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Accidental Innuendo / Visual Novels

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  • Ace Attorney:
    • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations: Due to a typo in case 3-2, Mia says "Your Honor. When you were in a child, this is what was on your report card every year."
    • Assuming it's not an intentional innuendo (unlikely due to it coming up during serious moments), everything about the "weenies" (as in sausages) in case 3-3. Made worse by the fact that they're supposedly a symbol of Dick Gumshoe's love for Maggey Byrde.
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    • In 3-5, you can get Gumshoe to admit he wants to stick his pen in Phoenix's face.
    • This line in the third case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney:
    Apollo: Lamiroir, fingering Daryan Crescend. Not only is he a guitarist, he's a detective!
    • This line from the MASON System in case 4-4, when Phoenix presents Apollo to Zak Gramarye to break his Psyche-Locks:
    Zak: You can show me pictures of strange boys all you like.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • "I've shown you mine, so the least you can do is show me yours" and "I am the bone of my sword".
    • Saber once tells Shirou "you've entered me so many times"... referring, of course, to the fact that he's entered her memories.
    • Another good one from Saber, to Shirou: "You were my sheath". She's discussing the fact that he's a vessel for Excalibur's sheath Avalon, buuuuut...
    • Lancer's Gae Bolg and Archer's Rho Aias.. or, if you prefer, their "Gay Bulge" and "Raw Ass".note 
  • Hatoful Boyfriend:
    • One particular item in BBL is referred to as a Bright and Massive Key, designed to open any lock. Among others, this leads to the line "You're up, Massive Thing!". note 
    • Also what Ryouta says after being knocked out: "Aargh! Darn it! Why did I let myself get taken from behind like that!?".
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  • Higurashi: When They Cry: In the Onikakushi VN, during the festival the club members try finding something cute to bring to Rena. Keiichi goes somewhere else to show her his, and she comes back all dizzy and blushing. She then comments on the cuteness of Keiichi's "little fur seal"; cue Mion and Satoko's violent retaliation on Keiichi. He showed her a seal-shaped key holder he made himself when he was a child.
  • Sora provides an example of this in episode 8 of Yosuga no Sora: "This is no good. I wanted your curry, Haru!".
  • In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, during Chapter 2's Closing Argument, Hajime says "I can imagine how badly Hiyoko must have panicked when she came out of the closet" and saw Mahiru's body. As if Hiyoko's "affections" for Mahiru didn't read enough like Les Yay already...

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