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  • Blur the Lines: "Everyone knows, 'grabbing a cup of coffee' is gay code for giving him a rimjob..." [1]
  • In Angel’s first (well, second) appearance in Castlevania RPG, he realizes he's forgotten "[his] mighty sword", and voices said realization aloud. Cue comment from Darkmoon.
    • After that, it becomes a Double Entendre; in one instance, he comments that he'll remember to keep "it" (his "mighty sword") in his robes next time.
  • Darths & Droids:
    • A different meaning than intended was read in this strip. (See here.)
    • This moment after Jim's unusually skillful roleplaying:
    Jim/Padmé: That was my best death ever!
    Annie/Anakin: It was amazing. I've never felt so comfortable letting myself go in character before. I never found anyone I could trust.
    Padmé: Trust me.
  • In Dubious Company, Raque is trying to frame Mary and Sue as spies by convincing them to search for their missing friend in the Queen's bedchamber. Raque then tries to get the Queen to go there and "view the twins". The Queen is flattered but declines.
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  • Happens in Furthia High when Max overhears the rather suggestive banter when Bruce and Conner fight.
  • Captain Fist from Girly.
  • Goodwill Heroes: Even though he's supposed to be the embodiment of sex and naughtiness, Chupe may wanna work on some of his phrasing.
  • Grim Tales from Down Below: (Junior holding up his father's journal) "Now comes the best part. This book also happens to be the family album!" The first picture is his mom lying on a bed in her underwear.
  • In Homestuck, we have this conversation when dead!Dave and dead!Tavros first meet face to face:
    TG: i am your general fucking practitioner and doctors orders are to shut up and burn down my goddamn office
    TG: ill break your brittle ass like a graham cracker and well roast smores over the flaming debris have i made myself clear
    AT: aH, hAHA, yES, aND,
    TG: dude
    TG: gross
    • We also have this conversation with Jake and Jane. Jake immediately assumes she means that kind of dream.
    GG: I had a really wild dream last night.
    GG: And you were in it.
    • Later, John and Jade send a message in a bucket, to a group including several trolls. Buckets are used in troll reproduction such that they are extremely sexual objects, resulting in several phrases in the letter being quite... interesting. Karkat is actually driven to a mix of tears and Heroic BSoD.
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  • ISO: Yes, believe it or not, by Word of God one of these exists in a gay furry comic—a very large number of readers gave an entirely different meaning to Maureen's words in issue 10 about her car.
    Maureen: My car has four seats. Roomy ones. Theo—er, Thor can vouch for that.
  • MegaTokyo: Ping: "Oh, I'm not his daughter, we just live together."
  • Mulberry accidentally lets Brad Pitt's and Angelina Jolie's children, left for her to babysit in "Heiress A Parent", overhear some invoked examples.
  • O Human Star:
    • Oh, Al.
      Al: I'm not really the hot researcher on the robotics circuit you're confusing me for. I don't get calls. And the competition for your job wasn't exactly stiff.
      Brendan: I find that hard to believe.
    • Also:
      Brendan: You can sleep in my bed. ...while I take the couch, I mean. Downstairs. In the workshop. I've pulled some all-nighters in there before oh god..
  • Penny and Aggie:
    • Crush’d:
    Marshall (to a reviving Aggie, stripped to her underwear): How do you feel?
    Aggie (water from a compress dripping down her face): Wet... (blushing and covering herself) I... mean... good.
    • In The Popsicle War Drama Queens when Jack asks Katy-Ann how many freckles she has after a summer spent working outdoors, she replies, jokingly, "All over my body? I dunno. I'd need someone else to count them." Jack blushes and excuses himself; it takes her a moment to realize that he misinterpreted it as a come-on.
  • In this strip of Penny Arcade.
    Tycho: What's topping? Let's top. I want to top.
  • From +EV: Clancy wants to point out that backdooring cowboys is one thing he won't do, here.
  • In Problem Sleuth, the many, many business cards.
  • Punintended made a comic out of an apparently real life example.
  • In Scandinavia and the World, Germany loves his Trademark Favorite Food, sausages. (Truth in Television for anyone who's visited.) You see where this is going.note 
  • A Running Gag with Kaff Tagon in Schlock Mercenary, who has never been all that good at interactions with females other than work-related ones.
  • Sinfest: Here and here.
  • In Slightly Damned one occurs here. Buwaro doesn't get it (supposedly), but apparently Rhea does.
    • By Buwaro, here, as well as in similar situations; he simply does not recognize the Double Entendre.
  • Sonichu has loads of it.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Onni being The Cavalry via long-distance magic for an event that took place in the evening, and being thanked for it the next morning results in a couple of lines that can be easily mistaken for talking about something else entirely:
    Reynir: First of all: Thank you for last night, that was awesome.
    Onni: Yes, yes.
  • The Order of the Stick: after Tarquin is told that the Gladiator men he's speaking to are gay, he gets a bit careless with his... diction. Given his Medium Awareness, it might be intentional accidental innuendo.
    Tarquin: ...I'll see what I can do about getting us on the same team.
    Tarquin: The army team. Not the, you know, "other team" team.
    Tarquin: Like I said, I could use more men like you under me — and now I realize that maybe that's not the best turn of phrase, either.
  • El Goonish Shive: Grace, with her naivete, occasionally slips up like this:
    Raven: Anyway, I can't justify putting a minor in danger.
    Grace: I'm eighteen. I'm a major.
    Raven: As if that makes you an adult.
    Grace: Legally, it does! You can do all sorts of things with me!
    Raven: You really shouldn't say it like that...


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