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Adaptational Jerkass / Ultimate Marvel

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Many characters in the Ultimate Marvel universe are a lot less friendly than the original ones at best.
  • The Ultimates:
    • The team is more of an elite military unit than a group of noble superheroes, groomed to fight the controversial War on Terror. In-Universe, views are conflicting: people in America see them as Eagleland Type 1, but for foreign powers they are a Type 2.
    • Betty Ross was created as a sweet girl that fell in love with Bruce Banner, in stark contrast with her father, "Thunderbolt" Ross, an always-angry General Ripper. The Ultimates take preference for her Military Brat aspect instead.
    • Captain America isn't just a man from the 1940s, he's abrasively rude and holds many of the same bigoted views prevalent at the time (and some that weren't). He also lacks the main Cap's diplomatic side, instead preferring to punch his problems away.
    • Hank Pym in the main universe has his issues and hit his wife once in a fit of rage. Ultimate Hank is a repeated abuser and once attacked her with an army of ants while she was shrunken down. He put her into a coma with this stunt.
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    • Hawkeye is a cold black-ops agent, instead of the jokester of the main universe. It only gets worse when his family dies, when he becomes a Death Seeker who antagonises the rest of his team.
    • Pyro initially started off as a case of Adaptational Heroism, helping other people and joining the X-Men. Then came Ultimates 3, where he infamously did something that got his hands cut off and Mastermind beheaded and would appall even 616!Pyro — suggesting he and Mastermind rape Valkyrie.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four
    • While the 616 version of Reed Richards has had moments of Jerkass behavior Depending on the Writer, Ultimate!Reed Richards is far more standoffish. It gets even worse after his Face–Heel Turn.
    • Reed's father has this going too. 616 Nathaniel Richards is a wise, patient man who, although pragmatic, loves his son dearly and imparted in him the moral that intelligence without morality means nothing. The Ultimate version doesn't even try to hide how much he dislikes his nerdy son, would prefer to have the jock Ben Grimm as his son, and is an all around terrible father.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man:
    • As opposed to the classic Betty Brant, Ultimate!Betty was a general jackass to people, including sleeping with Kraven, throwing around Ned Leeds's drinking problem to get a story she wanted and making bets about Ben Urich's disappearance. And during Miles Morales's time, she died before she could "out" Jefferson Morales as the second Spider-Man, not caring about Rio or Miles.
    • Ultimate Flash Thompson has never displayed a redeeming quality, as opposed to his 616 counterpart who not only showed some depth, but would eventually become a superhero.
  • Ultimate X-Men:
    • Professor Xavier used his powers for his own amusement, compared his love for his son to that of a pet owner and their pet, and was willing to create a drug made from Wolverine's DNA.
    • While he was blackmailed into it by the mafiya, Colossus was an arms dealer before joining the X-Men.
    • Because he was among Weapon X's victims, Nightcrawler had a brief psychotic break where he was a Stalker with a Crush to Dazzler and homophobic towards Colossus, though he later made amends.
    • Magneto was outright genocidal, and lacked the 616 version's tragic Holocaust backstory to boot. His parenting of his kids also amounted to constantly berating them.
    • Dazzler is openly rebellious and prone to swearing, since this version of her has more of a Punk Rock theme than Disco.
    • Jean Grey is much more blasé about casually abusing her powers. She switches Logan's mind with someone else's (having threatened to do so to Logan, but Peter Parker, being nowhere near the X-Men, had no clue and ended up being the victim) just because Logan hit on her one time too many for her taste. Peter flatly calls her and the rest of the X-Men out on this, accusing them of being hated not because they were mutants, but because they were complete assholes. There's also the fact that she's always reading people's minds without their consent for no apparent reason at times.
    • And speaking of Logan, the implications of just what he tried to do with Mary Jane while in Peter's body, just for starters. Also, let's not forget that Logan deliberately left Scott to die in the Savage Land, just so he could try and get Jean in bed. And since he mostly knew her as a 19-year-old here, and with the MJ thing in mind, this Logan might also have a thing for young girls, so his hitting on Jean takes the regular Logan's already dickish "hitting on woman in a relationship" and adds an extra layer of gross to things.

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