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The process by which, in a few hours, a weak page can be turned into a valid entry with enough examples to satisfy those who petitioned for its deletion.

This is rarer for tropes created after 2017 than it is for work pages because they must launch through TLP (formerly YKTTW), essentially peer review for potential tropes. (See TLP Guidelines for more information on the proper procedure of introducing a trope.) Work pages have no such restriction and thus can be created by anyone. While they help the wiki grow, these pages might need improvement in a number of ways, such as proper indentation, context, and alphabetization. Together, editors can work the Wiki Magic, and with a little assistance, what once began as a stub may reach Trope Overdosed status.

If you're a kind soul who's looking to give out a little Wiki Magic, go over to Needs Wiki Magic Love or one of its sub-indexes for a list of pages currently in need of Magic.



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