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A "Tropers"-type page is a page where Tropers present themselves, usually by dressing a trope list of themselves and other fun things to find out about each other's adorableness.

Troper pages were also known for being "friendily" vandalized from time to time, but it certainly made some people fed up with the constant and sometimes offensive vandalizing and thus, Tropers pages now cannot be edited by any other people than moderators and the Troper themself.


However, some other people viewed Tropers pages vandalizing as a social activity, and found the now-clean pages depressing, so "Troper Wall"-type pages, editable by everybody, have been erected in order to answer to that need and offer a new link between Tropes and Tropers !

To make your own Troper Wall page



Please put your vandalizing beyond this line~ 😋

(Note: The 😋 symbol is a Face Savouring Delicious Food emoji, if you do not see it)

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