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  • Jekyll has (eventually) an adopted son and Nemo has a foster daughter in The Private Diary of Elizabeth Quatermain.
  • Tony Stark becomes this to his adopted son Harry in the Harry Potter/Iron Man crossover fanfic Harry Potter And The Invincible Technomage. It is also demonstrated that many of the heroes feel this way toward their allies' children.
  • Spyro from The Legend of Spyro: A New Dawn. He is pretty protective of his adopted egg, just like Cynder, but a much bigger Papa Wolf is Ember's father, Blaze. When the Warden has Ember overpowered in their battle, Blaze blasts him, despite the Warden's collar inflicting debilitating pain on any of the cursed slaves who attacks or touches him in anyway. Once the Warden's collar is destroyed and the curse is broken, Blaze tears through the cage holding him and a mob of Warrior Gargoyles to get his claws in the Warden.
    The Warden: Uh oh...
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  • AU Devil May Cry fic "Like Father, Like Son" has Dante exhibiting his demonically-protective side when he finds his son Nero injured courtesy of a police officer with temper problems, and when Nero is later threatened by members of the mafia. The second time Nero gets threatened by the son of a mafia head, a partial Devil Trigger sends the man leaving with tail between legs. And when Dante finds the demon Baul, who had all but put Nero near Death's door... Cue Unstoppable Rage and Roaring Rampage of Revenge with a dash of There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
  • In Harry's New Home, Snape will go to any lengths to protect his ward Harry, even if it included breaking rules or facing the Dark Lord and Dumbledore (if necessary) to do it.
  • In Supernatural's Crossing the Line, John Winchester kills a human being for the first time because it was heavily implied said person had molested/sexually assaulted a ten-year-old Sam.
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  • In the Ultimate Re-Imaginings, Clint is this towards Joey as he once nearly killed the boy's actual father for putting him in the hospital and breaking his arm when Joey had been twelve.
  • Both Mr. Squall, Mr. Parr, and Chomper the Tyrannosaurus rex in Rise of the Galeforces. Subverted and later inverted for Chomper's case, though, when his protectiveness of his fellow rexes costs him his eye - but also makes his own children angry enough to horribly slaughter the Big Bad.
  • In Pony POV Series, Havoc, Anthropomorphic Personification of Mass Hysteria, is an odd case. He's an Abusive Parent, and he'll mock his children if they get beaten up by people defending themselves from them. However, any who harm them unprovoked will know his wrath.
  • In The Lord of the Rings fanfics such as An Eye For An Eye or The Roots of Evil, it is a sure way to trigger Legolas's Berserk Button is by hurting Aragorn in any way, shape or form. It is the same with his older adopted brothers Elladan and Elrohir, who must have gotten it from their father Elrond. All four elves have no hesitation to resort to killing anyone who dared lay a hand on Aragorn. And those times when they found that Aragorn was tortured and near death ... well, to say it did not go well with those people is putting it lightly.
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  • Kakashi's Kid, from Naruto, portrays Kakashi as this.
  • Orochimaru is one in the Fanfic called A Father's Wrath. In this story he is Naruto's father instead of Minato.
  • Kakashi in a A Growing Affection becomes an adoptive Action Dad.
  • Former D.I. Michael Lestrade in Children of Time (his son-in-law, Sherlock Holmes, is also slated to qualify).
  • Takashi Satake in A Month of Sundays, who responds to fighting a large porcelain doll in a Circus OF Fear is to punch it in the face.
  • Child of the Storm has Thor, God of Thunder and Lightning (not Reason and Understanding), is the father of the titular child, Harry. While he's generally a pretty easygoing Nice Guy, if you raise a hand to Harry or threaten him, even obliquely (as Hera found out), then you will face the full wrath of the Thunderer, usually delivered via a supersonic Mjolnir and a record breaking bolt of lightning or several thousand.
    • Magneto has been known to take it poorly when someone threatens his daughter - though by this point, said daughter is more than capable of looking after herself and is arguably even more dangerous than he is. Her godson, and his younger daughter, on the other hand, still sometimes need protection, and will receive it most enthusiastically, as the Red Room found to their excruciatingly horrifying cost.
    • Tony Stark is also one as of chapter 3 of Ghosts of the Past.
    • Harry Dresden discovers that he's one in chapter 52 of Ghosts of the Past, thanks to being separated from his daughter's mother shortly after conception. Considering what he canonically did to protect her, and the far greater number of allies and resources he has to draw on, it's safe to say that she will be very well protected.
  • In the Arrow series Legacy Series, Oliver is in his fifties, and he has two children with Felicity. He still kicks ass and takes names when the occasion calls for it.
  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji is this to his daughter. He hates fighting, but if someone threatens Asuka and their baby, he'll jump in his battle mecha or have on his Powered Armor and will blow stuff up.
  • The Child of Love: Shinji to his daughter Teri. He can doubt himself, think he's unworthy or unfit to be her father... but he would protect her with his life, and he fought his own father when Gendo threatened her.
  • HERZ: Shinji abhors death and violence, but he's a mecha pilot and a veteran soldier -he's been fighting for twelve years-, and he will put a bullet in the head of whoever tries to hurt his wife Asuka and their daughter Akiko.
  • The Second Try: Shinji is very protective of his daughter Aki. He's naturally quiet and non-confrontational, but hurting or threatening his daughter in any way, shape or form is guaranteed to trigger his Berserk Button. And then he will get in his giant robot and deliver a brutal beating.
  • Walking in the Shadow of Dreams: Shinji is this towards Ariel after becoming his foster father. He almost punched Gendo when he thought his father had designs on her, and he very pointedly warned Gendo against hurting Ariel or Asuka.
  • Forum of Thrones:
    • Richard Harking is one of the prime examples in the story. He is a father of four, which doesn't stop him from being one of the most physically active Point-of-View characters, who undergoes several dangerous tasks to keep his city of Raylansfair save.
    • Argilac Durrandon counts as well. Being old and the father of a young daughter doesn't stop him from kicking ass and personally leading his army to battle, as well as to train his recruits.
    • Aegon Targaryen has already fathered a son and heir, Prince Aenys, who is merely an infant. He did this to ensure the survival of House Targaryen right before starting his Conquest, which sees him and Aenys' mother personally fighting against the kings of Westeros.


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