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The following have their own pages:

  • Sasha and the Frogs: In the original series, Maddie has no interactions with Ivy at all even not knowing about her relationship with Sprig; here, she joins Sprig and Ivy together during the Firefly Formal even befriending the two properly.


  • Tacos and Tea Parties starts with Fred being changed from a college student to a six-year-old girl when the gang rescue her from Pylea. As a result, due to her hero worship of Angel for saving her, he becomes her father figure rather than her initial crush, and after Fred saves Darla's life, Angel and Darla become 'Daddy' and 'Mommy' with Connor her adopted brother (prompting Fred to be slightly put out when Connor returns from Quor'toth and she's no longer the older sibling).

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • In The Masks we Wear (JiggleWigs), Azula and Zuko don't have a Sibling Rivalry thanks to their different upbringing.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series
    • Aang and Katara. In canon, they eventually become the Official Couple, with Katara strongly believing that Aang can save the world. In the fic, they don't interact all that much apart from when Katara is training Aang, and she's generally somewhat annoyed with him most of the time. When he disappears just before Sozin's Comet arrives and causes Zuko no end of trouble by sparing Ozai, Aang becomes a Broken Pedestal to Katara. After getting a kiss from Katara at the end of the series, Aang decides he's not ready for a relationship and gives up on her.
    • Zuko and Mai, primarily their post-series relationship. In canon, they get back together in the last episode, Mai leaves Zuko in The Promise, and they're implied to get back again in Smoke and Shadow. In the fic, Zuko primarily gets back with Katara for the sake of honor, is miserable most of the time, and finally breaks up with her after learning that Mai had been spying on him.
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    • Hakoda and his children. In canon, Hakoda does what he can to be a good parent to Katara and Sokka, even if their responsibilities often force them to be halfway across the world from each other. In the fic, he tries his hardest to be a "cool dad," which ranges from benign but somewhat embarrassing attempts to being a good father to actively trying to get Zuko and Katara to break up.


  • Common People:
    • Jason is rather hostile toward Bruce out of resentment for missing the first thirteen years of his life. In canon, Jason looked up to and loved Bruce until the day he died. His hostility against his father and the rest of the Batfamily didn't start until after his revival, and a good chunk of it was due to lingering effects from the Lazarus Pit.
    • Consequently, his relationships with Dick and Tim are much better without Robin's succession to contend over and their shared blood forcing him to acknowledge that they are, indeed, his brothers.
  • one day at a time:
    • Jason had absolutely no relationship with Carrie Kelley, Helena Wayne, or the McGinnis brothers in any canon due to either being dead or not existing. Here, he's their adoptive father and their Batman when each of them were Robin.
    • Damian's relationship with his siblings is a lot better, attributed to his young age and the different circumstances that are forcing him into his father's care. The only one he tries to kill is Jason, and that's to see if Jason is capable of protecting him.
  • The Changeling Sequence:
    • Jason skips the hostility against his father and brothers as he's far too focused on bringing Damian back to Gotham without attracting Ra's al Ghul's attention. Inversely, he nurses a fierce grudge against Roy Harper — who became his best friend in the Outlaws series — for saying the wrong thing.
    • Consequence of his Adaptational Personality Change, Damian is much easily accepted by the Batfamily and treasured as The Baby of the Bunch instead of antagonizing everyone with his Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour and Axe-Crazy Spoiled Brat antics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Btvs: Seasons Rewrite:
    • The Scoobies as a whole are closer. For starters, when Buffy returns from L.A., they're more sympathetic and caring for what Buffy went through after having to stake Angel, unlike in "Dead Man's Party," where they're distant from her, couldn't care less about her need to mourn Angel, and even get in a fight with her over running away right in front of dozens of their classmates.
    • Giles' paternal relationship with Buffy is also stronger. In the original episode "Helpless," he stripped Buffy of her powers for the Cruciamentum despite viewing the experience as an "archaic exercise in cruelty." Here, he outright refuses to put Buffy through the test, and only does so because Buffy chooses to go through with it to keep him as her Watcher.
    • Xander and Cordelia remain together throughout the first fic, whereas in canon they broke up during the events of Season 3 due to Xander cheating on her with Willow, which doesn't happen here. While they're broken up by the time of the Season 4 rewrite, they remain Amicable Exes.
    • Buffy and Angel remain together, and are even able to maintain a serious relationship, in part because the Powers That Be removed Angel's Curse Escape Clause. By the time of Season 4, Buffy's even moved into the Crawford Street Mansion with him.


  • In Amazing Fantasy, Izuku is hospitalized from a spider bite the day the Sludge Villain attacked and never learns All Might's Secret Identity or inherits One For All. Because of this, they never form the near familial relationship his One For All-wielding counterpart has. All Might's role as Izuku's mentor is instead supplanted by a universe-displaced Peter Parker.
  • In BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant, Teams RWBY and JNPR not forming end up causing a lot of canon relationships to alter:
    • Ruby and Weiss being on separate teams means that they never become friends. On the plus side, Weiss is much less antagonistic towards Ruby than she was at the beginning even in situations where they interact.
    • Yang and Blake never become partners. Instead, Yang becomes partners with Pyrrha. Additionally, because of this, Pyrrha forms a close bond with both Yang and Ruby. To top it off, Chapter 43 reveals that Pyrrha has developed a crush on Yang.
    • In the series, Jaune developed a crush on Weiss thanks to an off-hand comment she made before Ozpin's introduction speech. Here, she makes the off-hand comment towards Ragna, so Jaune never develops a crush on her.
    • Pyrrha had a crush on Jaune in canon and starts with one here, but being on separate teams and the lack of interaction between them results in said crush fading away over time, with it being revealed in Chapter 35 that she just got over it.
    • Since Blake never went to the docks due to not being on the same team as Weiss, she never meets Sun here and the two are complete strangers to each other.
    • Penny and Tukson were two characters with zero relation or connection to each other canonically. Here, Penny is one of Tukson's employees.
    • While Blake and Tukson were both former members of the White Fang, they didn't seem to know each other at all in canon. Here, they were friends, with Blake mourning his death when Penny calls her team about it.
    • Mai was friends with Tsubaki, Makoto, and Noel canonically from their time in the NOL Military Academy together. Here, they've evidently never met before Team JSMN's arrival at Beacon.
    • In the games, Ragna and Jin had a very...complicated relationship, with Ragna hating his brother and Jin wanting to kill him. Here, the two are on much better terms when they first meet and are able to be civil. It's only after Noel enters the conversation that things sour.
  • Breath of the Wild. Unlike the original canonical game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mipha and Link were confirmed to be romantically involved and even have a kid together.
  • Daria In Morrowind: Canonically, Sandi is the president of the Fashion Club and a rival to Quinn who pretends to be friendly. In the fanfic, the two openly dislike each other, and Sandi is not associated with the Fashion Club.
  • Harbinger (Finmonster)
    • In the movie, while Mitch does not heavily dislike Norman and is not mean to Norman directly, he disapproves of his brother's friendship with Norman and advises him not to hang out with Norman because of his reputation. In this story, he approves of Norman's friendship with Neil.
    • In the movie, Courtney is at first uncaring and aloof to Norman and is not above mocking him and trying to prove he's a liar. In this story, she is much kinder to him and is upset when everyone, including her boyfriend Dash, ridicules Norman.
    • In the film, Courtney had a crush on Mitch and it was their first time meeting. Here, they're childhood friends and she doesn't have a crush on him.
  • Jaune Arc, Lord of Hunger:
    • Thanks to Jaune's Force powers resembling her own Telekinesis Semblance, Professor Goodwitch ends up taking Jaune under her wing and makes him her apprentice, while he was just another student to her in canon.
    • This version of Darth Nihilus trained as a Jedi with Malek and was personally mentored by Revan. In Legends, they never meet and it's unclear whether Nihilus even knew Revan or Malek prior to his transformation.
    • In canon, Jaune was an Unknown Rival for Cinder and she considered him an insignificant footnote in her plans. Here, she takes more of an interest in Jaune after seeing his Force powers in action during the Breach.
  • Loud Ed Drama In their home series, Marie had a crush on Edd, although the latter didn't like her back and tried to ignore her. Here, the two develop a relationship.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton
    • Regardless of who Danny chooses as his perfect match, his relationship with Sam never becomes romantic.
    • For Danny to be on dates with Gwen Tennyson and Violet Parr, the relationship with their boyfriends are either broken up or they just haven't officially gotten together with them.
    • In order for Danny to be married to Kim Possible, her canon relationship with Ron Stoppable never developed into romance.
    • In all the other stories, Tucker Foley and Velma Dinkley are in a relationship. In TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, Tucker did not get together with Velma because he didn't want to pursue a long distance relationship.
    • Instead of ending up with their respective canon love interests, Jake Long and Sabrina Spellman end up with each other in TMDDF: After Many Dates Danny and Kitty.
  • The Marvelous World Of DC: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are Like Brother and Sister instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • Ryuko and her father, Isshin, had a much better relationship prior to his death in the Kill la Kill/My Hero Academia fanfic, My Bloody Academia, thanks to him not sending her to a boarding school.
  • Due to Mirellia revealing Malty's duplicity earlier than in The Rising of the Shield Hero, in A Special Kind Of Magic Ren and Itsuki gradually end up becoming friends with Naofumi. It helps that Naofumi genuinely helps them and has others willing to believe him to explain things to them.
  • Since Venom (2018) removes Peter Parker from the title character's origins, it's become common for fanworks crossing the film over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (like this one) to have Eddie Brock and that universe's Peter Parker forming an Intergenerational Friendship in place of their traditional enmity.
  • Weight of the World:
    • Salem does not want to capture or recruit Ruby and does not care about her any more than any of Ozpin's other "pawns". Since America is her target, Ruby did not defeat Cinder, and Silver-Eyes are a hindrance more than an asset Salem has no interest in Ruby Rose other than as another enemy.
    • Adam and Blake held no romantic feelings towards each other and were instead partners and friends before Blake left the White Fang. Adam's anger towards Blake is due to her betraying the White Fang and the personification of Menagerie rather than being a scorned and abusive ex-boyfriend.
    • Salem and Ozpin were never lovers in this series. Instead they were disciples of the Gods of Darkness and Light respectively.
  • Honey and Vinegar: Seras and Integra were close friends by the end of Hellsing, and she possessed Undying Loyalty towards her master. In the fanfic, they're enemies/rivals and Seras only ever worked with Integra on an Enemy Mine basis.
  • SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla III a.k.a Junior are antagonistic in Godzilla Vs Spacegodzilla with the former using the latter as a hostage to goad the second Godzilla into a fight. The Bridge shows them still in dire odds twenty years later Until it's revealed SpaceGodzilla was Good All Along and acting evil to try and toughen up his "little brother". It takes a long time in Equestria with influence from its inhabitants and a near-death 2v1 fight against Grand King Ghidorah, but they eventually bury the hatchet.
  • Scoob and Shag: In canon, Penny is Inspector Gadget's niece. In the comic, she's his creator and mental template.
  • Star Trek: Phoenix: In canon, Sunset and Twilight first meet as rivals and later become correspondents and long-distance friends, but play a fairly limited role in each other's lives outside of isolated incidents. In the story, they're adopted by the same family, consider themselves sisters, and share a very close emotional bond.

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • The relationship between Krillin and Android 18 is modified in the abridged series. Here, there is a mutual attraction that is far more obvious, much earlier on. The Relative Error downplay on Krillin's part is erased as well. This allows for the creators to make it more clear that they will get together, and even show them getting together in The Stinger of the final episode of the Cell saga. In fact, Krillin's relationship with Android 18 is used to erase a lot of the trappings of his Butt-Monkey mythos in the abridged series: his "Krillin Owned Count" is depleted and destroyed during their Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex in The Stinger.
    • Korin and Yajirobe are placed in a relationship during the Cell saga. They get married in Movie 8, but since the movies aren't strictly canon, it's unknown if they're married in the "canon" DBZA universe.
    • On a less romantic note, Tien is shown to be much closer friends to the other Z-Warriors (except Vegeta), with him and Yamcha even admitting they’re Vitriolic Best Buds in the finale of Season 3. In the source material, once he separates himself from Tsurusennin/Master Shen, he sees himself solely as Goku's Friendly Rival, with everyone else being merely acquaintances he has no problem fighting alongside of as necessary.
    • Guru and Lord Slug are unrelated in canon aside from both being Namekians, but here Lord Slug is Guru's expunged good half, like Demon King Piccolo was Kami's evil half, and Guru calls Slug his brother. Additionally, all Namekians on the planet Namek by the time Freeza invaded consisted of Guru and his offspring in the source material, as Guru was the Sole Survivor of the calamity that befell Namek and spat out eggs to repopulate his species. In the abridged series, Guru was not the only survivor and instead led the other survivors of the drought that he caused, so the other Namekians aren't directly related to him. This means that in canon, Nail, Dende, and Mouri were brothers, while in this series Nail does not appear to be related to anyone and Dende is instead Mouri's actual son rather than a fellow brother who lives in his village.
    • Dr. Gero hates Goku because Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army in both versions, but the abridged series changes the context to make it more personal. In canon, Gero had a son who was a Red Ribbon Army soldier felled by an enemy bullet, and Gero viewed Goku's annihilation of the army as rendering his work and his son's death All for Nothing. In the abridged series, Bulma discovers from digging through files in the database of Android 16 (who All There in the Manual from Toriyama reveals is modeled after Gero's dead son) that Goku's assault on the Red Ribbon base killed his son.
    • In the original World's Strongest movie, Dr. Kochin was a loyal servant to Dr. Wheelo, who was the one who came up with the body theft plan. Here, Dr. Wheelo spends most of his screen time protesting Kochin's actions, while Kochin ignores his objections and thinks he's doing what Wheelo wants.

The Elder Scrolls

  • Sleeper In The Cave's author was so utterly squicked by the hints that Divayth Fyr considered his Opposite-Sex Clone as his "wives", the story firmly makes his relationship with the girls entirely platonic and fatherly.

Fate/stay night

  • In Fate Stay Night, Rin Tohsaka and Saber are good friends in the Fifth Grail War thanks to Rin's alliance with Shirou, and in their respective routes, the other will support their relationship with Shirou. In Fate Stay Night Heirs, Rin is the one that summons Saber instead of Shirou, and their relationship goes from merely Master and Servant to a romance in full capacity.

Fire Emblem

  • In The Ghost of Ochs, Leonie gets along with Monica a lot better than she does in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, primarily because Monica also has a more favorable relationship with Jeralt on account of him being her teacher's father. In the game, "Monica" was the victim of a Kill and Replace plot, but Leonie refers to Jeralt's actual killer, Kronya, as "Monica" even after both characters have been dead for a long time.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

  • In the show canon, Frankie forgives Goofball when he shows her genuine gratitude for taking care of him at the end of the episode. In Frankie Rules she instead has hatred for him.

Girl Genius

  • In Raised by Jägers
    • Agatha and the Jaegers, of course. While her relationship with them was never bad in canon, here she grew up with them and knows every single one by name.
    • Mamma Gkika ends up raising Agatha as a daughter. This also means that she doesn't meet Adam and Lilith until much later in life, and while she likes them, she doesn't see them as her parents.
    • Agatha goes by "Agatha Heliotrope" because she is supposed to be Van's cousin. They grow up very close.
    • Rather than being Beetle's Ditzy Secretary who he keeps around because of her family, Agatha is his Hypercompetent Sidekick and he doesn't know anything about her. She is able to avert much of the early parts of the comic by "accidentally" sending a message to the Baron about the Hive Engine, meaning Beetle doesn't get a chance to commit treason. Likewise, she has Merlot's (very grudging) respect.
    • Her relationship with Gil starts out much more positive, since they're able to skip the whole "killed someone in front of her and then kidnapped her" thing.
    • Her relationship with Tarvek has both upsides and downsides: Since he never participated in a plot to kidnap her, she doesn't have any major reason to distrust him. On the other hand, since he never helped her escape from some kidnapping, she doesn't have much reason to trust him, either. She gets a much less competent impression of him overall, since he's largely dragged along as Ducky's "souvenir."
    • Agatha is well aware that "Higgs" is one of her generals from the start, since without the Other in her head there's no reason to hide it.

High School D×D

  • All over the place in The Roots Of Hope. To name a couple of examples.
    • Rossweisse, while starting with a student-teacher relationship with Issei, eventually fell in love with him, becoming one of his fiancées. Here she falls in love with Dorian and remains amicable with Issei.
    • Similarly, Xenovia doesn't pursue Issei to have a strong child, her target being Kiba instead.

How to Train Your Dragon


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • In A Thousand Answers, Robert E.O. Speedwagon is initially dismissive of Jonathan Joestar when they first meet, thinking him just another spoiled rich kid on a ship full of them (though eventually warms up to him as the story progresses). He actually ends up developing sibling-like relationship with Erina (disguised as a boy named Erin) more quickly. This is in sharp contrast to canon, where Speedwagon quickly develops nothing but admiration for Jonathan's character and isn't shown interacting with Erina at all until the sequel series.

Jurassic Park

  • In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the Indoraptor stalked and terrorised Maisie Lockwood the moment it first saw her, only being stopped from killing her by the intervention of Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Blue. In "My Father's Sins", Maisie meets the Indoraptor when she's younger and the creature 'recognises' her as Sister due to their shared existence as clones, to the extent that Maisie names the Indoraptor 'Jack' (she overheard a scientist compare the creature to Jack the Ripper) and Jack in turn acts to protect her when he has previously been violent to all humans getting close to him.

Kill la Kill

  • Natural Selection:
    • In canon, Satsuki and Ryuko didn't learn they were sisters until the 18th episode of the anime. Here, they grow up together from the beginning.
    • While Satsuki and Nonon's friendship at the beginning of the story is similar to how it was in the series, prior to then they had a falling out. Canonically, they remained best friends throughout their lives.
    • Canonically, Ryuko and Mako were best friends. Here, they become girlfriends prior to the start of the story.
    • In canon, Ryuko and Nui are bitter enemies. Here, they enjoy a sisterly relationship.
    • While Nui was treated as Ragyo's daughter in the main series, she's officially adopted into the Kiryuin family here rather than treated as separate from them.
    • Mako and her family all loved each other in the anime, but thanks to their Acquired Situational Narcissism from Mako becoming a Three-Star and reaping the benefits in this story, her relationship with them is far colder, if not outright broken.

The Loud House

  • Moving In: In the show, Lincoln and Clyde have been best friends since kindergarten. Here, they didn’t meet until fifth grade when Lincoln moved to Royal Woods and when Principal Higgins chose Clyde to become Lincoln’s new student guide. Furthermore, Lincoln is the newest addition into his canon friend group, instead of Stella.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony knew Peter's secret identity from the very start, Peter going to great lengths to impress Tony who in-turn remains aloof in a desire to protect him. Here, Peta in Peta Parker becomes his intern with him completely unaware of the fact that she's Spider-Man. He sees Spider-Man as a mystery he struggles to decode while coming to see "him" as a true hero focused on the little guy and Peta as the snarky second-opinion capable of keeping up with him intellectually and casually.
  • In canon, Spider-Man is portrayed as a Fanboy desperate to become a member of the Avengers with Iron Man keeping him at arms' length. In The Devil's in the details it is the opposite, Tony trying to get him involved in the Avengers Initiative and getting a restraining order put against him in the process.

Marvel Universe

Miraculous Ladybug

My Hero Academia

  • In canon, Bakugou respects All Might and sees him as the greatest Hero in the world. In #14 (MHA), Bakugou despises All Might enough to want to kill him when they first meet and avoids him as much as possible. This is due to Bakugou seeing All Might's rejection of Izuku's dream as part of the reason the latter committed suicide.
  • Coyote does this with Midoriya and Bakugo. Since Bakugo was Midoriya's Only Friend prior to entering U.A. (to use the term loosely), their relationship is complicated, since while Bakugo bullies Midoriya, Midoriya still admires Bakugo, and there are some hints that Bakugo does care about Midoriya in his own way. Here, it's much simpler. Since Midoriya has a true friend in Riley Coyote, Midoriya doesn't care for Bakugo, while Bakugo's being even crueler in this fic means the feeling's mutual.
  • A Green Dragon's Hoard:
    • Inko and Hisashi simply had a drunken one night stand, unlike canon where they're married.
    • Nemuri is Inko's wife and Izuku's stepmother rather than just the latter's teacher.
    • Mitsuki is Katsuki's daughter rather than him being her son. Mitsuki is also Izuku's girlfriend.
    • Rather than a minor villain, Manami Aiba is Izuku's childhood babysitter, semi-adoptive sister, and another of his girlfriends.
    • Inko is a friend of Manami's via an online forum they both frequent.
  • Ochako and Bakugo are mostly on neutral terms in canon. Not so much in Green Tea Rescue, where Ochako loathes Bakugo with every fiber of her being, since she went to Aldera Junior High for her last year of Middle School and personally witnessed how he brutally bullied Izuku. Also, Ochako and Izuku's bond is much stronger than in canon due meeting and befriending each other a whole year before attending UA.
  • Heroes Never Die:
    • Izuku's relationship with Bakugo is slightly better, as Izuku's unconcerned attitude makes him difficult to bully. Likewise, when Bakugo confronts him about "lying" about being Quirkless, Izuku is able to calm him down by pointing out that Izuku did tell him he had a Quirk, Bakugo just never believed him.
    • Izuku and Uraraka aren't as close, for a few reasons. While she did still save him, she never tried to share her points with him (because he didn't need them), and she is annoyed when he bluntly tells her that she should get rid of the high heels on her costume.
      Asui: You've never been very popular with girls, have you Midoriya?
    • Izuku's rivalry with Todoroki gets accelerated when Izuku and Ashido beat him in the Combat Test, and then Izuku gives him a tongue-lashing for not using his full power.
  • Juxtapose:
    • All Might is slightly healthier than in canon, managing to hold out in his conversation with Izuku long enough to get away without revealing himself. Izuku doesn't learn All Might's Secret Identity, instead meeting his withered form as "Toshinori Yagi", who becomes Izuku's mentor after dashing Izuku's hopes of becoming a Hero that same day.
    • Toshinori also makes peace with Sir Nighteye after coming to the revelation that being Toshinori Yagi is as important to him as being All Might, deciding to begin laying the groundwork for his retirement while planning to pass on One For All to Izuku.
    • Katsuki is actually remorseful for his previous actions towards Izuku after realizing the devastating potential of Izuku's Quirk, making it his mission to get Izuku into the Hero Course to atone.
  • Lavandula Somnambulist:
    • In-canon, Aizawa and Hizashi are Red Oni, Blue Oni friends and Aizawa is Shinso's mentor. Here, Aizawa and Hisashi are married and Shinso is their adopted son.
    • Inko and Nemuri are apparently long-time friends.
    • In canon, Izuku considers Bakugo to be his friend and rival, taking the abuse and channeling it into a zeal to surpass him. Here Izuku is much more cynical and sarcastic towards him, barely acknowledging his presence while Bakugo tries to push his buttons.
  • Locked In Digital: In canon, Izuku has a mentor relationship with All Might due to inheriting One for All, and his friends are Iida, Ochako, Todoroki, and Tsuyu. In the fic, Izuku and All Might never met until the Number One hero starts teaching. All Might is actually unnerved by the teen despite having some knowledge about what happened to him. Izuku also unnerves Iida and Tsuyu, has a light acquaintanceship with Ochako, and Todoroki somewhat ignores him, his rivalry with Izuku instead taken up by Bakugou. Izuku is instead friends with Koda, Yaoyorozu, Jirou, and to a lesser extent Hatsume, while his relationship with Bakugo is complicated but based more on mutual respect and understanding than anything.
  • Mastermind: Strategist for Hire: Izuku/Mastermind is on far better terms with Himiko Toga than in canon, with Izuku becoming friends with her and receiving self-defense training from her.
  • One for All and Eight for the Ninth:
    • Due to the empathy link in One For All connecting Izuku and his future harem members, the relationships between him and each of the girls plus between the girls themselves is going to be way different from canon.
    • Thanks to the vestiges' support and influence, Izuku stops considering Bakugo as his friend. He even laments all the years he wasted letting Bakugo bully him in hopes of rekindling their friendship.
    • Then there's the relationship dynamics within both of the first-year hero classes. From the get-go, everyone in Class 1-A hit it off like a house on fire and get their own little subgroups of friends within. Whereas Class 1-B has to deal with Bakugo's fragile ego, Todoroki's hangups, Monoma's gadfly Anti-Hero facade, Kamakiri's Blood Knight tendencies, and Mineta's perversions.
    • While Kirishima was Bakugo's best friend in canon, here the two of them don't interact at all since they're in different classrooms, with Tetsutetsu being Kirishima's best friend instead. And while in canon Kirishima greatly admires Bakugo, here it's implied that, like the rest of his classmates, he's disgusted by both Bakugo's abrasive personality and his history as an unrepentant bully.
    • Denki and Mineta were friends in canon. Here, not only were they put in different classes, Denki is disgusted by Mineta groping Momo.
    • Without Bakugou there to sour relations before they even have a chance to form, Izuku and the rest of Class 1-A form a more positive connection with the students who came to see the class that survived a Villain Attack.
  • In Powdered Gold and Pottery, All Might retired years before the main story begins, after an incident that led to Endeavor passing him in the rankings. Since he's no longer an active hero, his relationship with Sir Nighteye is much more stable, with the two of them at much greater ease around each other than they are in canon.
    • Since Endeavor was able to achieve his dream of becoming Number One, Rei was able to get a divorce and get the children away from their abusive father. Now living as the Hiyamizus, they have much closer and healthier relationships with each other, as opposed to the isolation, neglect, and Training from Hell he put them through canonically.
    • Downplayed with Izuku and Katsuki. Katsuki is still a Jerkass who dislikes and tries to intimidate Izuku, but since Izuku has a Quirk in this AU, he stands up to him more. He also doesn't call him 'Kacchan' or make excuses for his behavior.
    • The existence of the Peacemakers leads to several characters already knowing each other through their work on group projects. Of particular note are Kirishima and Shinso, who are already best friends when the story begins.
  • Silent Shadow:
    • Katsuki is an ally of Kuro, instead of being a bully or a rival, as he plans on saving him in Broken Silence. This happens way earlier than any positive change that occurred in canon.
    • Thanks to the loyalty Kuro demonstrates by defending Shigaraki and Kurogiri, Stain chooses to ally himself with the league.
    • At first, Shigaraki sees Kuro as nothing more than a tool but after the incident with Stain, it turns more into a disaster siblings kind of relationship.
    • Since Izuku isn't a student at Yuuei, Shouto doesn't engage him in a fight at the Sports Festival, and since he only meets Kuro there for the very first time, he isn't as strongly influenced by his words and doesn't use his flames like he did in canon, and as they quickly parted ways, they don't become friends.
    • Instead of Izuku, All Might takes Mirio as his successor.
  • Young Midoriya:
    • In this fic, Kendo, in addition to being Izuku's first genuine friend prior to UA, went to the same middle school with him and Bakugo. When the trio do make it into UA, they all are a part of 1-A. In addition, there’s some Ship Tease between them.
    • Thanks to going to extensive therapy, Izuku drops his admiration for Bakugo, and is much more willing to stand up to him.
    • While Izuku and All Might are close in canon due to the latter choosing the former as his successor, here, All Might is much more involved in his development due to meeting him when Izuku was 12 instead of 15. Officially, Izuku works as All Might's intern.
      • Among the things All Might does is having Nezu tutor Izuku.
    • During the Stain arc, instead of interning with Gran Torino, Izuku chooses to intern under Mirko.
  • In Vigilantism Of Olympic Proportions, all of Class 1-A's members (with Mineta replaced by Shinsou) have known each other for a long time before starting U.A., living as a makeshift family and operating as a vigilante group called the Pantheon.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

  • In canon, Nicol Ascart, though having feelings for Katarina Claes, is content with remaining as a good friend due to Katarina being engaged to his friend Geordo, with any progress coming from his sister Sophia. In Windy Trees and Sweet Songs, because Katarina landed on her head and regained her memories a day earlier than canon, she does not end up engaged to Geordo, and she and Nicol end up engaged after he sees her wanting to be friends with Sophia despite her albinism (which was also one of the reasons why Nicol fell in love with her in canon).
    • Word of God said that Sophia doesn't have the same crush on Katarina as she does in canon, instead purely views her as her friend and her brother's fiance.
  • pleased to meet you (hope you guess my name), after Katarina regains her memories, she overhears a conversation between Nicol and Sophia's dad and some people from the Ministry of Magic discussing a commoner with light magic being discovered in a village to the south. Katarina arranges for herself and Anne to visit Maria under the justification Katarina could play outdoors and not interrupt anyone inside the house. This leads to Maria and Katarina becoming childhood friends (and Maria falling in love with Katarina) and the people of Maria's village treating her more nicely. At the academy, Maria becomes more confident (such as telling some bullies that they'd have to deal with Katarina which gets them to back off, Geordo dissolves his engagement to Katarina having realized Maria won and Katarina and Maria hook up together at the end after Katarina realizes she and Maria were in love.


  • Like with Son of the Sannin above, some Naruto fanfics like The Honoured Guest and True Potential have Naruto and Karin bonding over being Uzumakis. Exactly how they develop their relationship varies between fic to fic.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • EVA Sessions: Someplace Vast and Dry:
    • Gendo is particularly close to his children, particularly Shinji (biological son), Misato (adopted daughter) and Rei (half-daughter from Yui's side with Lilithian genetic material).
    • Fuyutsuki is simply Yui's former professor without any hints of unrequited attraction to his student; he also has a far more congenial working relationship with Gendo, with both men frequently bouncing ideas off each other.
    • Martin Langley is similarly a devoted husband to Kyoko and a Doting Parent to Asuka, in contrast to his (unnamed) canon counterpart, who was neglectful to his daughter at best and an adulterer at worst.
    • Naoko is much more supportive of her daughter Ritsuko.
    • Gendo, Yui, Kyoko and Naoko and the late Dr. Katsuragi were all implied to be colleagues and friends in academia.
    • Misato and Ritsuko were close friends since High School, rather than meeting each other later at University
    • Shinji and Rei were Childhood Friends with Asuka since the age of three; in particular, Rei and Asuka's friendship persisted even after the latter moved away with her father to Switzerland after her mother's death.

One Piece

  • Coby's Choice:
    • Compared to their canon status as just True Companions, Luffy and Nami become romantically involved after Arlong Park, sexually intimate after the events of Skypia and married during Thriller Bark.
    • In canon, Hancock is madly in love with Luffy because of his kindness while Luffy remains ignorate of her feelings and sees her as a good friend. Here, Hancock is trying to seduce him to prove that her beauty cannot be ignored, while Luffy is annoyed at her efforts because he is devoted to his wife Nami.


  • Gonjiki Yasha – Meiji Onmyōji Tales: In the game, Tadayoshi is a Posthumous Character whom Seimei and co. meet for the first time as a ghost. In the fic, not only does Yosano Tadayoshi briefly appear alive, he and Abekawa Haruaki (Seimei) have long known each other as student and teacher. Likewise, Seimei and Yōko only meet for the first time in the game's main story, but Haruaki and Watanabe Yōko are already familiar with each other with the former being the latter's teacher and the latter maliciously nicknaming the former "Gonjiki Yasha".
    • In the game, Ichimokuren and Susabi never interact and possibly don't even know each other. In the fic, Kikuchi Ren and Akutagawa Susabi work at the same shrine.

The Owl House

  • Luz Belos: Princess of the Boiling Isles:
    • While Luz and Amity start out as rivals (devolving into a "Will They/Won't They" scenario), here they're girlfriends.
    • While they still bicker at times, here Eda and Lilith are much more civil with each other.
    • While Boscha was a bully to Willow in the series, here they are friends who Relationship Upgrades into girlfriends.
  • Hail To The Queen:
    • By design of the concept, Luz is a complete stranger to the occupants of the Owl House.
    • Luz and Hunter are enemies in the main series, but here, while they started off hating each other, they grew close to the point where they considered each other to be their sibling.
    • Since the events of the Covention in the main series never happened, Amity is still on good terms with Lilith and continues to train with her.
    • Hooty in the series was friendly with Amity even when she wasn't, with her eventually warming up to him. Here, the two openly loath each other.
    • Lilith and Eda are even closer and have resolved all their issues thanks to having had years to sort them out.

Persona 5

  • In the original Royal, Joker and Ryuji (along with the rest of the Phantom Thieves) trusted Maruki with their biggest desires and developed a friendly relationship with him throughout the story. In Royalty-free Rerun, the two are far more hostile to Maruki than they were in canon, due to him unknowingly being Sumire's Trauma Button and sending her into a traumatic flashback in front of them.


  • Pokémon: Nova and Antica: Misty and Dawn never meet each other canonically. Here, they are introduced to one another early on and therefore become two of the five members of the main group.

Resident Evil

  • Liquid's Resident Evil: In canon, Ethan and Zoe were merely friends, working together to survive the Dulvey Incident. Here, they end up a couple by the end of Biohazard, with Zoe, not Mia, being Rose's mother.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

  • Hope of the Shield Hero:
    • In canon, Naofumi is hated by his fellow heroes thanks to his false rape accusation, while he has disdain for them for their recklessness and treating the world like a fantasy. Here, Naofumi, Itsuki, and Ren have stronger respect towards each other, with Ren and Itsuki knowing that Naofumi never raped Mein/Malty and even offering advice to him on upgrading his shield and reaching the Wave.
    • Raphtalia and Filo in canon behaved like competitors for Naofumi's affection. Here, Filo views both Naofumi and Raphtalia as her parents.
  • The Rising of the Four Heroes: Instead of being from different worlds, the heroes from The Rising Of The Shield Hero existed in the same world, even living in the same apartment before being summoned. In particular, Ren and Itsuki were childhood friends, while Naofumi and Motoyasu having known each other for a few years.
  • Ambition of the Red Princess: Naofumi and the other heroes get along much better than in canon, thanks to Malty deciding not to frame him for raping her. Motoyasu still has hostility towards him due to envy of him having Malty as a party member, but they still get along better than in canon.


  • Children of Remnant: Ruby at one point refers to a "Nana Maria", clearly referring to fellow Silver-Eyed Warrior Maria Calavera and implying that the two are a lot closer than they are in canon.
  • The RWBY fic Let Me Hear turns Weiss and Blake into adopted sisters. This changes their relationship considerably and removes the Volume 1 animosity between them. Instead, Weiss doesn't get along well with Yang due to Yang's Hot-Blooded, hands-on personality clashing with her own.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Cat-Ra
    • While the general dynamic of Adora and Catra's relationship starts out the same, Adora's Sanity Slippage and Catra's new sense of morality combined with her ruthless nature cause their relationship to become even worse than it was in canon. To the point where, by Season 4, Catra legitimately wants to murder Adora.
    • In canon, Catra's and Frosta's only real interaction was when Frosta punched her in the face. Here Catra and Frosta bond over pranking and develop a sibling-like relationship.
    • In canon, Scorpia considers Catra her best friend and develops a crush on her. Here she and Catra barely know each other and admits she doesn't even know Scorpia's name in "White Out".

Sly Cooper

  • In canon, Sly and Carmelita have a Dating Catwoman dynamic where Carmelita tries to catch Sly for his thieving ways and Sly evades him, their relationship never moving out of it in-spite of the copious amount of ship-teasing and implied next-step taking at the end of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. In Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox and the Thievius raccoonus, they had been childhood friends since their days at the orphanage. By the time the plot of Thievius Raccoonus kicks into gear, they have long since started dating and Sly intends on proposing to her once they have reclaimed their respective lexicons from the Fiendish Five.

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • In A Dragon's Roar:
    • Due to her mother's influence, Cersei has a very close and loving relationship with Tyrion. Inversely, her relationship with Jaime is colder than in canon, again due to their mother, who intervenes before their incest can actually develop.
    • Unlike canon, where the proposal between Elia and Jaime doesn't go through, here it does. It also looks to be a Perfectly Arranged Marriage.
    • Jaime was a complete stranger to Robert and Eddard in their teenage years. Here, the three of them (alongside Daeron) are True Companions.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In Sonic and Donna, Sonic has a cousin named Sonia. Sonia's mother is named Aleena. This refers to his sister and mother from Sonic Underground.

Story of Seasons

  • Do You Believe In Fairies?: Candace and Luna are half-sisters through their father. In canon, nothing suggests they don't also share a mother.


  • Hellsister Trilogy: In the original Legion of Super-Heroes comics, Supergirl was in love with Brainiac 5 and she barely had any interaction with Dev-Em. In this story, Kara and Dev are dating.
  • Kara of Rokyn: In canon, Kara Zor-El and Van-Ol are mere acquaintances. In this story they start a relationship and get engaged.

Super Mario Bros.

Sword Art Online

  • Sword Art Online Abridged:
    • Kirito fails to build a Supporting Harem in this series because he's such an Adaptational Jerkass. After Kirito cheerfully admits he was using Silica as bait during their episode together, she ditches him as "the worst person I've ever met," and Lisbeth likewise gets over her attraction for him and remains at most a Vitriolic Best Bud.
    • The series drastically alters the relationship between Kazuto/Kirito and Suguha/Leafa for its second season. In canon, Kirito was an Aloof Big Brother who still cared for Suguha, while she held a Big Brother Attraction toward her cousin/adopted sibling. In the abridged series, Suguha is a verbally- and physically-abusive Little Sister Bully with nothing but disdain for him, while Kazuto hates his sister so much that he nearly commits a Murder by Inaction when she starts choking in front of him.
    • In the original Fairy Dance arc, Sakuya and Eugene had no connection beyond being the leaders of two rival factions in Alfheim Online. In the abridged series, the two are former lovers who had a messy break-up, stole each other's accounts, and forced everyone else on the server to choose sides, all while roleplaying as vicious parodies of each other.


  • Swear Not By The Moon: This ends up going both ways. In this fic, Rapunzel and Eugene were never in love and are only close friends. While Rapunzel and Cassandra both end up falling in love with each other.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)

  • Heroes in the Shadows: In canon, Donatello and Dr. Rockwell have a very vitriolic relationship, their first meeting involving Rockwell beating Donatello beating within an inch of his life and later the two butting heads as their team's resident Smart Guys. Here Dr. Rockwell is Donatello's employer, Donnie having earned his way into his lab, and become protective of him whenever they are in danger.

Total Drama

  • A TDA Love Triangle with Betty, Cody, and Gwenny In canon Geoff realize he was becoming a jerk and make up with Bridgette. In this story he becomes worse and breaks up with Bridgette.
  • Cast Swap
    • In canon, Dave detested Beardo due to viewing his sound effects as being immensely annoying. Here, because Beardo is not eliminated first and eventually starts talking, Dave instead becomes one of his best friends on the show.
    • Like in canon, Duncan and Gwen break up in All-Stars. But whereas that occurred in canon because of Gwen becoming fed up with how Duncan was clearly still interested in Courtney, Gwen here was instead feeling incredibly guilty about the fact the relationship began with an act of infidelity and becomes Amicable Exes with Duncan afterwards.
  • Change of Plans:
    • Cody became friends with Ezekiel during their time at Playa des Losers, and is very upset about his Sanity Slippage and the way that Chris takes advantage of it.
    • Even after Courtney gets her eliminated, Gwen wants to rebuild their friendship, unlike on the show, where her last words before taking the Drop were "Suck it, Courtney!"
    • Chris and Blaineley have a more acrimonious relationship than in canon.
  • A Codette World Tour:
    • Alejandro's vendetta against Bridgette. In canon, he targeted her for elimination purely for the sake of getting further in the competition and was otherwise indifferent to her. Here, his failure to eliminate Bridgette in the Yukon makes him increasingly hateful of her (like calling her a shallow bimbo) and her successes, culminating in him staging an Attempted Rape of her and later trying to outright kill her in the finale.
    • Similarly, Alejandro cared very little about Cody in canon and only started taking him seriously once the two were in the final four. Here, Alejandro considers Cody to be one of his most formidable enemies and makes it a high priority to get him eliminated early so he can then take Bridgette down without any opposition.
  • Despair Island: Whereas Ezekiel was widely disliked by his fellow contestants in canon, he gets along very well with pretty much all his teammates here.
  • Noah, the Schemer: In the show, Duncan and Cody repeatedly conflict with each other due to Cody being jealous that Duncan got together with Gwen, and Duncan being annoyed with Cody's pranks towards him. Here, while Cody is clearly upset that he lost another chance at Gwen, he doesn't hold any grudges against Duncan for it, and even considered allying with him against Courtney.
  • Predator and Prey: In canon, Alejandro was never implied to have any real interest in Bridgette except as someone to manipulate. Here, Alejandro has a sexual predator-like Villainous Crush on Bridgette and wants to take her away from Geoff for himself.
  • Random Drama Series: Noah and Ellody apparently already knew each other before the race in which he described her as "his only friend before joining Total Drama", while in the original Ridonculous Race there are no signs that they know each other.
  • Summer Camp Wawanakwa: Characters that were eliminated early and had little interaction with the other contestants are able to develop more meaningful relationships in this adaption. One example is Ezekiel who is far less isolated than his canon counterpart and has become friendly with both Izzy and Harold.
  • Total Drama All-Stars Rewrite
    • In All-Stars, Duncan and Gwen's relationship has clearly lost it's spark, and ending with Gwen breaking up with Duncan when it's apparent that he's obsessed with getting Courtney's attention. Here, while they face occasional road bumps, their relationship holds strong.
    • Gwen and Courtney's friendship also ends differently than in canon. In All-Stars, Courtney betrayed Gwen, intending to have her eliminated second to last despite promising they'd go to the finale together. This ends with Gwen breaking their friendship, and despite Courtney's efforts to restore it, they part on bad terms. Here, despite the events from canon being the same, Gwen and Courtney eventually rekindle their friendship again.
    • In the show, Duncan and Noah rarely interacted, and when they did, it was always negative. Here, their relationship is closer to that of Vitriolic Best Buds, the two mocking each other and often engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat, but still enjoy each other's company.
  • Total Drama: Cody's Redemption In canon, Cody had limited interaction with Bridgette, Courtney, and Lindsay, while here they're his closest friends, with both Bridgette and Lindsay interested in getting together with Cody.
    • Cody and Gwen are an interesting case. In canon, Cody had a big crush on her and spent his time on Total Drama trying to impress her, while she was cold to him. He got the hint that she was not interested in him, and set her up with their mutual friend Trent, causing her to warm up to Cody and them becoming friends. In this story, Cody never pursue Gwen, already aware that it would be useless, but Gwen is cold to Cody despite him never giving her any reason to distrust her. In fact, she's much meaner here than she was in canon. Even when Cody set her up with Trent, she still can't tell Trent what Cody supposedly did to anger her, and, despite her promising Trent to give Cody a chance, she remains cold to Cody and ungrateful to him. Chapter 22 revealed Gwen had a deep hatred of geeks and was never going to give Cody a chance unlike in canon.
    • Unlike canon, Lindsay and Tyler don't start a romantic relationship, with Lindsay gently telling Tyler that she likes Cody already. They still stay good friends afterwards.
  • Total Drama Redemption: In canon, Noah and Gwen had very little interaction, and neither seemed to have a particularly high opinion of the other. Here, Gwen considers Noah one of her best male friends on the show and ends up in a relationship with him after breaking up with Trent.
  • Unbreakable Red Silken Thread
    • In World Tour, Cody and Heather formed a small friendship, while here, it leads to a relationship.
    • In canon Duncan and Gwen broke apart because it's implied the spark between them died, with them lacking chemistry and affection at the start of All-Stars and finally breaking up. Here, their relationship has continued and has become highly destructive, toxic, and abusive.
    • Jasmine and Samey were friends much early in their lives, and that friendship leads to a secret relationship.
    • In canon Dawn and Zoey were acquaintances. And while Zoey didn't dislike Dawn she did consider her creepy. In this story, they are roommates and close friends.


  • X-Men 1970: Canonically, Vera Cantor and Zelda Morton are two obscure X-Men secondary characters who vanished into comic limbo after the '60s. Here, they're dating Beast and Iceman respectively.
  • In the X-Men: Evolution fanfic XXY:Evolution, where most of the characters are genderbend, Shango Orion Munroe (male Storm) and Ms. Logan (female Wolverine) are a couple.


  • Zero Hour (ARC-V):
    • Ray and Zarc being the biggest ones. Instead of being arch-enemies from canon, the two of them are villainous lovers who enter an Unholy Matrimony with each other as they transcend to Godhood. In the present time, the two of them act Like an Old Married Couple (since the two aren't legally married) with a strong trust in each other and treated their respective four counterparts as their own children. Furthermore, anyone who is close relatives and friends to their counterparts is welcome into their family as well.
    • As each of the Bracelet Girls became more assertive and realizing their own feelings for their respective Dragon Boys, each of them became closer:
      • Ruri and Yuto becoming much more openly affectionate as a couple, as they kept things low key prior to Heartland getting invaded by Academia.
      • Rin returning Yugo's one-sided romantic feelings with a Big Damn Kiss as she acted like a maternal figure to him prior to Ray's awakening and drops most of her Tsundere tendencies that involve hitting him.
      • Serena and Yuri starting to confide in each other despite Leo Akaba's meddling.
      • Yuzu and Yuya becoming a couple after his win against Strong Ishijima, completed with a Big Damn Kiss from the former.
    • Grady and Carly's relationship was very very minimal (Aside from a comment Carly made of knowing who Grady was). In the story, they have each other's back and act like brother and sister.