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Administrivia / Image Pickin' Special Cases
aka: Blank Until Pretty Kickass Image Suggested

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Some pages on the wiki have a unique status determined in the Image Pickin' forum that must be noted before making a thread in that forum to discuss whether or not to choose a new image or alter the image that's already in place. This status should be made clear in a commented-out tag at the top on the page.

The statuses are as follows:

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Standing for "Blank Until a Pretty Kickass Image Suggestion", the nature of these pages makes them difficult to nigh-impossible to picture, and thus they are to be left without a pic unless/until a very solid suggestion is produced.

Pages in this category:

    No pic 
These pages' concepts are too squicky, inherently NSFW, or have too much potential to be controversial to bother having an image. The majority of these pages are set to this state by admin/staff fiat. This status can be overturned but will take a very persuasive argument to do so; if you have an idea, discuss it with the staff before making a thread. YMMV pages default to no pic; YMMV.Home Page is the sole exception.

Pages in this category:

    Don't change the pic 

    Multiple threads 

    Pics from NSFW works 
These pages have images from works that were cut from the wiki for violating The Content Policy, either during the initial purge or after 5P review, or are from works that would violate the content policy if a page was created for them. Use of these pictures was cleared by the staff, and several have been kept on their respective trope pages per IP threads (noted with a *). Do not start a new thread to replace one of these images unless you have a solid suggestion.

Pages in this category:


Alternative Title(s): Blank Until A Pretty Kickass Image Suggestion, Blank Until Pretty Kickass Image Suggested, BUPKIS


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