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Administrivia / Media Categories FAQ

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Is there any particular order the categories should go in?

We generally favour ordering the categories alphabetically, though it's OK to put the Trope Namer's category first. Also, if a trope is primarily associated with one medium, that medium should naturally go at the top.

However, in all cases, "Real Life" always goes last, and "Other Media" goes before "Real Life" but after everything else. If you see a category in the wrong place, go ahead and move it.

What category do animated films go in?

They get their own category, namely "Films — Animation".

Why do animated films get their own category?

To avoid confusion over whether they belong under "Films" or "Western Animation" (or "Films" or "Anime & Manga", for Japanese animated films). No, that's not how it works with the namespaces.

Couldn't you solve that problem by having a unified "Films" category and a unified "Television" category? Alternately, couldn't you solve that problem by having a unified "Live-Action" category and a unified "Animation" category?

The "Western Animation", "Live-Action TV", and "Films" categories are often very large already. Combining them into two larger categories would make it more difficult to find specific examples.

Also, trying to do the combination might lead to holy war between people who think the film vs. television distinction is more important and people who think the live-action vs. animation distinction is more important. It's much simpler just to make both distinctions.

Why is there a single "Anime & Manga" category rather than separate "Anime" and "Manga" categories?

The relatively close relationship between anime and manga makes this more convenient. So much anime has a manga version and vice versa, and the adaptations are often so similar, that separating the two categories would lead to a lot of duplicated examples, as well as making it difficult for people who aren't familiar with an example to figure out which of the categories it should go in.

Why is "Anime & Manga" its own category, rather than being combined with the "Animated Television" and "Comic Books" categories?

There are several reasons for this:

  • It allows us to lump anime and manga together without lumping all animation and comics together — the previous answer should explain to you why this is a good idea.
  • Again, the combination would mean we were lumping categories together which are often very large already.
  • Many TV Tropes readers are either extremely interested in anime and manga or not at all interested in them. Separating them out makes it easier for these people to find the examples they're interested in, especially on pages with folders.

Where should examples from William Shakespeare go?

If there's a "Poetry" category, list his poems there. If not, they can be listed under "Literature", or you can make a "Poetry" section.

His plays are always listed under "Theatre"; if you see one listed under "Literature", that is an error, and it should be moved.

Where do examples from Light Novels go?


Where do examples from Web Serial Novels go?

Also "Literature".