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  • "Danger Woman!" by The Aquabats!
    She’s hanging off the chopper
    And no one’s gonna stop her
    Don’t try and call the doctor
    ‘Cause she’s jumpin’ around now
    Handle bar standing
    And flying over canyons
    No hands on the landing
    Now we’re rollin’ around on the ground
  • David Bowie's song "She's Got Medals".
  • Disturbed features one in the final sequence for its music video, "Indestructible". The other wiki even mentions the significance of featuring a female soldier among its pantheon of legendary warriors.
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  • The Flaming Lips, "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" (Her name is Yoshimi / She's a black belt in karate...)
  • Jex Thoth, "Warrior Woman".
  • Slymenstra Hymen, Estrogina Lugubrious, and Vulvatron of GWAR.
  • Machinae Supremacy has a song called "Action Girl".
  • The music video for Nana Mizuki and TM Revolution's "Kakumei Dualism" featured the two singers duelling in an arena, dressed as a ninja/assassin and Roman centurion, respectively.
  • P!nk in the video for "Trouble".
    • P!nk in real life, too. In her "I'm Not Dead" tour, she did a full-fledged Cirque de Soleil act forty feet above a stage that had no padding and no net. While singing the entire song live. Every single night. This tour, she's doing a song with a trapeze act that starts out with her blindfolded.
  • "Super Girl (Buttercup)" by Shonen Knife.

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