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Adaptation Induced Plot Hole / Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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    The Lightning Thief 
  • Poseidon rising out of the water in the beginning of the movie. In front of a fisherman. Who clearly acknowledges his presence. Only two minutes in and the filmmakers already show their misunderstanding of source material, where it was made very explicit that The Mist prevents mortals from knowing about gods. This begs the question as to how the gods managed to hide their conflicts when they are portrayed as pretty antagonistic and confrontational to begin with.
  • In the book, Ms. Dodds was Percy's math teacher and knew him for much longer than in the film. Here, she's his substitute English teacher and already knows his name. One could argue that she was disguised as a Fury and already knew Percy's name, but he didn't know that, so this just makes her look dumb.
  • Percy killing the Minotaur with its own horn. While he did the same thing in the book, it was only because he didn't have his sword, which he had in the film.
  • Percy's identity of being the son of Poseidon. It's treating like nothing in the film, but was a big deal in the book. However, that reason was Adapted Out. The movie Hand Waves it as it simply being rare for Zeus (if you buy that), Poseidon, and Hades to have children but Chiron still has no reaction to what he just described as out of the ordinary.
  • For some reason, Sally knew how to use the fuse box to the elevator to Olympus.
  • Persephone was supposed to be with Demeter during summertime. She even acknowledges such a fact.
  • Hades never wanted to be king of the gods. This was officially acknowledged in The Last Olympian, so he would've looked like a hypocrite in that movie.
  • Luke says he never met his father, even though in the book, Annabeth was with him when he saw his father, so he's just lying through his teeth.
  • The movie doesn't explain the book's concept of monsters coming back to life after a few years, leaving fans wondering why Medusa is still live when she was supposed to have been killed by Perseus.
  • Like in the film, Percy wears the winged shoes, even though he was on Zeus's hit list at the time and is a son of Poseidon, so is therefore not allowed in the sky, so any form of aviation would be dangerous for him.

    Sea of Monsters 
  • Tyson questioning how the Colchis bull got inside the camp when he should be questioning how he himself got in. It made sense in the book because Annabeth let him in.
  • Bringing in and defeating Kronos in this movie. We can see how easy it was for Percy to take him down, so there's no point in bringing him back later. What makes it worse is that he swallows Luke, and I doubt he’d be willing to allow the Titan to possess him.
    • Adding more to that, within the movie itself, it was stated that it took the combined powers of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to kill Kronos, but Percy is able to defeat him on his own.
      • MORE on that, In the fifth book, it is revealed that Annabeth's knife was the cursed blade, not Percy's sword, which feels like an Ass Pull in of itself. It just comes as a rushed explanation to just rush the climax and possibly end the films here, but they still hint at getting a sequel before the end credits, the filmmakers clearly didn't make up their minds.
  • Spoiling Silena's role as the spy and bringing in Ethan Nakamura too early.
    • The former would've been a plot twist in The Last Olympian, so this is a major case of Foregone Conclusion.
  • The Party Ponies and Cyclopes help out in the Battle of Manhattan in The Last Olympian. They would just appear out of nowhere in that movie, had it ever been made.
  • Blackjack was removed, which is confusing because he becomes Percy's companion in the last three books.
  • Grover's quest to find Pan was dropped entirely. This could be fixed (if the films had continued) by introducing it in The Titan's Curse or have an Ass Pull in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
  • Because the first movie didn't mention the Mist, this film had to rush in an explanation. It is introduced as a spray that is very rare to come across, but is later shown to work like how it is described in the book.

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