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Adult Fear / Dot and the Kangaroo

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Given the kind of perils that Dot encounters on her adventures.

  • In both the first and third films, she ventures alone into the wilderness and doesn't return home for at least a day.
    • In the original film, she almost got bitten by a poisonous snake and she and the kangaroo were chased by a pack of dingoes after being discovered by a tribe of aboriginals armed with harpoons.
    • At least Dot appears to have learned from this as she had to silence Funny-Bunny while witnessing a kangaroo fight in Dot and the Bunny
    • Also in Dot and the Bunny, Dot and Funny-Bunny almost got eaten by crocodiles and Funny-Bunny almost drowned.

  • In Around the World with Dot, Danny the Swagman/Santa may have proven trustworthy but that doesn't change the fact that he was a complete stranger who turned up on Dot and Ben's doorstep and they allowed him access to their property then said stranger took Dot and two kangaroos on a journey around the world, all without consulting their parents.
    • Said journey included flying into a volcanic ash-cloud and nearly crash-landing as a result, Dot being left unattended on the crowded streets of London and breaking into someone else's home and a zoo. Not to mention the entire journey took place predominantly in the Northern Hemisphere where it was Winter.

  • In Dot and the Koala, Dot and Bruce may have destroyed the dam and saved Mayor Percy but that doesn't change the fact that Dot had to go behind her parents' back to break into the local prison to rescue some of her animal friends and that she could have drowned underground when the dam collapsed.

  • In Dot and Keeto, Dot went through a whole day of trying to avoid getting eaten by animals/insects, was almost crushed by her brother Simon's foot and sucked into her mother's vacuum with neither of them realising and was effectively missing from her home the whole time with her mother none the wiser.

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  • In Dot and the Whale, Dot came close to actually dying after stepping on poison live coral and was only saved when an octopus pulled the sting out of her foot. On top of that, she and Nelson were attacked by sharks and she was later attacked by seagulls while trying to help the Penguins protect their eggs, in of all places, the Antarctic while barefoot and already wet from travelling underwater all the way from Australia. No wonder the other kids who agreed to help Tonga were starting to worry about Dot by the time she returned.

  • In the last three sequels, Dot goes to a circus unattended, begs for money on the streets through dancing and singing and runs away to America twice.
    • Dot Goes to Hollywood has her riding a cab, breaking into a zoo (again) and encountering a real lion, all without anyone keeping an eye on her.
    • As for Dot in Space, ignoring the fact that Dot, a little girl, became stranded on an alien planet with only a stray dog for company through a combination of freak circumstances, miscommunications and the fact that (Human) Adults Are Useless, where do we begin?

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