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Administrivia / Search-Generated Index

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If you're proposing an index page in TLP which attempts to showcase all trope titles which contain a certain word or phrase, you might want to think again, because chances are Google can do a better job at it than you.

We call this phenomenon a Search-Generated Index.

If you look at the top of most pages on this wiki, we have a "Search" box. We actually have some other search engines, too, if you know where to look for them, even if it doesn't work as of 2021. All are suitable for creating a list of tropes which have a word or phrase in common.


An index page, on the other hand, is a tool meant to help organize the wiki by cataloging tropes according to their relevance, usage, and nature. While tropes on an index often do have similar names, it's certainly not the basis of the index. Especially since some people around here like to give tropes really weird titles.

Note that indexes based on trope snowclones are often allowed, even if only under the spirit of Just for Fun. But they should contain a minimum number of tropes, which is somewhere around eight. It's also okay if a bunch of tropes with a proper index theme also happen to share the same word in their titles, as long as the index is about the theme, not that word.