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Examples of Actor Allusions in Video Games.

  • Appropriately for a game where you Gotta Catch 'Em All, in Ape Escape 2, Jimmy and Natalie, in the American dub, are voiced by Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis (otherwise known as Ash and Misty from Pokémon: The Series) respectively. Likewise, Spike is voiced by Dan Green, channeling Yugi Mutou, the protagonist of another "Mons" series, Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Assassin's Creed:
    • In Assassin's Creed, King Richard is voiced by Marcel Jeannin who had previously voiced Richard's knight Ivanhoe in Ivanhoe: The King's Knight.
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    • In Assassin's Creed III, Connor's first mate aboard the Aquila is played by Kevin McNally, who is more known as Joshamee Gibbs, the first mate to Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • Bruce Willis is the voice actor for Trey, the protagonist of the 1998 game Apocalypse, who was also modeled after Bruce’s likeness. The title is reminiscent of Bruce Willis in the 1998 movie Armageddon, both featuring Bruce Willis' Face on the Cover. In-game, there are allusions to Bruce Willis' Action Hero roles such as John McClane in Die Hard. One level features flying taxis like in The Fifth Element.
  • In Baldur's Gate II, clicking on Firkraag the dragon will result in him saying "oh, bother." The joke is that Firkraag is voiced by Jim Cummings, who also did Winnie the Pooh.
  • In BioShock, Rapture founder and capitalist Andrew Ryan is voiced by Armin Shimerman, the same man who portrays somebody who worships the almighty gold-pressed latinum.
  • In BlazBlue, one of Ragna's alternate outfits has the same colors going on as Gintoki from Gintama. They're both voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.
    • In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, the palette swap of Persona characters for Amane Nishiki is the main character of Persona 3. They're both voiced by Akira Ishida. The English version went further by assigning Amane's English voice to be the same as the P3 main character too: Yuri Lowenthal.
  • In Brütal Legend, Ozzy Osbourne plays the head of a family of bats, who threatens to bite your head off.
  • Call of Duty:
  • In Destiny 2, should the player get the "We Ran Out of Medals" medal in an Iron Banner match, Saladin will blurt out a sadistic "DIE! DIE! DIE!" before cutting out and reminding himself that he's been watching too many matches. Mind you, Saladin is voiced by Keith Ferguson, who also voices Reaper in Overwatch, where he does indeed shout that line upon activating his ultimate.
  • Destroy All Humans!
  • One of the many, many throwaway gag lines in The Dig occurs when you ask one character about another, who has managed to disappear on you. "Have you seen this boy?" In pitch-perfect T-1000 inflection. Robert Patrick voiced the main character, Boston Low.
  • In the Disgaea series, Laharl is voiced by Barbara Goodson, previously best known for voicing Power Rangers' Rita Repulsa. In Disgaea Infinite, Laharl complains that exposure to his Kryptonite Factornote  is giving him a headache.
  • In Disney Magic Kingdoms, Lord Macintosh is confused by someone saying he reminds him of "a wee English owl he once saw". Lord Macintosh's voice actor, Craig Ferguson, also played Owl in Winnie the Pooh (2011).
  • Indira Varma plays Vivienne in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and in a conversation with another character he will describe breaking from the will of the Big Bad as, "Unbowed, unbent, unbroken." Sound like anything we know?
    • One early game quest will have her suggest a fake rescue intended to break her. As in this?
    • Indira is not the only GoT actor in the game, nor the only one to get a reference. Ramon Tikaram had a short role and as Dorian might snark that your character strip naked and allow the Chantry to flog her into repentance. Fans of the show might recall a similar scene.
  • A bizarre example using sound effects occurred in overlooked Game Freak gem Drill Dozer. The game used many sound effects from the remakes of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games, which were made by the same company. For example, the sound effect for repairing the eponymous machine mid-level is the same as when one uses a Potion on a Pokémon in FireRed and LeafGreen. After beating the game, one could enter a code to make an aesthetic change to the game, such as the outfit of the protagonist Jill on the "Garage" menu, one of these outfits being that of the female protagonist from FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • There's a very subtle one in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Farkas, one of the members of the Companions in Whiterun, has a lute in his room there. He's voiced by "Popeye" Vogelsang, the vocalist and lead guitarist of the band Your Favorite Train Wreck.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas DLC Old World Blues, Dr. 0 (voiced by James Urbaniak) is essentially Dr. Venture as a floating brain. He even has a massive inferiority complex towards an arrogant but much more accomplished genius (in this case, the game's resident Magnificent Bastard Robert House). And, if you have the Wild Wasteland trait, you can sometimes hear him asking the Lobotomites to wash the walking eye, a reference to a device from The Venture Bros Season 2.
  • FAST Racing League is Shin'en's efforts at an F-Zero-like game, due to Nintendo abandoning the series after F-Zero Climax. Its sequel FAST Racing Neo along with its Updated Re-release FAST RMX feature a very familiar voice as the announcer: Jack Merluzzi, who also provided the announcer voices for F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX.
  • Many of the characters who Quinton Flynn plays are either Ax-Crazy, badass, like to Play With Fire, or all three.
    • Axel and Reno both have the same color hair, eyes, and have facial markings near their eyes are voiced by the same Japanese and English voice actor, which would be Quinton.
  • In Full Throttle the main character mentions that some joker took his keys. Said joker, Adrian Ripburger, is voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • A GameFAQs meme of responding to topics (mostly ones that question some of the design choices in the game) with "Sakurai: (Laughs)" (a response given in an interview to dodge a question) gained a spin off "Dedede: (Laughs)" after the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl website mentioned Masahiro Sakurai voices King Dedede.
  • God of War:
  • Halo:
    • Halo 3: ODST is based around this trope: out of the six main characters, three of them are former Firefly alumni, and Bungie refused to let gamers forget it. The most notable is Gunnery Sergeant Eddie Buck, played by Nathan Fillion. Not only is his personality a carbon copy of Mal's, Buck's face was also modelled after Nathan's. Tricia Helfer is also onboard as ONI Captain Veronica Dare — Buck's ex-girlfriend. Tricia is Nathan’s ex-girlfriend in real life, too. It's still an excellent game.
    • In fact, the Firefly cast had previously been in Halo 3 as unnamed infantry (at the end of one Halo 3 mission, a marine voiced by Nathan will say: "Looks like we got here in the nick of time! What does that make us?). So it's kind of a loop-de-loop of references, but Bungie certainly took advantage and gave us all a reason to care about ODST in the fist place.
    • There's also the Red vs. Blue actor cameos in the "Crow's Nest" level of Halo 3 (the "Password-Lacking Marine"). In all cases, they're more or less in character for Red vs. Blue.
  • Heroes of the Storm: Alarak, voiced by John de Lancie, has Discord Strike as one of his abilities. To support the connection, it's bound to Q by default.
  • In Injustice 2, if Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze fight, one of the pre-match introductions has Harley ask Freeze if he'll make her a pony. He replies that he'll make one that will make the twilight sparkle. Harley laughs and replies that she knew he'd say that.
  • In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Viridi is voiced in the English version by the same VA as Princess Bubblegum. In the Chaos Vortex level, after the banter has degenerated to the point that the fourth wall received noticeable cracks and any semblance of seriousness lays in tatters, actually has her saying "What Time Is It?"
  • Mark Hamill was specifically chosen to play Master Eraqus, the mentor to the main characters of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, just as Obi Wan was the mentor to his other character, Luke Skywalker. The student becomes the master...
    • In addition, Leonard Nimoy, best known as Spock, was brought on as Master Xehanort, the main villain of the series. The friendship turned rivalry between Eraqus and Xehanort is what would eventually kick off the events of the game and future events.
  • In The King of Fighters 2002, K9999 & Kusanagi have a special intro where K9999 yells "KUSANAGIIIIII!" and Kusanagi responds "That's Mr. Kusanagi to you!". K9999's VA voiced Tetsuo Shima in AKIRA, and Kusanagi's VA voiced Kaneda.
    • K9999 was practically an Expy of Tetsuo anyway. So much so, in fact, that he's not going to be used in the series again. Until kof xv albeit as an another Character
  • King's Quest VI, being what it is, has Prince Alexander meet the Beast (as in, from the Beauty and the Beast fairytale). Reaching his sanctuary placed Alexander under a curse, causing him to transform into a Beast himself if he doesn't find the Beast a bride in time. Robby Benson, who voices Prince Alexander, also voiced that other Beast one year earlier.
  • Kings Quest (2015) has a few nods to Christopher Lloyd (Old Graham)'s most famous role: In Chapter 1 he mentions "Regulation One-Point-Twenty-One", and Chapter 3 has a scene homaging the Surprise Vehicle moment from Back to the Future II, with a magical stone in place of the DeLorean.
    • Manny AKA Manannan is played by Wallace Shawn, so naturally his character is a short man who values brains over brawn and turns out to be incredibly conceited. Graham's battle with him in Chapter 1 is a battle of wits involving a Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo, with Manny sometimes remarking that he's getting a feeling Déjà Vu from all this. If you get caught in his secret hideout in Chapter 3, Old Graham will say "Inconceivable!" during his Have a Nice Death message.
    • Whisper is voiced by Richard White, which gets a nod when Graham tries to guess his full name and remarks "You look like a Gaston." As a character Whisper is essentially a redeemable version of Gaston, a guy who blusters and acts tough to cover up his own insecurities but is a good person deep down, and ends up becoming a loyal ally of Graham's after they make friends. He's still unbelievably full of himself, however.
  • During the finale of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, Rean transforms Valimar into a dark version of Valimar complete with two horns and red tron lines. Many note that the form is similar to Banagher Links transforming the Unicorn Gundam in its NT-D Destroy Mode. And much like Banagher when he first activates the NT-D Destroy Mode, Rean loses control of his own self and starts slaughtering the beast that he wasn't supposed to kill.
  • LEGO Adaptation Game examples:
  • In the danger tools tutorial in LittleBigPlanet, the Narator says that an unlethalised object is "Mostly Harmless", and remember what else he narrated...
  • Marvel's Avengers: When Spider-Man has a conversation with Thor (voiced by Travis Willingham), Thor mentions that "Kamala has told me of this... table game you are playing." Apparently she suggested that he play as a barbarian.
  • From the Mass Effect series:
    • Mass Effect 2 features the voice of Tricia Helfer as the Artificial Intelligence aboard the player's ship, in a universe where self-aware machines have been banned for trying to destroy humanity. The allusion is wonderfully climaxed with the gently delivered line "I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees."
    • There's also Michael Beattie, who plays Mordin. At one point, Mordin reveals he was in a Gilbert and Sullivan production ("Always had me do the patter songs.") and proceeds to break out in song. Michael was part of the chorus in a television adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance.
    • In Lair of the Shadow Broker, Liara and Shepard are outside on a ship during a storm and lightning is useful element during that segment. The lightning may be a visual reference to Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lightning, who shares Liara's voice actress, Ali Hillis. They go to rescue Liara's friend, Feron, whose name is pronounced exactly like Lightning's last name.
    • It's also funny to hear Martin Sheen advising a powerful leader named Shepard.
    • Then, in Mass Effect 3 you can come across an outpost of Cerberus scientists led by Dr. Brynn Cole, voiced by Jo Wyatt, aka Female Hawke. She calls herself and her fellow scientists "refugees," and when questioned by Shepard, she says "our stories are different, but the themes are the same." As an added gag, Nicholas Boutlon, the actor who plays Male Hawke, voices another scientist at the station.
    • In the Citadel DLC, Shepard can find a drunken Grunt sitting in their shower rambling off non-sequiturs, including "Who's a space cowboy? Me!"
  • The MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake featured character portraits based on the likenesses of popular actors and celebrities.note  Big Boss in particular was modeled after Sean Connery. This is what inspired Hideo Kojima to, when planning Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (a game about Big Boss' younger days), make the story a shameless classic-James Bond homage.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode: Gabriel isn't the first time one of Dave Fennoy's characters contracts a deadly infection because of a major antagonistic force, depending on your choices.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 has several:
    • One of the Joker's intros against Kotal Kahn brings to mind Aquaman, who is—once again—voiced by LaMarr in Injustice 2, where the Joker also appears:
      Joker: Love your feathers, do you talk to birds?
      Kotal: A ludicrous suggestion, jester.
      Joker: Really? I know a king who talks to fish.
    • Speaking of the Joker, her intro with Jacqui Briggs references Vixen, who is voiced by Megalyn Echikunwoke in Injustice 2, who in turn voices Jacqui.
      Joker: Well aren't you a vixen.
      Jacqui: I'm off limits, Joker.
      Joker: As if I respect boundaries.
    • In a Sonya Blade Mirror Match, the character of whom is voiced by Ronda Rousey:
      Sonya 1: Your Hollywood fling's making us look bad.
      Sonya 2: I don't give a damn about my reputation.
      Sonya 1: Then it's game on, mirror match.
  • In Myst III, Brad Dourif plays Saavedro and toward the end, he gets to scream "No! NO! NO, NO, NO, NOOO, NOOO, NOOOOOO!" over and over, just like he did in his first major film role as Billy Bibbit.
  • PAYDAY 2:
    • Rust has a line when answering pagers where he asks the Pager Guy if he's seen the Hellboy films, and states that they should make a third film. Rust is voiced by Ron Perlman, who played the eponymous Hellboy in said films.
    • The Taser is voiced by Spike Spencer, who's perhaps most famous for the dub voice of Shinji Ikari. As such, the Madness Mantra Shinji uttered at the start of the third episode is cribbed in slightly modified form ("target center, pull the switch"), this time as a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
  • There's a hilarious moment of recognition to be found in PlayStation Move Heroes. One of the two antagonists, Lunk, is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz, more famous for his roles as Zim and Orthopox among other small, hammy characters. The fact that Lunk is a little, omnicidal alien already fits for Zim, etc. but take a look at his character design. The helmet (minus goggles) will look familiar.
  • In Poker Night 2, Ash Campbell sometimes ponders "What would Chuck Finley do?" and has a conversation with Sam concerning the name "Sam Axe". Even though Bruce Campbell doesn't play him in this game, he portrayed Ash in the Evil Dead movies, as well as Sam Axe (who sometimes uses the alias "Chuck Finley") in Burn Notice.
  • In Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, Dan Southworth reprises his role as the Quantum Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force. His debut trailer references his most famous video game role, Vergil from Devil May Cry, by saying "Foolishness, Lord Zedd." Additionally, activating his Super Mode has him declare: "I need more Quantum Power!"
  • Project × Zone has a ton of these in the game. It's a crossover game by Monolith Software with Banpresto's backing, so it would have a ton of references like these.
  • Psychonauts 2: Using Clairvoyance on Helmut Fullbear in the postgame reveals that he sees Raz as a pint-sized Eddie Riggs. Jack Black voices both characters.
  • In Rainbow Six: Vegas, you face Gabriel Nowak, a disgraced member of Rainbow. In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen is voiced by Elias Tofexis, who voices Nowak. Both of them had been disgraced at some point during a mission in Mexico/Mexicantown.
  • Keith David plays himself as Vice President of the United States in Saints Row IV. Before IV, he provided the voice of Julius Little in Saints Row and Saints Row 2. Many characters in-game note the similarities between the two's voices, much to Keith's chagrin.
  • Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: Shantae will occasionally say "Total Destruction" upon using an auto potion in reference to the fact that Cristina Valenzuela was the dub voice actress for Nanoha.
  • In the first Simon the Sorcerer game, the title character was voiced by Chris Barrie. One scene involved Simon being yelled at by a dwarf in a red shirt, who told him to smegging well naff off.
    • The second installment went so far as to have Simon quote several of Rimmer's actual lines from the show, even though Barrie was no longer voicing Simon.
  • In Skullgirls, the 18th palettes of Filia, Cerebella, and Peacock are made to resemble Madoka, Homura, and Sayaka, respectively. Filia and Madoka are both voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos, Cerebella and Homura are voiced by Cristina Valenzuela, and Peacock and Sayaka are voiced by Sarah Williams.
    • The reference continued when Squigly came out; her ninth palette is based on Kyoko Sakura. Both are voiced by Lauren Landa.
    • Outside the Madoka series, certain other fighters' reference are also present. The aforementioned Squigly also gets a palette based on Litchi Faye-Ling, also voiced by Lauren Landa. Meanwhile, a later DLC character, Eliza, voiced by Michelle Ruff, gets a palette of another fighter voiced by the same actress, Crimson Viper.
  • Nolan North voiced Martin Walker from Spec Ops: The Line, but this wasn't the first time he voiced a special ops soldier who fought in a bustling city in ruins while making awful decisions along the way.
  • Super Robot Wars has a lot of fun with this.
    • When Gilliam Yeager in Original Generation runs into Masaki Andou, Masaki asks him if they've met before. Gilliam looks terrified for a moment before brushing it off with "Nope." Masaki had fought Gilliam in the Alternate Continuity that Gilliam came from, the game Hero Senki, which Gilliam was the endboss for.
    • Also, there's references in several of the games to the appearance and/or voices of the various characters... some of which are voiced by the same voice actors ("You know, you look and sound a lot like..."), have the same character designer, or are voiced by two seiyuu who have voiced other famous roles. For example, in the Alpha series, Mobile Suit Gundam hero Amuro Ray flirts openly with Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion: Two of their previous roles were Mamoru Chiba/Prince Endymion and Sailor Moon.
  • Super Robot Wars BX:
  • Super Robot Wars UX:
    • Richard Krueger calls Joey Jones "Jojo" at one point. Besides referencing Joey's name, Richard is voiced by Jurota Kosugi, who also voiced Jotaro "JoJo" Kujo in the popular Star Crusaders OVA. In another Shout-Out to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (specifically Jonathan Joestar from the "Phantom Blood" arc), during Scenario 14 of the American Route, Richard says "Guten morning, Mushu Daijuuji. And Joestar" and "It's like a reunion joke, isn't that right, Jonathan?"
    • Agnes Berge is voiced by Chihiro Suzuki. When attacking with the Riot B's Proton Saber (Maximum Output), the machine takes a combat stance similar to Luke von Fabre, during one of his hidden Secret Artes. Additionally, Agnes sounds just like Luke during the earlier parts of the game, then deepens his voice significantly in later scenarios, making him sound more like Asch.
    • In Scenario 15 of the America Route, Soushi will state "With movement like a pendulum, barrage of accurate strikes...That technique just now, almost like boxing!", a reference to Ippo Makunouchi. Both characters are voiced Kohei Kiyasu.
    • In Scenario 16 of the Japan Route, Joe Maya will exclaim that he has no name to give to fiends, a reference to Rom Stol. Joe and Rom are voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue.
    • At one point in UX, Lunamaria Hawke says "That's right: things go like this. When you yourself want it to be this way from how your heart feels when the natural time comes, you follow those feelings." These are the words Maaya Sakamoto, who voices Lunamaria, commented on during her wedding.
    • Kira Yamato says "I think it's okay to cry", the same words uttered by Kazuma of SCR Yed , also voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.
    • In a save-quit dialogue, Chouhi Gundam will call Kan-u Gundam a lying, bearded bastard. This may or may not be a reference to Hiroki Yasumoto and his first SRW appearance as Aim Liard, a notorious liar.
    • In another save-quit dialogue, Izuna claims Soubi might have a talent for gaming. Soubi is voiced by Hirofumi Nojima, who voiced Gainer Sanga.
    • Reny, voiced by Noriko Hidaka, will exclaim in a save-quit dialogue "Sky Demon clad in flame is undefeatable!", which is what Noriko Takaya says in her home series. Furthermore, "I decline Space Monsters!" is a reference to the Uchuu Kaiyuu of Gunbuster.
    • In the ending, Johnny's quote "According to Monthly Men's Hobbies... Essayist and modeler jobs are being done recently." is a reference to Haruna Ikezawa and her hobbies, which includes writing for multiple magazine serializations. Interestingly, being a hardcore modeler became a topic in the Hobby Japan magazine.
    • Aoi punches Augustus with Absolute Nova Beast for a finish, like she punched Moon Will in the Dancouga Nova anime. Moon Will and Augustus are voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Doubles as Mythology Gag of characters voiced by Norio Wakamoto being punched to defeat.
    • Mileina says she loves Tieria, which was in the movie itself too. In Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica, Corti and Phoron were suspected to be lovers; Mileina and Corti are voiced by Haruka Tomatsu and Tieria and Phoron by Hiroshi Kamiya.
    • Graham expresses desire to embrace crossdressing Alto. They're both voiced by Yūichi Nakamura.
    • Both Graham and Moritsugu are non-main character Ace pilots. Voiced by Yūichi Nakamura too.
    • The mother of all Sailor Moon Actor Allusions and Shout Outs happens in MX. Here goes: Mobile Fighter G Gundam scenario. Two of the Gundam Fighters fight and beat their Evil Twins when Michelo Chariot shows up with reinforcements. Eventually Allenby shows up in the sailor-fuku-dressed Nobel Gundam and makes a perfect In the Name of the Moon speech involving Love and Justice. After the battle is over, Misato (Usagi) and Haruka (Ami) gawk at the Nobel Gundam and ask Allenby if it can throw its tiara or make any speeches In the Name of the Moon.
  • Super Robot Wars V: Check Black Might Gaine having the time of his life; celebrating everything from The Brave Express' enrollment into the SRW franchise, his reprise, and the done deal of the other 6 Brave Series to be featured in the future by slipping in one key phrase from his role as Yutaro Katori of The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird.
    Black Might Gaine: Charge Up!
  • Wataru Ikusabe doesn't act out the line in Super Robot Wars X, but this is thrown in during one scenario:
    Wataru: "Wait, so not even those who can stretch out their arms like rubber gum can pass this test!? Aw man!"
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, best friends Snake and Otacon cheer 'Falcon PUNCH!' and 'Falcon KICK!' while fanboying mutually over Captain Falcon. The joke is that Captain Falcon was voiced by Otacon's Japanese voice actor in the non-canon anime. Snake also comments that Sonic just gives him a bad feeling, which is a reference to Big Boss having the same Japanese VA as Eggman (in the English version it comes of as either a non-sequitor, a Take That! to Sonic or a reference to hedgehogs eating snakes in real life).
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Spirit Battle against Morgana has Morgana represented by Pikachu, who shares his Japanese voice actress Ikue Otani. The Spirit Battle against Yusuke is a double example, as it's against Chrom, another blue-haired swordsman voiced by Matthew Mercer and Tomokazu Sugita.
  • In Tales of Graces, the main character Asbel Lhant not only looks like Suzaku from Code Geass, but also retains his gravity-defying spinning kicks. They are both voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.
    • Further implemented by giving a Suzaku costume to Asbel as DLC. Another example is that Takahiro also voiced Haseo from .hack//GU. Malik was voiced by Ovan's voice actor as well. Hence, they both not only get DLC (and I mean, each other! Haseo and Ovan get Asbel and Malik's costumes as well in .hack//LINK), but there is a victory quote where they say lines similar to what Ovan and Haseo would have said.
    • The Tales series in general seems to love this trope. In the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia, Karol, who is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe, has a Keroro costume, and even talks like him after putting it on. Taking this further, Patty, who is voiced by Chiwa Saito, slips into her Natsumi Hinata voice after battle if they're both in the party — in one case, she calls Karol a stupid frog, then wonders where that came from.
  • This Is the Police has a scene where Jack, voiced by Jon St. John, wishes that his job would allow him to just let loose and say things like "SHAKE IT, BABY!"
  • In Transformers, Shockwave's (voiced by Corey Burton) voice was actually based on David Warner's performance as Sark in the movie TRON. In Kingdom Hearts II, Sark is voiced by... ...Corey Burton!
  • Witch Hunter Captain Victor Saltzpyre from Warhammer: The End Times: Vermintide is voiced by Tim Bentinck. Vermintide II contains a scene where he tells his subordinate Markus Kruber that, should he die, he wants Kruber to have his sword of office, "so people think that I liked you", a Shout-Out to this scene from Sharpe where Bentinck played the dying Captain Murray, who said almost exactly the same thing to Richard Sharpe while passing his sword on to him.
  • From an outtake from Wing Commander III: "Isn't that the guy from Star Wars?" Readers can make their own connection, knowing that Mark Hamill starred in WC3.
  • Mark Hamill was brought in to voice Majima in the English dub of the original PS2 version of Yakuza. Majima is basically like a less evil version of The Joker anyways, personality-wise, so the casting was genius.
    • Akira Nishikiyama from Yakuza 1 has a tattoo of a Legendary Carp on his back, signifying his desire to rise up and overcome his former friend Kiryu. Nishiki's voice actor would return to the series to play Ichiban Kasuga in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, who also has a carp tattoo and a desire to rise up the ranks of the yakuza (though Ichiban is an earnest Manchild compared to Nishiki's ambitious social climber with a chip on his shoulder).