientists torture Sealand, Estonia, Latvia, and Iceland in the name of 'science'. Made worse as Fletcher's almost pedophiliac obsession with Latvia forces the adults to worry that he might end up being raped and the others will be forced to watch.
  • In Passing the Storm, a young child (Naruto) is left alone with a stranger (Mikoto Uchiha), a cop no less, who just can't resist molesting the innocent child.
  • The first chapter of the Fruits Basket fic Horizon opens with the stillbirth of Shigure and Akito's second child.
  • The entire Artificial Intelligence Principle arc starts because Barnaby and Emily Brooks can't stand the thought of having to bury their only son, and are two of the most brilliant roboticists on the planet.
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, toward the end, it is revealed that the tragic events that occurred for the last 20 years in the One Piece world can be undone, but if Madelyn never ate her Devil Fruit, she would never have made the mistake of causing Luffy's execution, fled to the "real world," changed her name to Blake, met Garreth and had Marie. Not only are Garreth and Madelyn/Blake aware that they'll never see each other or their daughter again, but Marie realizes that she'll be erased from existence entirely, and feels as though her existence was a mistake.
  • In Cosmic Warriors shortly after Naru is raped the man appears in Usagi's school and is later spotted chatting with Makoto. Nothing like having your children attend a school with a rapist on the grounds.
  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Akane was taking care of a feverish Nonoko, her daughter, who was hit by a cold and left her alone in her room for a few minutes and upon her return Nonoko was nowhere to be found. When phone called later she was told that the girl was in fact kidnapped, but thankfully she was already rescued by her brother. This also applies to her husband Yuuto who was left in an Heroic BSoD by the news of his daughter missing until he was informed Nonoko was safe.
  • In Symbiosis, Professor Oak relied on his former reputation to keep Pallet Town safe. Instead his student, Delia and her family were murdered in the middle of the night of a criminal organization and their corpses had to be identified by their DNA.
  • In Shatterheart Fai is on a rare outing with Syaoran, joining him at a bookstore during the Infinity Arc. Syaoran takes off by himself to get some air and gets kidnapped by a bunch of thugs and is tortured by serial killers for their amusement. Fai and Kurogane run themselves ragged trying to find him and pray that they find him in time.
  • In Kill la Kill AU, we have a then six-year old Ragyo being hit by a car. In that vein, Nui being dragged down into the basement by whatever was down there.
    • From one of the fanfics we find out Meinu, Ragyo's mother, hired someone to kidnap one of the kids this blows up to a head when it turns out the ones that Meinu hired have no intention on giving Ryuuko back and attempt to kill her by pouring water over her and leaving her to freeze to death in the night. What makes this worse is the fact Meinu apparently did it because Ragyo wouldn't allow her to financially abuse her anymore.
    • In Snowflakes, we have a critically ill Ryuuko escaping a hospital, while it is freezing cold, to play in the snow, while the hospital and everyone else unaware of where she is.
    • Likewise, Satsuki and, after Comic 41, then Ryuuko getting sick with an illness that has a possibility of killing them and this is especially made true in Ryuuko's case.
    • According to the official tumblr page for the webcomic, Soichiro's parents, Gin and Nozomi have actually lost a child, a daughter named Meika, to drowning, while Nozomi while still pregnant with Soichiro.
  • In the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru-Penguindrum crossover fanfic Seinen Kakumei Utena, examples of this plays a large role in Utena, Touga and Saionji’s Character Development.
  • The Soul Eater oneshot The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Your baby being kidnapped? Heavy Adult Fear already. Your baby being kidnapped by a sadistic child abuser who only wants to use them as a Tyke-Bomb? Takes it Up to Eleven.
    • And not just kidnapped, but kidnapped from your house, while you sleep, completely unaware and helpless until it's too late.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox: Instances of this trope in action include parents being told that their child has been brutally assaulted while at a venue where she was supposed to be safe; another child being kidnapped from her school by a person bearing a grudge against her father; and a third child being taken hostage and tortured almost to the point of death.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Son of the Desert, Trisha Elric is Ishvalan and her sons are half-Ishvalan. Which does have some effects on them growing up:
    • All your family and friends are being killed and targeted by the government. You are hiding to protect yourself and your family but die knowing that you're leaving your sons orphans. Poor Trisha...
    • You live in constant fear of being killed for your heritage because your superiors killed many of your people on orders by the government.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic Build Your Wings on the Way Down:
    • Ed has to watch someone he knows to be a monster to not only be accepted by the military, but allowed to raise a child! By the time the man shows his true colors it's almost too late.
    • Hughes has an attack of this when he found out that Ed had been wandering Central's worst district and just came back in the morning. He feared that Ed might have been assaulted or worse until Ed clarifies that he stayed the night over with friends.
    • Hughes and Roy fear that if the higher ups discover how powerful Ed is, it increases the risk of him getting exploited into doing terrible things
  • Chapter 14 of Cellar Secrets touches upon this, as Satsuki narrates her fear that, if social services did take Ryuuko, they may put her in an even worse situation than what she came from, which is a rather devastating thought, considering what Ryuuko lived in previously.
  • Glass is this for everyone involved, but for Kaiba, it's seeing Mokuba imprisoned along with him and being unable to do anything about it.
  • For Satsuki in Concerning a Drifter having your then long-lost younger sister go away on nomadic trip, something that she normally does, and expecting for her to come home, only to lose contact with her soon after, having to stop your search efforts, and then, later on, after four years, you find her mentally ill, traumatized, and the fact that she had been kidnapped, held captive, and raped (along with being four times impregnated) during the four years she had been gone is this. To make it worse, if you know the canon, Satsuki herself was on the receiving of much the same that Ryuuko had experienced, which in itself would be Adult Fear but there is a factor of her being virtually powerless to stop it, double because Ryuuko's kidnapping is connected to illegal activities on the dark web Click .
    • Then there's also the fact that Ryuuko wasn't the only victim, rather, she was one of many victims and she was only one so far that escaped being killed, as the others were found murdered, one of the girls' bodies being found in an alleyway about a couple of blocks from where Ryuuko was found wandering. As noted in a couple of chapters, there's also the fact that the suspected perpetrator might not face charges.
    • In terms of Ryuuko and Satsuki, there's the fact that the former gave birth to not one but two girls, one of which she doesn't remember and one she doesn't know what happened to, as she only saw her eyes and her captors took her away, thus Ryuuko never got any closure, while Satsuki wonders if they're alright.
    • As we find out in Chapter 16, for a bit, Ryuuko's captors have her a companion in the form of a little girl (Ryuuko's writings mentioned her as " looking no older than about ten or twelve") but took her away, the former not knowing what happened to her. In the same chapter, Ryuuko's captors had intentions on using said little girl for the same purposes and that she was Forced to Watch Ryuuko being raped.
  • The Outside
    • From Ragyo and Soichiro's POV, Satsuki being born premature (or unhealthy) and the fact that she had a chance of not lasting very long. Likewise, in chapter 30, we learn that she almost died of an asthma attack when she was 12.
    • In chapter 23, Ryuuko encounters a "nasty dude" and the encounter almost had her being kidnapped and molested (if not worse). What doesn't help this is that, due to being raised so sheltered since she was about three, she never learned what to do in that situation.
    • Chapter 36 has Ryuuko attempting to find St. Catherine's (where Satsuki is staying),never-mind the fact that it's snowing, cold, and she could very well freeze to death.
    • For Satsuki, from chapter 50, it's how Ryuuko'll be in her absence, given the attachment the latter has to her. From what we can see, Ryuuko isn't coping too well with the fact that she's sick and has already acted out (see the above instance) and seeing that she was the latter's guardian for the better part of nine years....
    • Chapter 58 touches upon this. After Satsuki survives another near fatal asthma attack, the doctor explains that, because she's an ill girl, her life expectancy is shorter, implying that, in the near future, Ragyo'll be minus one daughter.
  • Reverse:
    • Kurama watched his brothers and sisters go one by one and his only friend sacrifice himself for Kurama’s safety while the world dies around him.
    • Kakashi invited Kurama to Konoha because he thought Kurama was a person of interest. It goes horribly wrong when Kurama ends up kidnapping Naruto.
    • While Kurama has good intentions, the Elemental Nations are terrified of him kidnapping the jinchuuriki, most of whom are children.
    • Konoha's Clans are horrified when they learn Danzo is abducting their children right under their noses to make of them emotionless Living Weapon. Even worse for Shibi Aburame when his nephew Torune confesses he let himself be taken because Danzo would have kidnapped Shino - Shibi's son - instead.
  • In the One Piece Self-Insert Fic This Bites!, this comes up in the story's Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island special. How else would you describe the emotions of all the Straw Hats' loved ones as the events against Lily Carnation are being broadcast to them and they have to listen to their children/friends/proteges slowly being digested?
  • In the Interest of Justice has Garp freaking out when he realizes his children - one of them a five-year-old girl - left their island and found themselves on a pirate ship. They were very lucky because Gold Roger Wouldn't Hurt a Child, but other pirates have no such componctions, especially regarding a Marine Vice-Admiral's children.
  • The sidestory Clemont Gaiden of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines shows that, while Meyer might be a superhero, that doesn't mean he can't feel scared when his son was kidnapped right from his bedroom.
  • In the Pokemon fanfic, A Professor and a Student, Delia remembers perfectly well when Ash got thrown out of a window and nearly to his death in Pokémon 3 and worries that things like that won't stop. It led to the first falling out they'd had and at this point she makes it a habit of not asking him about the details because she may not be able to handle it.
  • In Kamikakushi, a Hyuuga gleefully claims at every corner the seconborn Senju heir is a cripple after seeing damage on his chakra coils. Butsuma immediately whisks Tobirama at the medics who cannot find anything wrong yet Tobi still falls sick - he actually pretends illness to be left alone but his family doesn't know that.
    • When Otsuno finds the newly spiritually-awakened Tobirama, he offers him protection under his liege god's wing since youkai often hunt kamikakushis to eat or adopt them - only for said liege god to go behind his back and marking Tobi as his own, making Otsuno's oath worthless.
  • In My Hero Academia fanfic Conversations with a Cryptid, it deals with criminal conspiracies, death of children, martial issues and flawed law implementation:
    • After a few years of being Happily Married, Inko is suddenly abandoned by her husband without a word and receives no emotional support to deal with Izuku's ostracization for being Quirkless.
      • Inko is unable to divorce her husband despite his abandonment because she has no means to financially support her and Izuku due to being out of the workforce for so long and having no family to turn to for assistance.
    • Several of Bakugou's former childhood friends are missing without a trace. One child was found to be abducted by his own grandfather and was horribly tortured and experimented on.
    • Despite the huge amount of evidence of child and marital abuse against Endeavor, reporters can't make it public or help Shouto directly without being sued or sent to jail by the government.
    • Izuku was kidnapped and went missing for a week, only to be found in critical condition. All For One, his father was able to locate the former but due to circumstances, was physically unable to rescue Izuku, any attempt to get help was ignored and could only helplessly watch as Izuku was slowly tortured to death.
  • In My Hero Academia fanfic Quirk: Incubus, when Taya was caught, Izuku was forced to admit to the councilors and his own mother that he was a repeat victim. According to Izuku's perspective, she was taking it way worse than he did.
  • In If I Only Had A Heart, Inko suffers from this as her son continues to experiment on himself with devices she doesn't understand. In some cases it's almost relieving to know that she can't comprehend how Izuku's inventions work, since they include performing surgical procedures on his own spine, burning out excess blood while implanting an artificial eye, and dosing himself with painkillers of his own design in order to handle each procedure. One only wonders how she would react if she caught Izuku doing these things to himself. Izuku himself is aware of this, only performing the procedures while she's away at work and soundproofing the bathroom to make sure that she doesn't hear them should she get home early to avoid worrying her.
  • SAO: Mother's Reconciliation: Chapter 16 reveals multiple cases of this is part of the reason why Kyouko is the way she is toward Asuna:
    • Two days after her birth, Asuna nearly succumbed to sudden infant death syndrome.
    • Shortly after starting kindergarten, Asuna tripped in the middle of a crosswalk and was nearly run over by a reckless driver, with Kyouko just barely managing to pull her out of the road in time.
    • After starting third grade, Asuna was kidnapped on the way home from school, with the kidnapper trying to ransom her. However, a witness saw everything and reported it to the police, resulting in a car chase that led to a crash and the kidnapper's death from the impact; thankfully, Asuna was unharmed and unaware of what had happened, having been chloroformed.
    • Finally, a year into the SAO incident, Kyouko began to lose hope that Asuna would escape, cracked under the fear that she could die any moment, and stopped visiting her at the hospital.
  • In A Sky Of A Million Stars:
    • Learning that your son tried to commit suicide, and that had his Childhood Friend not been there, likely would've died. Inko was already in tears when she was told, but seeing Katsuki sitting in the OR's waiting room with blood on his clothes and a Thousand-Yard Stare nearly caused her to collapse.
    • For the Bakugous, it's learning that their friend's son tried to commit suicide, and that their own son saw it firsthand and had to do CPR on him to save his life. Then their son begins wasting away by his comatose friend's side because he's having issues working through his grief and guilt over the situation.
    • Much like canon, the USJ incident. According to Izuku, Mitsuki broke several speeding laws trying to get to the site of the attack after she heard about it, and both her and Inko were overprotective of Katsuki for the following couple of days.
  • Dekiru: The Fusion Hero!:
    • The first time Izuku and Katsuki fused into Katzuku, it terrified their mothers, whose sons had seemingly disappeared and left a completely unknown boy in their place. Even after figuring out what happened, their terror remained due to the possibility that the fusion might have been permanent.
    • Aizawa is understandably horrified when Nomu goes after Tsuzuru, because that means the thing that beat him bloody is now chasing after someone who is effectively three of his students. He literally tried to drag himself off the ground to protect her, even though, with his current state, he'd most certainly die.
  • Captive Mate:
    • Since he learned his secondary gender, Izaya is constantly threatened with rape and enslavement. His greatest fear is becoming a "public toilet" - a Sex Slave anyone can fuck - he's on the run from a Mega-Corp which disregarded his human rights to try and auction him off For Science!, and he's currently kept imprisoned by a Yandere who believed Izaya is his fated match and refuses to let him go.
    • For all his creepiness, Shizuo genuinely wants to be a good mate and assures Izaya he will never hurt or force himself on him. Except that Shizuo has a Hair-Trigger Temper to go with his Super Strength, so his not wanting to hurt Izaya isn't a guarantee he won't.
    • From Kadota's point of view, his best friend vanished into thin air after going to register his newfound gender, and he's pretty desperate to learn anything about his whereabouts. Poor guy finally discovers Izaya is pratically married to some ultra-violent human-shaped monster, and that's genuinely the safest option for him, since said human-shaped monster is strong enough to keep other rapists and human traffickers at bay.
  • Nutricula: Imagine learning that your child was not only encouraged to kill himself, but went through with it, and succeeded... and the only reason he survived is because he just happened to have a Death-Activated Superpower that kicked in and saved him. Which doesn't mean that he didn't die; only that it brought him back. And that was only the first time he's died. That's the position Inko finds herself in.
  • The backstory of Reunion revolves around Keitaro being raped by his female babysitter when he was only ten years old. Ten years later, she hunts him down and rapes him again.
  • Heroes Never Die: Izuku's mother is the only one who knows about his Quirk, and thus she is well aware that he is basically horrifically tortured on a regular basis, and there's nothing she can do about it. When his Quirk first manifested when he was four, she found him huddled in a corner shivering and shaking, begging her to make it stop.

    Comic Books 
  • In Supergirl fic Hellsister Trilogy, villain Satan Girl’s taken to an unknown place and put to sleep. When she comes around, she knows her baby’s been stolen.
  • Breaking the Silence has Jason Todd being identified right after crawling back from his grave and reunited with Bruce. Unfortunately, he suffered such severe brain damage he's basically an Empty Shell, and his adoptive family is powerless to cure or help him — Dick breaking down over the fact his baby brother isn't the same anymore perfectly showcases how stressfull and painful the situation is.
  • Joe and Marie from A Prize For Three Empires know that their daughter Carol Danvers leads a dangerous life and may get killed at any time. They also know she has been physically and mentally raped at least once.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, Zor-El and Allura have to live with the fact that, even though their daughter isn't a hero anymore, she is a wrestler and she still gets -sometimes badly- beaten on a regular basis.
    Zor-El: No man likes to see his daughter taking a pounding.
  • batman & (smol) son has one unholy trifecta of parenting nightmares:
    • Bruce is obviously displeased to learn Talia hid their son from him, only for her to answer she really doesn't want to see Damian growing up as self-sacrificing as his dad, and what happened to Jason Todd didn't exactly help her to trust into Bruce's ability to care for a child. And Bruce can't bring himself to disagree with her.
    • After taking a really severe beating, Bruce is in such a bad shape that Damian is forced to realize that Daddy being a superhero doesn't mean Daddy is invincible. Bruce himself obviously feels no pleasure when he sadly confesses he can't promise he will always come back home, being aware his is a high-risk occupation.
    • Damian impulsively decides to run away from home since he believes it will bring his parents together, because he just cannot understand why Mommy and Daddy aren't a normal family. It leads him into Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's clutches, and he barely manages to escape.
  • In Fear, Dick lets his toddler daughter explore the Batcave, only for her to accidentally inhale fear toxin while he's not looking. When she comes back to her senses, she reveals she saw her parents going with "grandpa and grandma Grayson" a.k.a. dying, and both Kori and Dick know they can't do anything about it.
  • Dance With The Demons: Helena Wayne, whose mother got murdered before her very eyes, travels to Earth-One to attend her parallel world's parents' wedding... which is cut short when Selina gets shot with a poisoned dart. As Bruce Wayne and his friends act to save Catwoman's life, Helena gets terrified at the thought of seeing her mother dying again.
  • House Of Summers: What frightens Scott Summers and Jean Grey more than anything in the world is that a madman will attempt to kidnap their children again.
    Jean: "We share a psychic rapport, Scott… You know what my fears are… I fear that Mr. Sinister is not really dead, and that he's just biding his time before he comes after Rachel again… And now that Nate's older, I have no doubt if he's still alive he'd go after our son too-"
    Scott: (hugging her) "Hey now."
    Jean: "I worry about our children and how they're going to handle their awesome powers when they fully manifest. I worry that the future is set in stone and that I'm still meant to die five years from now, and as a result, Rachel will be destined to die in the cold, black waters of the Cayman Trough… Those are the things that keep me up at night, Scott."
  • Plenty happening in Batman's The Changeling Sequence:
    • In The Changeling, after Talia is presumed dead, Jason is now responsible for bringing an eight year old child to Gotham before Damian's terrorist grandfather gets his hands on him.
      • Jason manages to destroy a human-trafficking ring, only finding out about them because they were scouting for victims and Damian fit their profile.
      • In the middle of a breakdown and Driven to Suicide, Jason is startled by Bruce's arrival and ends up shooting his father.
    • In The Guardian, there is a Serial Killer targeting heroes' loved ones while also making it known that they know some of the heroes' identities, making Bruce worried about all his sons. He briefly excuses Damian from school just to keep him at home. Then Tim's father is killed. Dick tries to contact Jason in a panic but isn't able to reach him for six hours because Jason forgot he turned his phone off.
      • One criminal saw an opportunity with all the chaos happening and managed to badly injure Roy Harper while killing Roy's six-year-old daughter Lian.
    • In The Progenitor, Ra's al Ghul breaching the Batcave's defenses while Tim was upstairs and unaware. Bruce immediately tells Tim to stay upstairs and keep Damian away.

    Comic Strips 
  • The final story of Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, "Black Rain", has Socrates almost being kidnapped by a strange man in a masknote who'd invaded his mansion. Things only get worse when it's revealed he had a knife the whole time and is still in his house. Then Socrates points out that he could still be around when Elliot (his owner, a young boy) and his family return...
  • In Peanuts fanfic Everybodys Gotta Leave Sometime, Charlie Brown has to face several facts after his comic strip has ended: since he and his friends aren't subject to Comic-Book Time anymore, they will get older, and his beloved pet dog Snoopy will die someday.

  • A Different Medius has Buwaro deal with his entire hometown being destroyed by horrorterrors, and being unable to find his adoptive dads as well as finding out that your adoptive Dad happens to be the reason your biological parents are dead to begin with. Holy shit.
  • In one Harry Potter/Silent Hill crossover I forgot the name, Draco Malfoy and Sybil Bennett find themselves stranded inside the hellish dimension of Silent Hill, in which they meet the Brethren. Now for the kicker: Silent Hill was founded by Squibs determined to eradicate magic among them, and the Brethren decided to burn a little girl alive because she developed magic in spite of their safety measures. Draco is a wizard, and Sybil knows it. Meaning that she's the only person able to protect a twenty-something kid from being murdered by a bunch of fanatics for something he was born with.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: As of Chapter Eight, Ohgi, Euphie, Cornelia, and Nunnally are now aware that people they consider family is missing, with no idea where they are or how to find them.
  • The Harry Potter/Katekyō Hitman Reborn! crossover Under Wing is based on the idea that Harry is actually not Harry Potter at all, but the youngest Hibari son, kidnapped and brainwashed by Dumbledore to make him the perfect weapon against Voldemort. Then you have the nightmare lived by the Hibari family: their two-years-old baby son is abducted in their house, and they spend eleven years to frantically searching him without any result. Then appears a kid who could be their missing son, but keep dropping from the radar. When they finally confirm his identity - yes, it's really their son — they discover the kid in the hospital, and the doctor has to break to them the news that their baby was cruelly abused.
  • Betelgeuse gets hit with this twice in Say It Thrice, in which he has a powerful Big Brother Instinct/Papa Wolf relationship with Lydia. First, prior to the events of the fic, he has to watch as she's Bound and Gagged and essentially imprisoned by her own aunt. "She's off limits!" Then, during the course of the story, he discovers that another poltergeist, Sanduleak, is planning to rape and murder "his girl" and he's unable to reach her in time to stop it.
  • In The Little Stark, Ariel's 'two' fathers each have to face variations of this;
    • Triton's daughter never came home after wandering away, and when he finally finds her, she's in such a state that he has to leave her with her adoptive family.
    • Tony's first meeting with Ariel? He barely rescues the little girl from drowning, and is unable to find her parents afterwards.
  • In My Name Is Yasha Romanov, Natasha Romanov managed to escape the Red Room by utterly destroying them. Learning the organization is emerging again would already be pretty unnerving but while she was at large, Natasha gained a son. She's so afraid by the possibility of Yasha being found by the Red Room she's ready to give herself to SHIELD in order to protect him. Now, SHIELD is officially the "good" side, but they have no qualms about treating the kid as their way to control Natasha.
  • Battle Fantasia Project:
    • In Gamlain's snippets, Shoutan Himei has a freakout when she finds her daughter Hikari having become a magical girl herself.
    • Akkiko's mother has a breakdown when she sees Akkiko shatter the masquerade on live TV with her suicide attempt.
  • In Black Sky, Dorea Black has to endure almost six years of separation from her brand-new husband whom she shared only their wedding night with. When she discovers his whereabouts, she learns he was locked up by his own father who stubbornly refuses to wake him up, even for attending his own grandmother's funeral.
  • The Dragon King's Temple almost overflows with mundane horror:
    • Two kids are stranded in an unknown location with no way to communicate with theirs surroundings and no way back home.
    • A predator is lurking in the base, hiding itself so well the protagonists have to use bait and even so, they almost died to neutralize it.
    • Aang's reaction when he discovers two of his friends didn't came back from their trip, and all the clues point towards an abduction.
    • Zuko and Toph's past as former Child Soldiers coming to light horrifies the SG-1. Jack especially is hitten hard.
    • Sanura's Dark and Troubled Past. All her family ominously killed because her so-called gods wanted to make a movie.
    • Zuko grows sicker and sicker the more time he's deprived from the sunlight. Even worse, the SG-1 are aggravating the issue by refusing to let him go outside, fearing he will catch some Terran illness or the NID swooping on him - and despite Toph specifically stating "Let us see sunlight", Daniel doesn't understand she's using Exact Words and thinks the "high-spirited little girl" is just going stir-crazy.
  • In Weight of the World, England and France's younger brothers were captured by a mysterious organization, revealed to be soldiers from Atlas. They are terrified of Atlas coming back for America and Canada. After doing their best to keep their brothers safe, their fears come true. Atlas returns and successfully captures America again.
  • The admins of The Infinite Loops have prevented anybody caught in the eponymous time loops from having children since they know full well any such children would cease to exist once a loop resets. An episode involving Twilight Sparkle in a variant based on Past Sins clearly demonstrates why this rule exists, as she was devastated when the loop reset after having adopted Nyx. Fortunately, the admins managed to abuse a loophole to allow Nyx to start looping as well.
  • In the The Lord of the Rings/Once Upon a Time crossover "The Necromancer", Emma is terrified when Faramir mentions that Sauron is likely keeping Henry locked up in his tower to stop the orcs being tempted to eat him.
  • In Once Upon a Supernatural Time, not only does Emma face this when Henry is poisoned by the enchanted apple pie, but Dean and Sam face their own version when Henry is briefly held captive by Crowley.
  • How some of the plot of Simon and Reimu happens. A three-year old Reimu (who can't walk) is separated from Yukari after she goes off playing and they aren't reunited until much later. Likewise, there's Marceline getting very sick and the titular Simon's ( the Ice King) descent into madness.
  • One More Time, One More Chance is built on this. Since she was a child, Satsuki's wondered what happened to her sister, and, when she finds Ryuuko, she gets to learn to that throughout Ryuuko's childhood up until that point has been filled with nothing but abuse. Likewise, earlier in the story, Ryuuko, during one of her escape attempts, she hurt and the wound gets infected, and, when, in chapter 9, Ryuuko runs away, leaving Satsuki terrified.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Inko is startled when she learns that her son suddenly ditched school after getting the superpowers he wanted his whole life. After hours of refusing to respond to her texts to ask if he's alright, he sees him running at a known murderer on live television to save a complete stranger. It's little wonder she's a bawling mess when he gets home. It doesn't get much better in the following weeks either, as she worries about people exploiting her son's new fame as the "Prowler Kid" to enrich themselves.
  • In Strange Games, Alexis discreetly sneaks out to attend a rave. It goes to Hell when the guy who drove her there is abducted and her drink is spiked with a really nasty drug. When she phones her dad babbling about the weird things she saw, he immediately freaks out and takes her to the hospital, in which the doctors have to spell out how the drug could have killed her.
  • In Pro Hero Metal Bat All Might tells a young Quirkless boy he cannot be a hero, then ten months later, said boy shows up with seeming Super Strength. He is left not only fearing that a boy he hurt turned to illegal and immoral methods for power, but that a dangerous criminal from his past is still alive.
  • In Ward/Skyrim crossover Point Me At The Skyrim, Invictus may feel indebted to Antares, but he's still nervous having his adopted son escort her past Helgen to Pale Pass.
  • A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings has its backstory launched when a fourteen-year-old Jon, upset to learn his birth parents' identity, decides to run away from Winterfell. Ned spends several months overturning the countryside in seeking for him, and the other Stark children are deeply upset and terrified by the possibility of Jon dying in a trench somewhere. They only start to calm after receiving a letter of Jon telling them he's safe and healthy in Skyrim.
    • A flashback details how the eight-year-old Jon almost fell victim to a paedophile butcher, being rescued in the nick of time by a teenaged Theon. However, what impacted Jon the most wasn't the assault per se; that was his father refusing to explain him the danger because Ned would rather see his kids blissfully ignorant of the world's darkness than give them the means to protect themselves.
    • Everything Ned did to keep Jon safe and alive is suddenly imperiled when the King decides to invite the boy to King's Landing — the man who killed Jon's birth father is bringing him to the place his half-siblings were killed, in which are dwelling several people who might denounce Jon as a Targaryen.
    • The Reveal that Jon Arryn is slowly poisoned, with the hint he wasn't the first victim since his symptoms are quite reminiscent of the bowel illness which took Stannis Baratheon's life.
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse): Everything that happened to Soma's father in chapter 17. Your business has gone under, you made some very questionable financial decisions, and now you owe a ton of money to criminals. And what do they do? They kidnap you, and then go to the other side of the planet to kidnap your son and threaten to harvest his organs if you don't pay. Holy shit.
  • Stacked Deck (Or, Colin Wallis vs. Single Parenting) is rather heavy in this for a mainly humoristic fic:
    • Colin is very anxious about hosting his Japanese nephew in a gang-ridden town, since the boy could easily be killed or assaulted for his ethnicity — something that happens twice onscreen. His anxiety actually grows after learning Yu has parahuman abilities: now he has to worry about his nephew being killed or Press-Ganged for his powers.
    • Armsmaster suffers a stroke on his workplace, and he's comatose for a week afterwards. Several hints point towards him stressing too much, but his coworkers didn't notice as they thought Armsmaster was his usual hardass, workaholic self. Said colleagues are completely dismayed by their failure to intervene in time.
    • Yu's home situation when his uncle suffers his stroke. He briefly runs away when the Protectorate suggests to send him back to his parents, and Armsmaster's colleagues cannot find him in spite of their efforts. Colin was quite unhappy to hear this when he woke up.

    Films — Animation 
  • In the Frozen fic What About Witch Queen?, King Friedrich of the Isles has attacks of berserker rage and lives in fear that one day he'll end up beating up his wife or daughter. It's so bad he locks himself in his room for the attacks. His fears come true, although it might be Michael's fault.
  • Given that two of the most popular Fandom-Specific Plot concepts for Onward are "Ian gets bullied and/or assaulted for bringing back magic" and "Ian and/or Barley gets kidnapped because of magic", this pops up a lot in fics for the fandom, with the latter often being made worse by the captors using Cold-Blooded Torture to convince their captive to comply, whether that's "see the 'truth' that magic is dangerous and should be eliminated" or "use your magic to get me what I want".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Tainted Dreams has the protagonist being stuck in a coma with Freddy Krueger. So, basically she is stuck with a murderer, being tortured so he can feed off her fear... But what seems worse is how she accepts that there is no one waiting for her to wake up, no one is coming to visit her or wish that she would wake up and there is nothing she can do to escape. She is completely alone. This easily relates to people who are abducted and eventually believe that they won't ever be found or saved. It is both heart breaking and disturbing of how Helyse just accepts her fate, making one wonder what has she been through.
  • Back to the Future Prequel: the villain, Hank Webb, kidnaps Marty, who is six years old at the time, and nearly drowns him.
  • In the Star Wars fanfic Youngling, there's the moment where Obi-Wan finds out that the Sith who has been looking for Anakin is none other than Anakin's "friend", Chancellor Palpatine. The real clincher? He'd previously left Anakin (who's currently been de-aged to approximately three years old) alone with him.
  • Like the 1989 Batman film it's based on, the fanfiction Through a Glass Darkly is built on adult fears. The very first chapter has Jack Napier forcing a little girl (whose parents he had just murdered in front of her) help him rob the Axis Chemical Plant. Batman only saves her from falling into the vat of acid after Napier holds a gun up to her head. After she manages to cope with parents' murder, she witnesses Joker shooting up the crowd, decides to run away to protect Bruce and gets kidnapped in front of a stunned Bruce, who had just been shot by the Joker... who then issues a ransom demand to Bruce by means of a shocking videotape involving him injecting the child with Smilex...
  • In the Brightburn fic A Monster's Nature, Caitlyn’s mother is constantly terrified as she learns more about what Brandon is capable of and his ‘fixation’ on her daughter.
  • In the third arc of the Contractually Obligated Chaos series, the Arc Villain is a strigoi mort, which is effectively a vampire ghost, who particularly favors the blood of children. By the time the heroes are aware of the situation, he's already killed a few.
  • Uplift of ash and an inrush of dust hypothesizes that when Bruce Wayne came to Metropolis in the aftermath of the Kryptonian attack, he actually was looking for Dick who was supposed to attend a meeting for Wayne Enterprises. And all the while he desperately seeks his adopted son, he's remembering how late he was for helping Jason when the boy needed him, which happened barely months ago. It adds a heartbreaking Fridge Brilliance to his hatred and hostility towards Superman in the movie: the alien almost forced him to relive his worst nightmare by taking his surviving son from him.
  • uthando lukabawo has Erik's heartbreaking realization the world will never forgive his daughter for being female, born into poverty and black. So he works his ass off to ensure she gets everything she needs and wants, but while he's overseas, he learns Manhattan was destroyed by aliens and his baby girl was caught into the crossfire. Now she's hurting and needs medicine and surgery, and Wakanda could help but they won't because Erik and his child technically are "outsiders". No wonder he attempted terrorism.

  • The Taste Of Your Magic: An action taken to protect your family and its well-being backfires horribly. Narcissa Malfoy decides to cut her losses and leave Lucius when he is captured and put on trial shortly after Voldemort's first death, to protect both her son and her wealth. Unfortunately for her, Lucius manages to find out about his now ex-wife's betrayal and escapes for parts unknown, taking their infant son with him, and promising revenge.
  • While it's (somewhat) Played for Laughs due to double standards, the subplot of Harry's Golden Nuggets involves a detailed picture of Harry's "nether regions" ending up in Witch Weekly, something that many people would fear happen to them in real life. While Harry had no problem sending in pictures of him in revealing clothing (it was part of a Batman Gambit to bankrupt Death Eaters), he actually freaks out when this particular picture is released, and starts getting sexually harassed because of it, with one ambitious girl breaking into his dorm room.
  • In Co-op Mode, Danny is hit with this earlier, hard, when Taylor returns home even later than she did in canon. This leads to the scene wherein he talks to Taylor and tries to convince her out of being a hero, only to fail and come across as too overprotective.
  • A The Lord of the Rings fic Elladan's Trials For Estel deals with a young Aragorn (who was adopted and raised by Elrond) being kidnapped from Elrond's bedroom and Buried Alive. One chapter writes from the perspective of the kidnapper and it turns out the kidnapper worked and lived in Rivendell. It didn't help when the kidnapper mentioned there were some nights where he would stand over a sleeping Aragorn, thinking how easy it would be to kill the boy while no one would know.
    • Delw Yomenie Deadly Encounter has Elrond and his warriors going to rescue the kidnapped Aragorn and during the ambush Elrond released an arrow to kill just as the kidnapper shoved Aragorn to the frontline. That split second when he realized his hand would kill his adopted son, Elrond was torn between denial and horror. Fortunately the arrow hit a non-lethal area.
    • In The Roots of Evil, Elrond helplessly watches as his sons Aragorn, Elrohir and Elladan are slowly dying from a poison to which there is no antidote.
      Elladan: "I do not fear the poison, ada."
      Elrond: "But I do, ion nin, I do."
      • Aragorn feels guilty because he had indirectly caused his brothers to be poisoned when a madman wanted to get his revenge on him and his brothers were simply there. Elrohir comforts him, even though they both know they may not survive the poison.
        And with that, Elrohir drew his brother into a hug, holding him tightly, wishing that the things would be as easy as they once used to be, when Aragorn's hurts could have been cured with a smile, a kiss and a hug.
  • In Wargs and Peace, The company fears for Thorin's safety after he goes missing.
  • In the Sherlockian Deliver Us From Evil Series, Inspector Lestrade fears for the safety of the young Baker Street Irregulars. Considering that he's friends with at least one, has another among his constables, and has a nephew in their ranks, he's very close to them and has every right to feel a parental horror at the boys putting themselves In Harm's Way.
    • Later on, Dr. Watson disbands the Irregulars when one of the very young ones is nearly killed.
  • The Harry Potter fic The Very Secret Diary runs on this. Imagine if your eleven year old daughter, lonely and confused at her new school, makes a new friend that she doesn't tell you about. He's much older than her, and she may or may not have a crush on him. He's incredibly possessive, cruel, and manipulative, but has her convinced, hook, line, and sinker that he cares about her and only wants to help her. Little by little, though, he reveals himself to be a sadist who's only using her for his own selfish ends — but by the time she realizes the truth, she's trapped, and can't get herself out of this awful, terrifying situation without endangering herself and those she loves. Sleep tight!
  • In they said you'd never have no worth, Balon decides to rebel when Theon is still with the Northern army, and everyone - even Theon - naturally expects Theon is going to die to send a message to his father. Robb is horrified because he cares for Theon as much as if he were his blood brother, yet he has to kill him because he's now Lord Stark and Theon is still an hostage.
    • A lovely detail about the execution: since Robb cannot wield Ice, he will have to do with a normal sword and it will not be sharp enough for a clean and quick death. So not only Robb is forced to execute his best friend, it also will be quite a painful affair for Theon.
  • In Wonderful!, a psychopathic mass murderer kidnapped a man and his daughter and then attempted to murder the little girl in front of her father.
  • In To Walk The Narrow Path, we see what happens when a figure of authority refuses to give you proper care and threatens to put you in a mental hospital when the care inevitably fails.
  • This plays a major role in the plotlines of Richard and Lyria in Forum of Thrones. Both are heavily concerned with the well-being of their daughters, only to see them targeted by a dangerous psychopath in the form of Wolfius Woodbark, someone who is inherently more powerful than either of them.
  • and dry grass singing has the lovely precision that a Calormen man can avenge himself by marrying a foe's daughter or sister and discreetly murdering her. Aravis' family tried to protect her from the Crown Prince by betrothing her to the next Great Vizier, only for her to point her groom is really old and likely to die on her, which would leave her vulnerable. Ultimately, Aravis' only option is to flee the country and never come back.
  • In Dumbigood, Tom Riddle gets Happily Adopted by Albus Dumbledore, begins a Heel–Face Turn the moment he learns he'll have a father, and grows up to become a brilliant Minister of Magic who loves his family fiercely. And then Dumbledore, after a peaceful natural death, gets transported into the canon Harry Potter universe and finds out that his son has destroyed his own soul and his grandkids don't exist.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Better Angels drives the nail home that Shane Walsh, who has survived his battle with Rick, is a sociopath who would murder his best friend in cold blood. While consoling his dead friend's son, he knows he has to make his cover story convincing by being emotional, but can't bring out any real tears over his dead friend. Instead, he envisions his friend's wife, who he also has deep feelings for, being eaten alive by her reanimated newborn during childbirth.
  • In Final Section, a Supernatural fic, five-year-old Sam Winchester was taken by a man who preys upon children in a school's playground when John happened to be preoccupied, despite attentively watching Sam. The detail that the assailant had already kidnapped several other children by luring them away from their watchful parents (and being gleeful about his successes) was disturbing.
    • Crossing the Line has John Winchester killing a human being for the first time because it was heavily implied that that person had molested/sexually assaulted a ten year old Sam.
    • In Harvester Of Eyes, John Winchester is pitted against The Corinthian. The fact that he's hunting a possibly-human monster who preys on young boys, while having to keep track of his two young sons on the road, aside... Sam and Dean get lost in the Dreaming on their own. Dean obviously knows enough about pedophiles, creeps and "stranger danger" to be on high alert regarding anyone who might hurt Sam, he can't get it across to him that sometimes the really dangerous people can look perfectly normal. Even cool and fun to hang out with.
  • In Hunting the Unicorn, Blaine is Cerebus Retconned into a Lonely Rich Kid—with the twist that his father's used work as an excuse to avoid him ever since he came out. Not only does Blaine put up with it, the fear kicks in when David tells a counselor that Blaine has a stalker and no clue about it. The worst part is that Blaine's absurd obliviousness to love makes it perfectly in-character. The fear really kicks in when said stalker kidnaps him, Wes, and David, and Blaine gets a concussion. Being semi-coherent and prone to confusion, the first person Blaine calls when he's lucid again is his dad. But the readers know he's actually called his Parental Substitute Greg, who's been waiting by the phone ever since he found out what happened and is now heading out to look for him.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series fanfic Insontis, in "A Considerable Lack of Amusement", McCoy is drugged unconscious and the de-aged Kirk is kidnapped in the middle of a crowded amusement park. The best Spock can hope is that Kirk was taken as a hostage and not something nastier.
  • In the Once Upon a Time fanfiction Freeze On The Stones, Lacey French (aka Belle) moves in with Mr. Gold, but because of his reputation everyone assumes that she's his mistress and he's been abusing her and her daughter. The rumors about them become so bad that social services try to take Lacey's daughter away on trumped up neglect charges.
  • The Doctor in The Road To Shalka is terrified of Alison dying (partly because he blames himself for his previous companion's death). When he finds her passed out after a Vampire Kiss, he loses it very loudly.
  • Don and Alan go through this in the NUMB3RS story The Unquantifiable Variable when Charlie is taken hostage and Don tries to do his job to rescue him.
    • They also go through this when Charlie is taken in the middle of the night in Maybe Then Someday.
  • The backstory to Power Rangers Clockwork has Aricin Velothi, the young son of Brynja and Asgaut Velothi, growing sicker and experiencing hallucinations from poison. It is implied that his own mother, Brynja, was the one who poisoned him. Hearing the constant moans from his suffering, Asgaut attempted several times to see his son, but Brynja refused. This meant that Asgaut was powerless to save his son from her.
  • Cersei lampshades this in the Game of Thrones fanfic, The Young Stag, as Joffrey prepares to go to war with his younger brother Steffon over the Iron Throne, as well as neither making any promise not to kill one another.
  • In the Supernatural fic It's All in the Details, Past-Jimmy is just confused when his alternate future self comes to warn him not to accept the request to act as past-Castiel’s vessel, but confusion shifts to fear when his other self reveals that Claire would be the next choice for past-Castiel’s Vessel if he turned them down.
  • The Smallville fanfic En Tempus Veritas features two variations of this after Clark witnesses a world where his and Lois's red-K-induced encounter in "Crimson" led to Lois becoming pregnant;
    • The idea of anything hurting the baby quickly becomes this for Lois and Clark during her pregnancy, which shifts to Lois being afraid of how Jonathan will react if he sees her upset after he’s born, both expressing concern when they realise that the last Phantom Zone prisoner could use Jonathan as a host as well as Clark.
    • A unique and terrifying example of this occurs in the last quarter of the story; while Clark consciously knows that Jonathan was never real, he has to deal with his grief and pain over the loss of a child that, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, never even existed.
  • In Handmaid, when Anne is found unconscious at the bottom of a set of stairs and miscarries her son, Henry takes steps to protect the rest of his family because he fears the 'fall' was really an attack and that his family was in danger. When it's confirmed Thomas Seymour pushed her in an attempt to kill her so Jane could take her place as Henry and Katherine's handmaid, it doesn't take Princess Mary long to realize the implications: if they were willing to kill Anne, how long would it have taken before they got the idea to kill Katherine of Aragon so Jane can become queen?
  • In Save My Life: Can You Save Me Now?, some of Captain Man's enemies work out that Henry is Kid Danger and stalk him for a while before ultimately kidnapping and torturing him to force Captain Man to release various villains he and Henry put away. Particularly chilling is when Captain Man can't get the Toddler released and is Forced to Watch Henry be sprayed full force by a fire horse before being beaten into a bloody pulp.

    Video Games 
  • In Streets of Rage Saga, based on the Streets of Rage beat-em-up game series, two incidents are related in the back-story some twenty years before the story's modern-day timeline, both of them involving children: an infant was snatched when his parents looked away for just a moment and he was later murdered, and some time after that a girl wandered away from her parents along a beach and was attacked by the same perpetrator moments later. What makes it even more horrifying is the common nature of both incidents—both were committed by a feral child.
  • Silent Hill 2 fic Coming Home is a cornucopia of this; with James's father Frank Sunderland having to watch his son spiral into depression and starts acting erratically after his wife's death. Frank find out that James is being stalked by a powerful force that is obsessed with him after he didn't believe his son's fears that something was out to get him. Frank finds it would do anything to possess him and outright threatens sexual violence on James to Frank. After his son goes Silent Hill, Frank never sees his son again.
  • In Pokémon False Red, Red's mother has to deal with her son's disappearance when he went training and receives no closure on whether or not her son's dead.
  • In Turnabout Nephew, the young son of Ema and Klavier ends up meeting Kristoph Gavin in solitary confinement, after getting lost from his mother. While Kristoph shows no inclination to hurt the boy, given what he already tried to do to people in the game (including to a little girl), it's easy to see why Ema and Klavier are so scared when they find out.
  • In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney fanfic Dirty Sympathy, Apollo and Klavier deal with being trapped in abusive relationships with people who have the skills and connections to make their deaths look accidental. Especially since Apollo is reminded by Kristoph that if he goes missing no one would know since Apollo doesn't have any family or friends.
  • Mass Effect's fanfic Crucible is a giant list of all the horrible things could happen to your child. From the Bad Future to the present timeline, it can say that almost every character has experience this in some forms. Some short examples in the list are: Premature births, miscarriages, harms to pregnant mothers, child/foetus kidnapping and trafficking (this involves killing off the mothers), child verbal/physical/sexual abuse (by both stranger and relatives intentionally or under drug/alcohol's influence), child inhumane experience, mob lynching (on daily basic), Half-Breed Discrimination, Made a Slave, (un)intentional child neglect that leads to starvation/injures/kidnapping/death/suicidal tendency, Parental Abandonment, war orphans, traumas and mental illnesses due to sexual abuses and many more... It's better to not discuss the details of some of these examples unless one wants to be traumatized for life.
    • The sequel Destiny doesn't fair much better, 3 chapters in and we already have a kidnapping and trafficking attempt on a child, first started by a group of street rats around the kid's age, no less. Obviously, there will be more in the future.
    • Right after that, Tiberius, the Primarch's son of all people, was almost got kidnapped from his bedroom, while his parents were in their own room just down the hall.
    • Jane saw her father in a hospital while on the way to investigate the above kidnapping. He was there to take away a soul of a little girl who's got caught in an accident, all while her parents and doctors were still trying to save her, not realizing there was no point to do so anymore.
  • In Gensokyo 20XX, we have this played definitely straight in both Gensokyo 20XX and 20XXI in that the thought of having Reimu, Yukari's surrogate offspring, all alone without in a time where she could run the risk of being apprehended or the fact that she may be apprehended and possibly executed and, in the second one, being Ran being separated from her offspring and not knowing will happen to them.
    • In chapter 12 in Gensokyo 20XXII, Ran finding out two of three of her babies have died not too long after being forcibly separated from her and Reimu is being doped up by force with tranquilizers every three hours for screaming, as well as the fact that is and was virtually powerless to stop it.
    • In Reimu's Illness, the thought of your child dying from multiple potentially fatal illness
    • In 20XXIV, in chapter 9 with Reimu crawling off, right into danger, and, later on, in chapter 28, we have Chen who is attacked no sooner than when she goes outside and the resulting attack leaves her with her left arm and leg paralyzed from nerve damage and incontinent. What makes either of them worse is the former was conditioned not to sense danger and the latter because someone/thing was lying in wait when they attacked Chen and it was going for the kill.
      • Also from 20XXIV, We have Chen attempting suicide
    • In 20XXV, we have Reimu almost dying after consuming rat poison and, later on, we have Reimu, Renko, Sanae, An, and Youmu getting out of the apartment building and only An being found, the others being lost in a world they could be killed, traded, or eaten. To worsen, the latter, one of the kids is near blind. Fortunately, they were found in a forest.
      • Also from 20XXV, what a poltergeist does with Reimu, that is, spiriting her away. Of course, this really blows a head when she is spirited away from her crib whilst she is asleep and it was like she was barely there and they do not find her until after the poltergeists are vanquished. Also, one of said poltergeists is attacking the children, even to the point of almost killing them (the first time is when Yume Ni was scratched on the neck and it came very close to killing her if not rendering her unable to talk and, the second time, the children are chased out while she is throwing things at them, one of which being a table).
  • In Tangled In Time Link is kidnapped from his own crib in the middle of the night and Sir Raven and his wife never see him again.
    • Ganondorf also faces this: after forbidding his son to leave Lake Hylia for years he finally relents and takes him to Castle Town only for them to ambushed on the way back home and separated.
    • Link meets two strangers that help him out and find shelter when he separated from his father. After the strangers gain his trust, they take him to woods and have him do a favor for them in exchange for finding his father. The favor has Link losing his chance to reunite with his father and forces him to grow up before his time.
  • In the Final Fantasy VII fanfic Cissnei's Path, Godo Kisaragi ended up facing his daughter, Yuffie in a heated battle that resulted in him being knocked down to the first floor of the pagoda. Unfortunately, Yuffie had exhausted herself and fell straight down while he couldn't move. He would have watched her die right in front of him had Leviathan not shown up and caught her.
  • In the Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, if a mage in a Circle gives birth, her child will be taken away immediately; usually, she won’t even be allowed to hold it before that happens. It's the reason Evelyn swore to never have any children within the Circle, as she believes that she'll spend the rest of her life in there. Despite this, one of her biggest wishes is to become a mother.
    • Templars who actually care about their offspring with the mages could face a very big possibility that their child may also be a mage, and may not survive their own Harrowing. Ser Ralston and his dead daughter, who should have been around Evelyn’s age, was one of those cases.
    • The older Circle mages who take care of the younger ones often lose them to Harrowing, or find themselves unable to protect them from templars’ harassment. Some of the young mages can't handle such stresses, to the point that they kill themselves before those events happen.
    • If a Circle Annulment happens, all the mages within it will be executed, including children. This is canon.
  • The entire premise of Hit List is that a group of armed goons, most of whom seem either completely sociopathic or too angry to care about what they do, bomb all the exits of a high school and hold the entire student and teacher body hostage. Link and several of his friends manage to evade capture, but must spend the rest of the fic well aware that any slip-up could result in them being killed. The teachers can't protect the students, the police can't rescue the hostages (and the police chief's son is one of the students), Link's little sister can't be found, and it turns out that Link's friend, Sheik, and Aryll's boyfriend, Colin, allied with the attackers for personal reasons. Shad and Ashei have to be abandoned with Shad's respiratory system shutting down after he breathed in chemicals and Ashei bleeding out from a bullet to the thigh. Anju is shot and nearly killed in front of her boyfriend. Later on, Zelda receives a prophetic vision showing that Ganondorf's hand will be forced and he'll give the order for all the remaining hostages to be killed. She has no clue how long she has until then, how to prevent the situation from happening, and how to get help for it.
    • The sequel, From the Dust, is more fantastical, but has just as many threatening situations. While a group of students are on a field trip, many go missing overnight. In some cases, they disappear while someone else is right nearby and just doesn't keep an eye on them. Kafei goes off to some unknown destination and vanishes, while a panicked Anju not only fears he might have run off with a friend, but can't list him as a missing person because he's legally an adult. Kafei, meanwhile, was turned into a child and left wandering naked around the museum. When he's found by the very strange Tingle, he initially is terrified he's been caught by a pedophile. Several of the missing students are placed in very dangerous magical worlds and given nothing to help them but a few random items and vague clues. A major subplot involves the kidnapping of some orphaned children one of whom Zelda finds hidden in a small area, crying over being separated from the others. Link, meanwhile, is arrested for a crime he didn't commit and when he is able to free himself, it comes at the cost of being trapped in a form that leaves him unable to communicate or interact with his friends.
  • In God of War (PS4)'s Misery, a group of humans are sacrificing children to a monster near the woods where Atreus and Kratos are living. Atreus mistakes Kratos's unwillingness to find the monster and his desire to keep Atreus inside the stave that his father doesn't care about the murdered children. Mimir has to gently spell it out to Atreus.
    Mimir: (to Atreus) “There’s a monster going around capturing children and devouring them. He’s already terrified enough that it’s going to be you without you bringing it up to him.”
  • Invoked in the Pokémon fan song "Hypno's Lullaby"; Hypno kidnaps children not just to feed on their dreams, but also the nightmares of their distraught parents.
  • In the The Legend of Spyro fanfic, The Portal, Thomas Smith goes through a portal to the Dragon Realms and his parents don't see him until the sequel, Hard Choices.
  • Final Fantasy VII Alternate Universe fanfic Us and Them:
    • Due to circumstances out of their control, Gast and Ifalna wind up separated from Aeris and Sephiroth for ten years. And when they are finally reunited, Aeris is dead of Id's Death. She's revived, but remains in a coma for months afterwards.
    • Ifalna expresses another one when she worries that the growing relationship between Aeris and Seph will fall apart and he'll disappear and never be seen again.
  • In the Resident Evil fanfiction The Progenitor Chronicles, after surviving the Terragrigia Panic, the MC acquires a very understandable fear of Hunters. Later, when he realizes Rebecca is trapped in a campus being attacked by Hunters, the notion of something happening to Rebecca scares him so much more he immediately runs into campus to help her.
  • Yokai Watch Re!: Katie's mother hears Katie screaming in her room because Slitheref is attacking her. She uses Katie's watch to help her daughter, but the entire situation scares her more than it does Katie.
  • There are two in Chapter 6 of Little Miss Heropants:
    • Lilac, Carol, and Milla are getting through the border of Shuigang when they are told that Milla has to go through a different line. She is dragged away by a guard, which causes Lilac to have a panic attack. Thankfully, Milla is okay afterwards, but she says that it was really scary.
    • As Lilac and Carol are getting through their line, they witness a fox woman being dragged away by guards, screaming that she needs to be with her son. After getting through, they see the woman's son crying for his mother.

    Web Animation 
  • In For Tomorrow's Sake, each protagonist is abducted, seemingly by magic, and placed in a room with complete strangers. They have no idea where they are, how they got there, or if their loved ones are in danger.
    • And then, they start getting visions of their children fighting Grimm, and getting hurt in the process. Not only that, but the Entities (honestly) tell them that said visions depict the future.
    Summer grabbed Willow's hand, as she was shaking worse than ever, eyes wide and fearful, her lips moving but no words coming out. Her baby girl, her daughter.
    Weissweissweiss...Please be okay.
    • In the first chapter alone, Summer sees her name on a gravestone.
  • In From Beyond, from Nicholas Arc's point of view, his son ran away from home one day and he doesn't hear any news of Jaune at all for weeks, only to learn his son died trying to become a Huntsman, something Nicholas had always tried to prevent.
  • When Summer gives birth to Ruby in Lifecycle of a Rose, she feels stressed upon noticing that Ruby is a silver-eyed warrior too. Ruby is destined to a lot of responsibilities and hardships just because she inherited her mother's eyes.

    Web Comics 
  • Klaus and the Egg offers an explanation for Skifander's distaste for twins: the pregnancy generally ends up in a stillbirth because both fetus don't receive enough nutrients. To counter that, the locals induce abortion for one baby, because the other child can be born safely without competition. Naturally, everyone thinks Klaus is crazy when he refuses to sacrifice one of his unborn children on the flimsy chance they could both live.

    Western Animation 
  • Loved and Lost has several major examples of this:
  • There's quite a few of these in A Triangle in the Stars.
    • Greg, though he did have his son go out in the middle of the crazy, ugly storm alone, which had Bill want to talk with him in Chapter Forty-Four, was understandably concerned for his safety because, as Connie puts it in Chapter Forty-Five, there are people coming and the house should be evacuated of all humans.
    • Bill goes through this a lot. His most prominent one is losing Steven one way or another, which almost happens quite a lot.
    • Wendy's fears that Connie's memory of Gravity Falls had been erased by the Blind Eye have sadly been confirmed.
    • Lapis has a fear of Jasper getting to Steven.
    • The Crystal Gems, Pearl in particular, express worry for Steven, hoping nothing happens to him, and wonder how he's doing while they're away.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni, Jade once again becomes evil and becomes enemies with her family. Later she is captured by the Smug Snake Evil Sorcerer Lung, a former apprentice of Daolon Wong, and is subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture in an attempt to break her to his will, nearly KILLING her!
  • Past Sins has one marking the point where everything goes down the tubes...namely, a child being forcibly taken away from their guardian, who can do nothing to stop it. And then said child believing their guardian wanted to give them away.
  • In Progress, Sundance and every other pregnant mare in Equestria are worried for their unborn foals after the Discord incident.
  • The plot of the Dashverse story Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel is kicked off when Sombra's minions kidnap every foal in Ponyville overnight. Then we find out that he wants the foals so that he can sacrifice them to increase his power.
  • The villain of Getting Back on Your Hooves, Checkmate Monarch, is a textbook sociopathic businessmare who cannot comprehend the idea that ruining another's entire life and livelihood for a minute gain is bad so long as it doesn't effect her, and who has spent most of her life controlling and tormenting her sister, Trixie, simply because the latter's existence meant she had to share the spotlight instead of being the center of attention. She fully intended to ruin the lives of the Mane Six, national heroes who have saved the world multiple times, just because they helped Trixie. Most of what makes her so scary is that she could very easily have succeeded, since she was for most part operating within legal boundaries, and that her mannerisms and motivations were based on real life Sociopaths, meaning people like her actually exist.
  • Street Sharks Redux was basically the original series rewritten to be Darker and Edgier and make more prominent the Fridge Horror of the show. As a result, the story doesn't shy away from creepiness like one's family member vanishing, finding oneself forced to hide from the community, living in fear of being kidnapped and hurt, and so on.
  • In Diaries of a Madman, Shining Armor mistakes Cadance's scream of frustration while playing video games as her being under attack.
  • Fluttershy's Night Out is a rather dark My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic story. In it, a (teenaged and very innocent) Fluttershy does not get attacked by monsters or subjected to any supernatural menace. Nope. Instead she goes out to a pub in the hope of making friends and is wined, seduced, used and abandoned by a smooth-talking stallion, who does so simply because he wants sex and she's naive enough to think he loves her. Oh, and this happens before she's made a lot of friends (this would be during the period when Rainbow Dash was away and Rarity was Fluttershy's only social contact) so she by implication has no one to help her and responds to the experience by blaming herself, assuming that she's inferior to other ponies, and becoming the half-crazy hermit who Twilight Sparkle eventually encounters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S1 E1 "Mare in the Moon". In other words, she's an emotional wreck for years to come. And yes, the scenario is quite plausible, even in as nice a society as Equestria's.
  • In Paradise, Luna risked getting trampled by a herd of frightened earth ponies if she fell from Whip Scar's back and Celestia found herself in the middle of a clearing when a hunting griffin is hovering above her. In the next chapter, a pack of hungry wolves went after the foals of the herd.
  • This plays a role in the backstory of Victor Kraber from The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum. Before the war and TCB!Equestria's Assimilation Plot became common knowledge, he hired TCB!Pinkie Pie to plan out a birthday party for his children, but when he got there late (after being stuck with an emergency at work and then getting stuck in traffic), the house was empty and he spent several agonizing minutes wondering what happened. He then realized his children and the other guests had all been ponified (which is explicitly stated to be Mind Rape and a Fate Worse than Death of the highest order), subsequently causing him to go crazy in a vicious crusade to avenge his family.
  • In The Saga of Avatar Korra, Korra is kidnapped by the Red Lotus when she was only three years old. Her mother was not strong enough to protect her from the Red Lotus, and her father was out on a fishing trip at the time. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to rescue their daughter. They have not seen their daughter for fourteen years, and they both believe and hope she is still alive.
  • In Three Fillies And A Griffon, Grigori's first child Isabelle chased a butterfly to the edge of the Abysmal Abyss, where she does not survive. Just talking about this incident turns Grigori into a sobbing wreck.
  • The The Amazing Spiez one-shot Regret shows the very real risk of the following scenario: Lee, no more than 13 or 14 depending on when the story takes place, might be forced to tell his parents that Marc, 12 or 13, was murdered by a villain who was sadistic enough to cut the tube on Marc's oxygen tank while they were deep underwater. Jerry, as the Team Dad, also has to deal with seeing his agents reacting like the children they are and watch Lee and Megan both blame themselves for the whole mess.
  • In the The Loud House fanfic Requiem for a Loud, Mr. and Mrs. Loud receive about the worst news a parent can receive; their son has an incurable disease, and will soon die.
    • As fans quickly realized, Lincoln's personality and place in the family leave him ripe of this trope, leading to several stories playing it out. In A Dark House Inadequate, he starts Self Harming and is ultimately Driven to Suicide (mercifully interrupted but the trauma is still very real) and in Blood & Sweat, he pushes himself to the point of injury through physical training to try to impress Lynn; when she and Luna figure out exactly how hard their brother is pushing himself (which includes failing to eat properly, to the point of rib exposure), they're terrified and Lynn tearfully starts blaming herself. Both stories also feature Lincoln feeling worthless compared to his sisters and the girls having to come to terms with how things meant in innocence caused their brother deep emotional damage.
    • Luan's Problem opens with an ill-thought-out surprise from Luan going disastrously wrong, landing Lincoln in the hospital and causing the other girls to disown Luan after ripping her to shreds emotionally. Then, when a traumatized Luan sits down with a psychiatrist that she just happened to bump into at the hospital, we find out that when Luan was 9, she had a math teacher so sadistic that her abuse over Luan's struggles with her class drove Luan to overdose on ADHD meds (that she hated taking in the first place) to try to improve.
    • Lincoln Learns the Hard Way features Lincoln getting molested and nearly raped by one of Lori's classmates, even ending up with a head wound that bleeds heavily enough to stain his hair. And the story admits 2 facts that make this even worse: 1) Lincoln's education about sexual predators is limited because no one wants to bring it up (Lori feels particularly horrible since she knew all about the girl's tendencies but never tried to warn anyone in her family) and his image of a predator is a creepy middle-aged man instead of a pretty teenage girl and 2) due to having 5 older sisters who are openly affectionate with and protective of him, Lincoln doesn't see teenage girls as any kind of threat.
    • Missing Linc revolves around Lincoln going missing while on his way home from Clyde's. Naturally, his family is worried sick about him, to the point where Mr and Mrs Loud refuse to let Lola and Lana leave the house without an escort.
    • In Mother's Day, Clyde is kidnapped by his mentally unhinged birth mother, and forced to go along with her twisted idea of family life. To make matters worse, the Loud family and his parents are initially under the impression that he ran away from home after they falsely accused him of panty raiding Lori (Lynn actually knocked into him, sending him spinning into Lori's room, and a pair of Lori's underwear fell on his head when he banged into her chest of drawers).
    • In Fool Me Thrice, Lincoln's attempt at Restrained Revenge after the events of "Fool Me Twice", lying to Luan about her possessions being on a leaving moving van which naturally prompts her to chase after it, results in her winding up half-naked and badly beaten by some bikers and on top of all of that, she fully expects her family to laugh at her pain.
  • With This Ring: Robin's uncle, Rick, was healed from his comatose state thanks to Orange Lantern and woke up to discover that his nephew had become a vigilante. He's currently taking a "don't ask, don't tell" stance on the matter, since the last time he asked for details he only wound up losing sleep when thinking about it.
    • In "Contingency" Alan Scott has a bad fall. OL is terrified because his grandmother never recovered from her fall and she was younger than Alan.
    • Displaced is this incarnate. With the adults suddenly disappearing, children die in droves, especially young children. To give a picture of it:
    Orange Lantern: Tell Batman to imagine a world where in every hospital, every clinic, every doctor's surgery... Doctors: gone. Surgeons: gone. Anesthetists: gone. Critical care nurses: gone. Any child who was undergoing surgery when the separation occurred is most likely already dead. Most children who were in critical care wards will be dying without the constant attention they need. Small babies who were being bathed when their parents disappeared stand a good chance of drowning. And good as autopilots are, I don't know how long we've got until planes start falling out of the sky with no pilots. Major roads are covered in crashed cars, the injured and the dead and there aren't enough of us to help. I will be astonished if we keep the death toll to a mere five figures -most of whom will be children- and I will shout the praises of any deity who feels like chipping in, we cannot afford- We can't afford to pay any unessential attention to secondary objectives. Please pass that on.
  • One Code Lyoko fanfic featured a nasty deconstruction of the Ripple-Proof Memory the heroes exhibit. During a XANA attack, Odd is cornered and raped by a staff member (Jim), unable to tell if it's because the adult is possessed by XANA or because they actually want to hurt him in this fashion. One return to the past later and Odd wakes up sobbing in bed. When Ulrich questions him, he quickly realizes it's highly unlikely Odd's going to be able to move on since not only do they have no evidence other than the word of a teenager with a Book Dumb and prankster reputation but the event in question didn't actually happen according to anyone but Odd.
  • Reluctant Hero is an Avatar: The Last Airbender AU in which Zuko discovers he's the new Avatar, meaning he's his own country's enemy, and the Fire Nation is duty-bound to lock him away for life. He's so disgusted and ashamed of himself for being born this way he outright attempts suicide. When he discovers what his nephew tried to do, Iroh goes ballistic and tears into the teen for almost forcing an old man to lose his son again.
    • It gets worse when the Northern Water Tribe learns the new Avatar is near and decides to abduct him in order to save him from the Fire Nation. They have good intentions, but they force Zuko to assimilate while the teen is struggling with his status and identity, and they even consider to use the Dai Li's brainwashing method to make him forget everything about his birth nation, feeling it would help him to become a proper Avatar. Needless to say, Zuko is so freaked out he runs away.
    • Sokka gets himself separated from his sister and the Kyoshi Warriors to give them a chance to escape a mountain full of zombies and Fire soldiers. His Heroic Sacrifice - the will to sacrifice, at least - manages to repel the zombies, but now he's stuck with the Fire Nation which plans to indoctrinate him by giving him as a trainee to the Fire Sages, meaning his chances to see Katara again are not good.
  • A Great and Powerful Heart:
    • Trixie, while touring with her wagon, ends up in a very remote and hostile community where a crooked law enforcement official fines her enormously for ludicrous charges, and threatens to keep her locked up unless she agrees to do an unenviable task.
    • Derpy Hooves is faced with her child, Dinky, going missing into a dangerous forest. And worse, the crooked sheriff is a bigot who won't help find Dinky because of her race.
    • Poor Jasper was born a unicorn in a town of bigots who bullied and berated him his entire life, telling him he was worthless. And when he went missing with Derpy, they were willing to let him die in Dusky Dale.
    • In the crossover with The Great Alicorn Hunt, Jasper and Trixie are forced to become fugitives from the law, after Sheriff Brass and his goons in Filli Terram, in attempt to cover up his corruption, falsely accuses them of various crimes so that he can have them arrested and dragged back to Promise, even sending perjured statements to many law enforcement groups so he can capture them. After being chased for a year, it is no wonder that when Sunset locates them (having discovered their ascension to alicornhood), they were paranoid enough to hide behind a myriad of illusion spells.
  • In The True Villain, the story starts off like any other episode of Miraculous Ladybug, Hawkmoth (here stated to be Gabriel Agreste) finds someone to turn into an akuma: a man distraught that his "product" has been stolen. He offers to help said man replace his merchandise in exchange for retrieving Ladybug and Chat's miraculous. Later, the akuma shows up outside of the school that the titular characters' civilian identities attend and abducts Marinette. A horrified Hawkmoth informs him that this wasn't part of the agreement, but is told that he agreed to replace the man's "products", which are actually abducted kids he sells into slavery. The akuma then spies Adrien and marks him as his next target before breaking off the partnership. Hawkmoth is thoroughly shaken because he believes Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil (not to mention the akuma is planning on kidnapping and selling his son), and he ends up pulling an Enemy Mine with Chat that evolves into a Heel–Face Turn.
  • The premise of the Trollhunters story Becoming the Mask is that Jim is a Changeling who, upon being named Trollhunter, uses this position to gather information about Trollmarket. The stress of spying, Trollhunter training, and concerns about how Gunmar's escape will affect the humans and trolls Jim cares for, results in Jim acting evasive and stressed and spending a lot of time alone with his history teacher. Toby, not knowing Jim is a spy and Mr Strickler is his commanding officer, begins to suspect Mr Strickler of molesting Jim.
  • Several characters in The Royal Protector:
    • Marco's friends and family are worried about him going missing.
    • Brittney Wong is treated like a pariah, up to and including at least two attempted lynchings, due to inadvertently making herself look like the prime suspect for his disappearance by pure coincidence.
    • Queen Moon not only finds out her daughter was abused to the point of going insane and has gone missing, but is told by someone with Omniscient Morality License she isn't allowed to look for her daughter because it will make Star worse and make her kill Moon.
  • In Unexpected Surprise, Emma constantly tries to climb to the roof, because she dreamed she will meet her dad there. You can imagine Marinette's reaction. And then, one night Emma manages to slip out of the window and almost falls... right in front of her and Adrien.
  • Foxfire:
    • Iroh and Zuko separated for few days to allow Zuko time to cool off with Iroh following him in secret. But Iroh ends up losing him when they are both separately ambushed. Iroh had no way of knowing whether Zuko was alive. He just had to cling to the hope that Zuko made it to Ba Sing Se.
    • The backstory of the Kuchisake-Onna: her lover leaves her to marry other, more wealthy women but he disfigures her and takes her young children just so she won't move on from him. Then her lover murders her children to be free of them.
  • In Faded Blue, Blue Diamond was a terrifying, tyrannical leader in her lifetime; a fact that hits Steven hard as he grew up idolizing his mother.
    • The reason Greg is spying on the Crystal Gems is partially because Blue Diamond asked him to, and partially because he's terrified that if they find out about his son, they'll try to shatter him first without asking questions. Later on, they capture him and nearly do this, which he finds out when he sees Steven in the Temple inside a cage.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: There are many examples in this fic, considering it's main character is a teenage ghost.
    • Ember's entire Origin Story is this. A young girl growing up in a dysfunctional household, getting repeatedly bullied at school with and then getting asked out by her crush, only to get Stood Up. The heartbroken girl then goes home to cry herself to sleep, only for her house to catch on fire, and she dies at the tender age of 16.
    • The Fenton family have to deal with Danny's depression after his breakup with Sam. Normally Danny is a very easy going boy but to see him obviously suffering to the point that Jack and Maddie are visibly concern. It gets better after he befriends and falls for Amberline...only for it to return tenfold when he finds out the truth of her identity.
    • Zoe Murray has one when she goes to the Nasty Burger to use their bathroom, leaving her sister Maggie unattended for a moment. In that moment Skulker appears and turns the entire area into a dangerous war zone and Maggie nearly got killed had it not been for Ember seeing her and getting her to safety.
    • The very fact that Ember was being spied on for months by Vlad and not even being aware of it can be very unsettling. Even worse that her suppose acquaintance Spectra was the one spying on her on Vlad's behalf.
  • In Young Justice: Darkness Falls, finding out your child went off to a New Year's party, and next thing you know, they're missing, and possibly dead because of a military attack.
  • The Rugrats fanfic A Mother's Love starts with Didi making breakfast for Tommy and Dil. With Stu preoccupied with Dil, Didi goes to collect Tommy, but to her horror he has died of neglect, and to make matters worse, when she tells the others they don't understand why she's so upset - after all, she had been so preoccupied with Dil, they had all just assumed that she didn't love Tommy anymore. To top it off, Didi hears Tommy's ghost telling her that he knows he was just a placeholder until she got her real baby and that she doesn't have to pretend she loves him anymore. Luckily for Didi, it was All Just a Dream, but it makes her realize just how much she's neglected Tommy recently.
  • In this Rocket Power fanfic, Raoul and Sandy Rodriguez discover that Sandy's former brother-in-law Ramon not only sexually abused Lars repeatedly, including one incident that took place when Lars was ill, but also threatened Twister's life to keep Lars quiet.
    • Not as spotlighted but Raymundo was probably very distressed by the fact that Ramon laid hands on Otto at one point (admittedly only to check his face after Lars decked him but Reggie and Sam are both extremely uncomfortable with the way Ramon did it even before they figured out the truth).
  • A Fandom-Specific Plot in the Carmen Sandiego fandom involves V.I.L.E. kidnapping a member of Team Carmen. The go-to victim tends to be Player, largely thanks to this trope: not only is he the youngest member of the team, but unlike the others, he has zero combat training, meaning he would be unable to defend himself.
  • Missing (Miraculous Ladybug) tackles the same source from two different angles:
    • Tom and Sabine have to deal with their daughter's abrupt disappearance. They have no way of knowing for certain whether it's connected to the most recent akuma attack, or if it's due to more mundane circumstances; they're unaware that Marinette is actually the superheroine Ladybug, or that she's had her memories erased and has forgotten her own Secret Identity. All they know is that she's gone.
    • On Ladybug's side, meanwhile, you have a teenaged girl who literally has no sense of identity outside of her mask. No place that she calls home. She is completely subsumed by her superhero persona, and aside from a niggling sense of Wistful Amnesia, has convinced herself that this is fine and that she needs to focus on her duty to Paris above all else.
  • In Karma Circle 06: The Fingerprint of God, Gaz attempts to murder Dib by tying him to the table saw and turning it on. Naturally, Professor Membrane is horrified at her actions.
  • Fractures (ATLA): On the same day that a 16-year-old Zuko is released from prison after three years incarcerated, he is crowned Fire Lord following the defeats of Ozai and Azula. Now he's responsible for trying to rebuild and reconcile his nation with the rest of the world.
    • The Gaang is subject to all kinds of these in their introductory chapter, all the more to highlight the tragic nature of their Child Soldiers status.
  • In An Ounce of Prevention, Ickis develops an eating disorder, and eventually ends up in the doctor's office because of it.
    • In fact, all of Ickis's backstory in Save Fearow's fanfiction qualifies. His entire family (except for Slickis) died in an earthquake before Ickis was even hatched, and his egg rolled away during the chaos - luckily, it was found by an infant Oblina, but Slickis was clearly terrified until he found his son. Even after that, Ickis and his father were homeless for several years before Slickis managed to solidify his career as a professional scarer, and Ickis being a sickly bonsty didn't help.
  • In Chemistry, Cadance has a condition that makes her sometimes attracted to Anything That Moves and flares cause her powers to act up. She's had this condition since before she babysat Twilight Sparkle. If Cadance wasn't in check with herself, she could have abused Twilight. Twilight herself never noticed Cadance's feelings, but her parents and brother were aware.
  • In Primal Source, King Harrow, who's already dealing with the death of his wife, now has to worry about the disappearance of his step-son Callum.
  • In Elevator Emergency, Wakko has a hypoglycemia attack after being trapped in an elevator for thirteen hours. Naturally, Dr. Scratchansniff is worried sick about him, and wastes no time getting some food into him once they're finally out of the elevator.


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