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Trek reviews

Babylon 5

  • John Sheridan fights for the Users.
    • In fact, when Sinclair was still in charge of the station, Chuck jokingly states that with all the problems going on, it's no wonder that they eventually called in Tron to solve them.
  • In the season 2 overlook episode "Meet John Sheridan" Chuck mentions that Bester has a face that should be very familiar to his usual viewing audience. Bester's actor, Walter Koenig, is famous for playing Chekov on the original Star Trek. In the same episode he refers to the Minbari Coplann as Zaeed Massani.
  • In the review of "And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place"; during the interfaith meeting, Chuck lists some of the various religious leader present "One's a Baptist, one's Hindu". The camera focuses on the rabbi played by Erick Avari "And if I recognize his face, I think he worshipped Ra before rebelling against him, so now I think he's probably in the Ra's Reform church."

Blake's Seven

Doctor Who




  • In his review of the first episode of "Awakening" after watching two evil robotic gargoyles crash into each other he wonders aloud who wrote their flying program. Cue Demona (voiced by Marina Sirtis) speaking followed by Chuck referring to her as Counselor Troi (played by Marina Sirtis) in reference to his running gag about Troi's piloting skills consisting entirely of crashing into things.


The Legend of Korra

  • On the opening narration, "J. Jonah Jameson is right." J. K. Simmons, who played Jameson in Spiderman Trilogy, also was the voice of Korra's airbending mentor, Tenzin.


  • A LOT of Data references crop up for Brent Spiner in this one.

Wonder Woman

Battlestar Galactica

Torchwood: Miracle Day


Justice League:

Batman Beyond:

Movie reviews

Video Games

  • In Knights of the Old Republic, in an underwater stage, he states that he's found the most terrifying thing possible at the bottom of the ocean- Neelix in a closet (the character in question was also voiced by Ethan Phillips).
  • From Dragon Age
    • Chuck "accidentally" uses his Janeway voice for Flemeth.
    • Zathrian (who is voiced by Tim Russ) mentions that one of his favorite sayings is "Live long and prosper," and might have studied under Flemeth. (This joke was made before the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition)
    • In Awakening, Tim declares Mistress Woolsey the Emperor's Wrath. The Emperor's Wrath is the title eventually given to the Sith Warrior in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Both Woolsey and the female Sith Warrior are voiced by Natasha Little.


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