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  • Steven is an enthusiastic, dorky kid who is awkward about introducing himself to Connie, gets really excited about things like birthdays or breakfasts, and will adopt as his new best friend virtually anything that sits still long enough, even acid-spewing bug monsters or fully-grown lions. Even as he matures, he never truly loses this quality.
  • While Garnet is normally The Stoic, she has her moments. Notably her joyous squeal when Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz in front of her, and her utter delight when she first meets the Off Colors:
    "You must be Rhodonite! A Ruby and a Pearl? That must have been a story! I want all the details!"
    • In the movie, Garnet's rejuvenated form definitely counts, as her personality is much more childlike and curious and she keeps making adorably confused faces, with some goofy smiles there and there.
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  • Ruby, unlike Garnet or Sapphire, wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time. So when she's upset in "Keystone Motel", half of her angry expressions are very cute and cartoonish. And she is openly and mushily affectionate with Sapphire after they make up, kissing on her, holding her bridal style, and calling her "Laughy Sapphy" much to the (joyful) embarrassment of Sapphire and (regular) embarrassment of Steven. And in "The Question", she's giddy when she decides to become a cowboy.
  • Sapphire starts off calm and emotionless, but she's shown to be less stoic when she and Ruby are happy together. By "Hit the Diamond", amidst a baseball game with enemies from Homeworld, she's easily distracted by Ruby and is too busy flirting to hit or catch the ball.
  • Pearl starts to blush and stutter whenever she's proven wrong or called out. It's later revealed in Steven Universe Future that her favorite song is a radio jingle for a local auto-repair shop.
  • Peridot, oh so much!
    • She makes a lot of ridiculous facial expressions and has a very Un-Evil Laugh. Once she's stuck on Earth her unfamiliarity leads to things like trying to escape through a toilet and quaking in fear of a rolled-up towel.
    • "Log Date 7 15 2" could also be called "Peridot is Adorkable", as we see her try on Goofy Print Underwear, imagines the other Gems being impressed by the paint can stilts Steven gave her, and become obsessed with the single episode of a teen drama Steven showed her to the point of creating charts and going on a rant about why her pairing is objectively best.
    • The beginning of "Too Short to Ride" has Steven give Peridot a tablet Greg bought but decided he didn't want. Steven sells Peridot on the device, with Peridot lamenting it's too bad it isn't connected to her before getting an idea. She proceeds to duct tape some velcro to the back and wrap some around her wrist like a bracelet. Then she proceeds to overdramatically put the tablet onto her wrist and perform a series of silly poses, all the while making the appropriate sound effects vocally.
      • The episode's main conflict is kick-started by Peridot trying to win an alien plush doll. As described by Peridot: "Its large head, swollen with thoughts. Those compassionate eyes... it understands." And when she wins the doll, it is made to look like a couple of lovers coming together (complete with Love Bubbles).
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    • Peridot's Twitter account is a goldmine of adorkability, from her plans for a day at the barn alone (which includes solo frisbee, running around with clothes on, and playing Camp Pining Hearts so loud the Diamonds can hear it before deciding against it) to her dealing with a surprise pizza delivery (she had to figure out the concept of money, literally interpreted the phrase "it's on the house", and then spent 2 days running around the countryside holding the pizza (and presumably being bitten by a snake, stung by a bee, and hit by a car according to her tweets on the experience) simply because she didn't know what else to do except "Run with it.").
    • Peridot's part in Ruby and Sapphire's wedding as the flower girl. She walks down the isle, throwing flowers at the guests while calling out "Flowers for you! Flowers for you! Flowers for you!" Once she reaches the end of the aisle, she curtsies to Steven and says "Wedding commander, all flowers have been deployed!"
  • Lapis looks so endearing when she plays the tambourine to help Peridot with her welcome band song.
  • All four Diamonds are to this to some degree especially after their individual Heel-Face Turns, and show it in unique ways with Yellow being a Deadpan Snarker and Not So Above It All, Blue being Literal-Minded and prone to Tears of Joy, White being a full blown Drama Queen, while the deceased Pink was an adorable Fun Personified Diamond. When put it in a situation where all are enjoying themselves together they are clearly this, as seen when they are having fun together near the end of "Change Your Mind", and pretty much all their interactions in the movie.
  • When White Diamond is finally convinced to accept Steven as his own person rather than trying to force her flawlessness on everyone, she has such hilarious expressions when she visits Earth and sees the Off-Colors, the Corrupted Gems, and actually having to enter a pool while wearing high heels.
    • White becomes even more adorkable in the movie, absolutely hellbent on doting on Steven. Her softened design has helped massively.
    • Future has White allowing other Gems to control her to help them to rediscover their self-worth, and if her reaction after letting Spinel have a turn says anything, it's that she clearly has fun doing this.
  • In "Change Your Mind", Yellow Diamond, like Blue, swears that it wasn't her when her and Blue's ships punch White's, expresses nervousness when Steven encourages her to talk to White, attempts to smile when Steven introduces her to the Off-Colors, and directs a peace sign towards Steven as she leaves for Homeworld.
  • When Blue Diamond is happy she tends to become this:
    • In "Steven's Dream" she cheers up after she has a meaningful conversation with Greg during one of her secret visits to Pink's shattering site. The way she talks about how she shouldn't even be on Earth is similar to a teenager who snuck out of the house at night, something she doesn't want her family members to know about, and when she finally decides to take Greg back with her she has a downright goofy smile on her face, and doesn't notice she's holding Greg too tightly.
    • In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", she looks just adorable when crying Tears of Joy over Pink still being alive (in a sense) and nuzzling Steven against her cheek, but she again doesn't notice that she is squishing him just a bit. She also seems to become amused by Steven's curiosity around things he should know about as "Pink" and cracks a few smiles at Yellow's growing frustration over the entire thing.
    • In "Familiar", she's absolutely delighted to see Steven again because Pink always made her happy, and there is no change from the way Pink acted thousands of years ago to how Steven acts presently. The only difference she notes is calling "Pink" Steven now, which she precedes to say multiple times with emphasis on different syllables because she thinks it sounds funny.
    • In "Change Your Mind", when Connie mentions being grounded before, Blue is absolutely baffled by what the human is talking about. Later after being told by White to go to their rooms, Blue, still not understanding the concept of being grounded, asks what rooms she and the others should go to, and later swears to White that it wasn't her when her and Yellow's ships punch White's.
  • Pink Diamond shows shades of this, worshipping Yellow and messing with her control panel or jumping straight off a tower rather bothering to use stairs because she's excited. Even as Rose, she gets ridiculously excited over just about anything new, geeking out over living on Earth, hanging out with her "fellow" Quartzes, and seeing a fusion of two different Gems for the first time.
  • White Diamond's Pearl is amazed when watching Pink Diamond juggle, and appears fearful the moment Yellow Diamond enters Pink Diamond's room. In "Volleyball", she talks fondly about how Pink Diamond would give names to everything, and the objects in the Reef cause her to become greatly nostalgic and have feelings of delight.
  • Rose Quart'z goofy, confused grin that she gives to Greg when he first gives her his t-shirt lets you know exactly why he fell in love with her almost instantly.
  • Connie is often shy and doubting of herself, but after meeting Steven, she shows a much more vibrant and energetic side around him. She discusses her favorite books with glee and shows an absolutely adorable eagerness to join Steven in his adventures.
  • Despite being a middle aged man, Greg easily comes off as this through his earnest-but-goofy demeanor. To wit, just look at how he tries to show off for Steven in his and Rose's home video.
  • When Doug Maheswaran ties to impress Connie, he takes on a ridiculous By-the-Book Cop persona while working security. Which includes praising the abilities of his flashlight, dropping one-liners left and right, and dramatically taking off his glasses... and then putting them back on.
    Doug: Just kidding. I need these to see.
  • Mayor Dewey Tends to blush and stutter through his public speeches, and is a horrifically embarrassing father towards Buck in his attempts to sound cool.
  • Jamie's relationship with Steven, his crush on Garnet, and his love for Shakespeare show off his more dorky tendencies.
  • Navy saying Earth is a lovely planet and displaying Performance Anxiety in front of the Crystal Gems come across as endearing.
  • Leggy's Forgetful Jones tendencies and habit of doing a Security Cling on Eyeball are adorable.
  • Bluebird Azurite has a bowl cut, a Cat Smile, a gap between her front teeth, and a prominent overbite, and is just as unintentionally adorable as her components. Still evil, though.
  • Like her creator and surrogate brother, Superfan Rose is this, constantly being excited and gushing over Steven multiple times.
  • Padparadscha's enthusiastic forecasting of events that had already happened makes her very endearing.


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