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Administrivia / April Fools Day 2013

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Randomized locations:

(Please note: all of these are references to something. Many of the somethings are things we do not have pages for. Some of the somethings relate to a specific someone. Some are very general. Some are Real Life somethings or someones. Pothole if you want to, or add the reference in parentheses after the location.)

(Please also note that apparently the list is best numbered rather than bulleted.)


  1. 1000 feet up. ...900. ...800.
  2. 10 Downing Street [official residence of the United Kingdom Prime Minister]
  3. 1965 [In the utopian otherworld of Zot!, it was eternally 1965]
  4. the 20th Century On Board The Twentieth Century, a Broadway musical.
  5. Abbey of Thelema ["anti-monastery" in Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel/spiritual centre founded by Aleister Crowley]
  6. aboard the Heart of Gold
  7. ACME Products Testing
  8. Alice's Restaurant
  9. Alpha Centauri [real life star system]
  10. Another Castle
  11. Area 51
  12. Arkham, Massachusetts
  13. asleep in a Tomb World
  14. Atlantis
  15. the Axiom
  16. the back of the bomb. YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO!
  17. the ballet Broadway musical A Chorus Line; the song "At the Ballet"
  18. the Barricade
  19. the Bastille [real life place in France]
  20. the Batcave
  21. Bates Motel [original ID was on the right track; corrected to point to the intended actual reference]
  22. the Bazaar on Deva
  23. behind blue eyes
  24. behind the Fourth Wall
  25. behind the green door [1956 Jim Lowe song]
  26. being chased by a Purple People Eater [classic song "The Purple People Eater"]
  27. the belly of the beast Anthrax; also a 1981 book by Jack Abbot.
  28. the Bermuda Triangle [where things are known to disappear]
  29. Beverly Hills [real life place in California]
  30. Beyond Thunderdome
  31. the Bradbury Building [Los Angeles edifice frequently used for location shooting for films, notably Blade Runner]
  32. breakfasting at Tiffany's
  33. the bridge of the Event Horizon Liberate tutame ex infernis. [Protection payments from the Hells]
  34. Callahan's Place
  35. the Canyon of the Crescent Moon
  36. the car: Meme: "Jesus Christ, it's a lion, get in the car!"
  37. Castle Rock, ME
  38. CBGB's [massive music/film/media venue]
  39. the Center Of The Universe, Tokyo
  40. the Chamber of Secrets
  41. chasing the Southern Cross [Crosby, Stills and Nash song "Southern Cross"]
  42. chasing windmills in my mind: also 1960's song "The Windmills of Your Mind" written by Michel Legrand, performed by numerous artists, chiefly Noel Harrison and Dusty Springfield
  43. the Collective Unconscious
  45. Chez Lui [French for "at home"]
  46. The Corner Pocket
  47. Cowboy Feng's Bar and Grille
  48. Crosstime Saloon
  49. Cybertron
  50. the Dagobah System
  51. the Damocles Gulf
  52. the dancefloor, doing the Tennessee Waltz [classic song, "Tennessee Waltz"]
  53. the dark, about to be eaten by a grue
  54. darkest Commorragh
  55. the Department of Mysteries
  56. the depths of Moria
  57. a desert, on a horse with no name
  58. Detention block AA-23
  59. the director's chair
  60. Disneyland ["the most magical place on earth"]
  61. down at the crossroads
  62. down at the Sunset Grill [Don Henley song "Sunset Grill"]
  63. down by the bayou
  64. down in Kokomo
  65. down in the boondocks [song by Billy Joe Royal]
  66. down the Seven Bridges Road [Steve Young song made famous by the Eagles]
  67. down the up staircase [inversion of Up the Down Staircase?]
  68. Dunsinane Wood
  69. eating pomegranates with Persephone
  70. El Dorado [mythical place of gold]
  71. the Elephant of the Bastille [old monument in Paris, mentioned in Les Misérables]
  72. the Epic, in the Rue St. Denis
  73. Eavesdown Docks, Persephone
  74. ebriated [reference to blackcat and possibly the other COBbies (see here)]
  75. Equestria
  76. the Eye of Terror
  77. Fair Verona
  78. Final Destination [possibly the stage from the Super Smash Bros. series]
  79. on the flipside
  80. Forks, Washington
  81. the Fortress Of Solitude
  82. the garden [Joni Mitchell's song "Woodstock"]
  83. the gates of Hell [after a ride in a handbasket]
  84. the Good Ship Lollipop
  85. the Great Pacific Garbage Patch [large patch of litter in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, theorized to be permanently polluted]
  86. Green Gables, PEI
  87. Greystone Mansion [Beverly Hills mansion frequently used for location shooting for various films]
  88. the gym
  89. halfway up the Big Rock Candy Mountain [folk song]
  90. the halls of Ulthwe
  91. Hatfield House [English stately home frequently used for location shooting for film and television]
  92. having dinner with Hannibal. Oh good, fava beans!
  93. Hernando's Hideaway
  94. Hickey Brothers [a cigar and hookah lounge]
  95. the high dive
  96. Hotel California
  97. the hot springs
  98. The House on the Rocks; The House On The Rock is also a tourist destination near Spring Green, in central Wisconsin
  99. Howl's Moving Castle
  100. Hunting the Most Dangerous Game
  101. Idyll, in the Rue Plumet
  102. in a box with a fox
  103. in Absent People
  104. in a cruel, crazy, beautiful world [album by Johnny Clegg/Savuka]
  105. in a little red corvette
  106. in da club
  107. in Edit Banned
  108. in MacArthur Park, in the rain, with a cake ["MacArthur Park", a song written by Jimmy Webb]
  109. in my beautiful balloon ["Up, Up and Away", another song written by Jimmy Webb]
  110. inside a Pokeball
  111. inside Mr. Wonka's TV
  112. inside the Kit Kat Club
  113. inside the magic lamp [or more generally: genies. Genies everywhere]
  114. Inside the Snarl
  115. the Internet
  116. the Intestines of The Leviathan
  117. the island of Dr. Moreau
  118. the island of Pianosa [also a real island in Italy]
  119. Jake's Place: location of Spider Robinson's sequels/continuations of the Callahans Crosstime Salloon stories.
  120. Karakura Town
  121. Krakatoa, East of Java
  122. Lahaina [place in Hawai'i]; also a song by Loggins And Messina
  123. a land far, far away [standard fairytale opener]
  124. the land of Oz
  125. Las Vegas Crime Lab
  126. LARP'ing shimaspawn
  127. Leaf Village
  128. the left turn at Albequerque
  129. the Library of Alexandria [real life ancient place]
  130. Lonely Mountain
  131. ...look up: opening of children's TV show, The Friendly Giant
  132. lost in time and space
  133. the Love Shack
  134. LV-426
  135. Maggie's Farm
  136. the Magic Bus
  137. the Magic School Bus
  138. Margaritaville, wasting away
  139. the Marianas Trench [in the Pacific Ocean, contains the deepest point of any ocean on earth]
  140. The Matrix
  141. a maze of twisty passages, all alike
  142. [[v the middle of the WAAAAGH]]
  143. the Midnight Meat Train
  144. the Mile High State [Colorado]
  145. the Ministry of Magic
  146. Miskatonic University
  147. Montego Bay [Jamaican city]; also a song by Bobby "Blue" Bland
  148. Monument Valley [valley in Utah used for location shooting for dozens of westerns]
  149. Moon River [old song]
  150. Mordor
  151. near the Gazebo
  152. Neverland
  153. nowhere
  154. the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York
  155. on board Naglfar [the Ship of Fingernails, ew]
  156. onboard the "Enterprise"
  157. in a bathtub, with a horse [a situation prohibited by an obscure law in the American state of South Carolina]
  158. on the Ark
  159. on the dock of the bay ["(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding]
  160. on the front lines of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade
  161. on the Orient Express
  162. on top of spaghetti [reference to an old song]
  163. Outer Heaven
  164. out flying on wax wings
  165. out walking the dogs
  166. the Oval Office
  167. the Paris Hilton
  168. perched on a rooftop
  169. petting kitties
  170. Peyton Place
  171. a pineapple under the sea
  172. The Pit, making the climb. Deshi basara!
  173. Platform 9-3/4
  174. Pompeii, 1934 years ago [in other words, just before everyone dies]
  175. Pooh Corner
  176. the pool hall racking up
  177. posing for Pickman
  178. Pripyat, Ukraine [hometown of the workforce of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, evacuated following 1986 meltdown]
  179. Purgatory, with Jesus, Jesus, and little Jesus.
  180. Quality Cafe [Los Angeles diner now used exclusively as a filming location]
  181. Radiant Gardens
  182. [REDACTED]
  183. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  184. Rick's Café Américain
  185. riding with Bobby McGee [Kris Kristofferson-penned song "Me and Bobby McGee", made famous by Janis Joplin]
  186. right behind you
  187. a rocket to the Moon [1902 film A Trip to the Moon?]
  188. Rocky Top, Tennessee [song "Rocky Top" by the Osborne Brothers]
  189. Room 101
  190. the Ruins of Tolaria
  191. Russia, with love
  192. Saint Mary Mead
  193. Salem, MA [also the location of other witch-hunt works — 'tis a real place]
  194. the second star to the right
  195. a secret base inside Mt. Rushmore [mountain/monument in South Dakota often hosting secret government bases in fiction]
  196. the secret headquarters behind the dry cleaners; Intended to be the location of the secret location of Special Unit Two; was not entirely correct for either of these. The location in Man from Uncle was under DelTorio's Tailor shop, Special Unit 2's was under a Chinese laundry.
  197. Serenity
  198. The Shades, Ankh-Morpork
  199. Shadow Moses Island
  200. Shambala [the classic song of the same name, though it also is the name of various real life concepts]
  201. Shangri-La
  202. Ship of Fools
  203. the Sistine Chapel, preparing for Conclave
  204. the Sliding Scale War
  205. snowed in [yes, in March, stupid crazy weather this year]
  206. Stepford, Connecticut
  207. Strolling across Abbey Road
  208. the superunknown
  209. a surfin' safari
  210. the table eating green eggs and ham
  211. taking Fenrir for walkies
  212. the TARDIS
  213. a tendril of a Hive Fleet
  214. Theory — and everything works here!; also a reference to Tropers/Madrugada's first sig line.
  215. Third Earth [probably Thunder Cats reference]
  216. Through the Looking-Glass
  217. Thule [classical literary term for far northern Europe]
  218. the Titanic (1997) [also, the historical ship]
  219. Tony Stark's hot tub
  220. touring with Dingos Ate My Baby
  221. traffic on the 405 [I-405 outside Seattle]
  222. Transsexual, Transylvania
  223. Treasure Planet
  224. Trivia
  225. U.N.C.L.E.
  226. under a Blood Red Sky [title of a live U2 mini-LP]
  227. under Milkwood
  228. underneath your space bar...with a headache
  229. under the bed [where monsters and dust bunnies lurk]
  230. under the Boardwalk [another song by the Drifters]
  231. under the sea
  232. under the dryer, searching for socks
  233. an undisclosed location: Real Life — where top US politicos are to be taken in case of a national Emergency or attack.
  234. up on the roof [song by the Drifters written by Carole King]
  235. Up the Down Staircase [title of a novel by Bel Kaufman, filmed in 1967]
  236. Vasquez Rocks
  237. a VHS tape [the primary video storage medium before DVDs]
  238. the War Room
  239. the way to Saint Ives [references a nursery rhyme]
  240. wearing a raspberry beret
  241. the Well of Souls
  242. where there be Tygers
  243. where the streets have no name
  244. the White Cliffs of Dover, watching birds
  245. The White Hart
  246. the White Tower
  247. with a fox in a box
  248. with a girl, a gold watch, and everything [a book by John D. Macdonald]
  249. with Hades
  250. with Lola at the Copacabana
  251. with the sweet cream icing flowing dowwwwwwwwwwwwn [another reference to the Jimmy Webb song "MacArthur Park"]
  252. Woodstock [a famous outdoor concert festival in the 1960s]
  253. a wretched hive of scum and villainy
  254. Xanadu [also Charles Foster Kane's mansion and the site of Kubla Khan's decreed stately pleasure dome]
  255. Yasgur's Farm [location of Woodstock]
  256. your AC vent
  257. April Fools Day Websites Section