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Adaptational Attractiveness / Web Original

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Straight examples

  • Outright mocked in this video where The Wire is adapted into a musical. In the video Snoop, a female Blood Knight and ruthless enforcer who was accused of being a Butch Lesbian in the show and who generally acted and dressed like One of the Boys comes out dolled up and in a dress. She looks at herself and declares in disgust "Man, this some Cinderella bullshit man!"
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: Both leads are attractive, but less blatantly than most adaptations of Jane Eyre.
    • Jane is a downplayed example and done pretty well, considering the source material. She's supposed to look rather plain. Her actress is attractive, but her appearance is not enhanced by make-up or beautiful clothes. She looks like a normal girl who can be good-looking if she tries. When Jane shoots her vlog, she can be goofy, dorky, happy, scared, exhausted, tearful, visibly upset, dishevelled or with a prim and proper bun; wrapped up in an unflattering jumper, wearing her pyjamas or an elegant black dress or really sexy outfits like skinny jeans.
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    • Mr Rochester of the book is often described as downright ugly, though he's intelligent and has mysterious and brooding aura about him which makes him attractive. Mr Rochester in this version is quite handsome if slightly weird. He's not gorgeous as most Mr Rochesters in various adaptations, but other tropes like Troubled, but Cute successfully pump up his charms.
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Everybody on this show is insanely attractive. Most characters were good-looking, beautiful or handsome in Pride and Prejudice as well, but Mary Bennet and Charlotte Lucas who were plain in the original book are both gorgeous in the web-series too.
  • The monster in Frankenstein M.D., while not attractive per se, is less inhuman/disturbing-looking than in the majority of Frankenstein adaptations; he has visible scars on his body, but isn't really the Uncanny Valley-invoking patchwork creation of the original book.
  • This occurs in Vaguely Recalling JoJo because the fan can't remember all of the details, and has to fill some in.
    • Nena is not a gonky short woman, but a very feminine boy.note 
    • ZZ is not a scrawny guy with huge arms, but a guy with a Heroic Build and a Lantern Jaw of Justice.
    • J. Geil uses his default faceless appearance.
    • Enya gets transformed into a tall, beautiful woman after Polnareff massages her.
  • The animated webcast adaptation of the unfinished Doctor Who story "Shada" did this with two different characters.
    • Professor Chronotis was played in the TV version by Denis Carey as a decrepit old man. In the complete web-animation version, he was played by James Fox, and looked much more well-preserved due to being an Ink-Suit Actor.
    • The graduate student Clare was, in the TV story, dressed in frumpy 1970s office-style clothes. In the animation, she is redesigned as a late-1970s punkette, in a tight fluffy sweater, mildly Goth make-up, and a studded leather dog collar.


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