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  • If episode 20 of Cow of the Wild is any indication, Mink was one. So is Sharp, the female alpha of the Pack of Falling Stars.
  • Octavia in Once Upon a Time in Canterlot, a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan video. "Eat grass, kick ass" indeed.
  • Pinkie Pie in Pinkie Pie's Exciting Adventure.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Tex, more than capable of easily handling entire outposts on her own. The only character noted to be tougher than her in combat was the superhuman Meta, and only because he had a bunch of abilities he stole from other people. Without them, he had to gang up on her 2 against 1 to beat her.
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    • Any female Freelancer qualifies as this, to one degree or another. Say what you want about South, but season 9 shows she's quite the badass. And Carolina wiped the floor with an even larger number of troops, single-handedly. CT initially seems to be an exception to this, but as is discovered in season 10, she's actually able to hold her own fairly well against both Tex and Carolina until she was killed, of course.
  • RWBY: There's not a single female character in the entire series who doesn't qualify for this trope. Every conceivable Action Girl of every stripe gets represented here: the Perky Goth Kid Hero (Ruby), the Magic Knight Dance Battler with ice powers (Weiss and Winter Schnee), the Kunoichi (Blake), the Glacier Waif (Yang and Nora), the Stealth Expert (Emerald), the Small Girl, Big Gun (Coco), the grimdark Samurai female Batman with The Social Darwinist tendencies (Raven Branwen)... Hell, even Blake's demure and ladylike mother gets in on it at one point. In RWBY the female fighters far outnumber the male ones and usually outmatch them too; the most prominent male character, Jaune, is a Butt-Monkey comic relief who gradually develops into a Badass Normal.


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