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Adorkable / Professional Wrestling

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  • Mick Foley Mankind's persona went from deranged psychopath to Adorkable in the late 90s. On one hand, he'd shoot off dumb puns and looked awkward and out of place, especially with his physique. But on the other, his determination to succeed and moments like Mr. Socko's funny debut endeared him not only in kayfabe to D-Generation X and The Rock, but in real life as well, not to mention the audience at large. It doesn't hurt that his dorky persona was an amazing contrast to the incredibly punishing bumps he took throughout his career.
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  • This trope is part of Daniel Bryan's massive appeal. He's not edgy or larger than life like other wrestlers, and he wasn't snappy on the mic like John Cena, but he's more of an Everyman who just happens to have excellent skills. This trope was exploited during his brief "chick magnet" gimmick with the Bella Twins.
  • Xavier Woods is constantly happy and loves being in the ring. And he has his somewhat cheesy smile.
  • Bayley. Between her gushing to beloved Superstars, love of hugs and sheer excitement at just being there, she has this trope written all over her.
  • Emma, in all her awkward-dancing glory, actually had the trope name invoked for her by announcers. This, of course, was before her Face–Heel Turn (after her move to the main roster didn't pan out).