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Heh heh, the P stands for peni-
  • Age of Wonders: It's jokingly rumoured among the fandom that the reason for the High Men's change of name in the sequel to Archons is due to the original name's similar pronunciation to a certain component of the female genitalia.
  • Backyard Sports
    • In Soccer 2004, one of the fields is called Fappy's Farm (or just Fappy Farm, which arguably sounds even worse).
    • In the Baseball series, "The gooch likes that! Yeah, give me some more of that!"
  • Despite the numerous subtle jokes in Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, the penis shaped rock in Terrydactyland was never intended to look like that and was purely an accident.
  • In Beyond Good & Evil, there's a moment where Jade, the heroine, squeezes into a tiny gap to get to a cut-off area. Her sidekick, Double H, says, in response to the fact that he's too darn broad-shouldered to make it through: "Too tight for me! I'll cover your rear."
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  • Blacklight Retribution has a method of naming weapons based on their components. Sounds harmless enough, but one configuration of the assault rifle was the Forceful Extended Violator. However the naming system has been modified to prevent this.
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: One common way for Western fans to spell out BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend as an acronym is "BBCSEX". Given that Arcsys is based in Japan and not an English speaking country, this probably wasn't intentional, but we don't know for sure.
  • From Bravely Default, Magnolia Arch introduces herself in the post-credits stinger by her title: Ba'al Buster.
  • The original Breath of Fire I had an item called a "C.Nut". Myep.
  • Breakbar RPG: Losing a stage by running out of balls gives you the message "You Lost Your Balls!" Ouch.
  • In the first Broken Sword game, the main character walks around with a manhole cover opening doohickey. Showing it to people will occasionally result in dialogs like
    George: "Did I show you my tool?"
    Consierge: "Oui, monsieur. Just like mine. Except, of course, that it is much smaller."
    • and
    George: "I already showed you my tool, didn't I?"
    Museum Curator: "Oui, monsieur. Most impressive!"
  • Bump 'N Jump.
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  • Chaos Rings Omega: After beating the Progenitor's Pelvis, you get the achievement Pelvic Pummeler.
  • Chrono Trigger:
    • This remark made by a blue imp when the party first arrives in Medina Village (via a portal opening out of a cupboard). It was removed from the DS retranslation:
      "Did you just come out of the closet?!"
    • The scene where Marle makes amends with her father at the end of the Rainbow Shell sidequest features an exchange in which Marle learns that she used to call King Guardia "daddy." Given how that word has taken on a much less couth meaning in the popular vernacular during The New '10s (specifically referring to a dominant male partner in a sexual relationship), the exchange becomes hilariously awkward to modern readers.
  • Crusader Kings: Appears as a feast-related event in 3. You can choose to either ignore or point out the innuendo, in which case the other person, depending on personality traits, can be either amused or outraged.
  • FromSoftware
    • Demon's Souls
      • Sometimes, the Maiden's line "Touch the demon inside me" sounds a lot different from what it should mean.
      • The item you use to give your weapon magic damage is named Sticky White Stuff.
      • The Penetrator is going to pierce through your armor with his long, long sword.
    • Dark Souls: Using the Dark Hand on any human-sized NPC and enemy can, from certain camera angles, look like a rather passionate kissing session.
      • A few character names may count too, such as Maneater Mildred and Ceaseless Discharge.
      • Backstabbing humanoid enemies that are larger than normal humans tends to look like violent Ass Shoves. Especially if done unarmed.
      • And then there's the infamous Orange Sign Soapstone, which you can insert various implied meanings to it. "Amazing Chest Ahead" and "Try Holding With Both Hands" look innocent right? Now place them in front of female NPC...
    • Dark Souls 2
      • The Dark Hand is reused by the Desert Sorceress, who indeed kisses you to death with it.
      • The Orange Sign Soapstone was taken up a notch by the fact you can now assemble two sentences together, like "Try Tongue, But Hole."
    • Bloodborne
      • An unfortunate example brought by the Visceral Attack mechanics, if you do that to the Maneater Boar, it becomes Ass Shove.
      • And then there's the Bone Marrow Ash item which increases firearm damage for once, now coat it onto your "Hunter Pistol"...
    • Dark Souls III takes the Maiden's line above, gives it to the female Fire Keeper in the Shrine, updates it to the Dark Souls setting, and shifts it to "Touch the darkness inside me". It sounds no less ambiguous.
    • Elden Ring, the title of "Finger Maiden" has gotten a lot of stifled laughter out of players. Plus, Tarnished who aren't affiliated with one being known in-game as "maidenless" has led to a lot of jokes about the game ribbing your character for being single.
  • Dead or Alive: The two new gameplay mechanics in 5 are called "Power Blow" and "Critical Burst". Yeah...
  • In a later level of Dead Space 2 (in which you revisit the Ishimura), there are ultraviolet floodlights set up to aid decontamination crews in scrubbing up bloodstains and such. Of course, most male gamers will read something different into white stains under black lights. (The fact that they are huge just makes it that much funnier.) (The stains. The stains are huge, not... Get your mind out of the gutter!)
  • The Demon Rush: Cherry Venus would make an excellent porn name.
  • Devil May Cry: Phantom says "Bah... another small one. I sensed something a little bigger... what a disappointing catch!" when he meets Dante. "Small" and "Bigger" refer to Dante's overall human size, mind you, since Phantom is a Giant Spider that towers over him.
    • The first line of Nero's battle theme in 4: "The time has come and so have I."
  • In the mobile game Disney Magic Kingdoms, everything and everyone casts a shadow pointing northeast. This includes the concession stands, which are each topped with an example of what they sell. When the Steamboat Willie Hat Stand, which sells mouse ear hats topped with Mickey's hat from said short, was released, players were quick to notice something not so innocent about its shadow. The game devs caught on too before long, and quietly altered the concession so that the hat is missing from the shadow being cast. Though the hat still casts a smaller version of the original shadow when worn by any NPC child who visits the concession.
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy
    • Early fan translations translating Kefka's intro quote to Tidus as "go play with your ball", and variations of such, meant to refer to Tidus playing blitzball. The English version of the game replaced this with "go back to the beach", same idea without the innuendo. Then, we come to Firion — Kefka's quote to him in the Japanese game was to say he was sweaty, due to all the weapons he carries around. In English, we get "Eeeeeew, aren't you hot?" instead.
    • Here's a video devoted to the innuendos of Dissidia.
  • Promotion for Donkey Kong 64: "He's back again, and about time, too. And this time, he's in the mood!". Not to mention Donkey's part of the rap: "His coconut gun can fire in spurts, if he shoots ya it's gonna hurt!".
  • Donkey Kong Country:
    • The name of the first game's second boss's level: Necky's Nuts.
    • Another debatable "accidental" innuendo (from the second game): Klampon. Think about it.
  • Dragon City: The description for the Sea Dragon reads: 'If you're into watersports, the Sea Dragon will be your new best friend!'
  • DragonFable: The description for a ring mentions E. Flynn, and how he "really gets around!"
  • Dragon Quest V
    • Old Man Nick Knack, who asks that you "refrain from yer rubbin' 'til after dark, when everyone's out of the way". He is, of course, referring to polishing your knick-knacks where no one can see you do it.note 
    • One of the possible items is a small music box made to commemorate Prince Harry's wedding. So of course, using the cleaning cloth on it results in this immortal sentence: "[Your name] polishes the marital organ."
  • Dragon Quest VIII:
    • Morrie's lines are... suggestive: "You know what they say: You never know the depths of your own passion until you play with yourself", "You give my monstrous pit a good licking", "You keep it up, and you will go far in my monstrous pit!".
    • Apparently, Kalderasha has asked Valentina repeatedly not to touch his crystal balls.
  • In Dragon's Dogma you get this reaction from a pawn when they see a Cockatrice for the first time.
    It has the head of a cock!
  • The Sega SG-1000 had a game titled Dragon Wang. This review complements the dubious-sounding name with a Not What It Looks Like screenshot.
  • In EarthBound Beginnings, every time after saving your game, your dad asks you if you want to continue. If you choose to keep playing, he will answer "Just like your Mom, you never want to stop". Too Much Information, maybe?
  • The Elder Scrolls
    • Daggerfall has randomly generated enchanted items in the form of "[Item] of [Spell]". This makes it possible to have some humorous items, such as the Blouse Of Opening (which sounds dirty, but is simply a shirt that unlocks doors). Other possibilities include the Loincloth of Fireballs and the Short Skirt of Levitation.
    • At the beginning of the (short but existent) Forced Tutorial for Morrowind, a guard approaches and tells you, "This is where you get off. Come with me." (He's talking about leaving the ship you are on.)
    • In Skyrim, one of Adrianne's flavor quotes is:
      "I don't claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun. Eorlund Gray-Mane has that honor. The man's steel is legendary."
    • At one point in the main quest of Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC, Serana offers to do something to you that's apparently very personal: "It's intimate. For us. I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you into this." She's talking about turning you into a vampire, by the way.
  • Elite Dangerous: Most star systems have a name based on the sector of the galaxy they are in, the size of their main star, and the location of the system within its sector. This usually leads to such system names as Wregoe CH-D d12-56. As a result of this naming convention, one particular star system was given the unfortunate name of Ihad SE-X c15-0.
  • Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan's Landsknecht class has a skill called "Mind Break"note .
  • In The Evil Within 2, we get Stefano Valentini dramatically declaring, "Picasso had his Blue Period ... I have entered my Crimson Period!"
  • Façade: One of Grace's knickknacks is basically a glass rainbow colored penis. It's made incredibly odd because it isn't treated to look out of place from the other sculptures, but it just a bit too sex toy shaped to seem like a creative oversight of the duo who produced it.
  • Far Cry 2: "I'll need to hold your equipment, bro".
  • Fatal Frame: A ghost in Crimson Butterfly died in the lost village while looking for her boyfriend ( by being strangled by his ghost, actually). One of her diary entries has a single page stating simply "He came" and, even better, she utters a haunting "you finally...came" when defeated. Considering how hard this phrase would be to work around, the translators probably realized the implication and just plowed on ahead.
  • During Fate/Grand Order's 2021 Valentine's Day event, Semiramis replaced DaVinci and Sherlock Holmes in the Mission Control role. The explanation she gives (in the English-language version) is: "The reason for [Holmes'] indisposition is hardly a secret. DaVinci was having trouble walking straight." She probably meant that Holmes was chillaxing with his seven percent solution, while DaVinci was exhausted from pulling an all-nighter in her lab. Certain fans, however, persist in the belief that they exhausted themselves boinking each others' genius brains out.
  • Fatty Bear: From the second time onwards, looking at the top half of the closet then returning the view to Fatty Bear at the bottom will cause him to say "I need to get higher."
  • Final Fantasy VI:
    • Some fans have taken Terra's "looks like a bear" comment about Sabin to mean...something else. Doesn't help that Sabin takes it as a compliment.
    • And a visual one, the folds of Kefka's robe in his god form in the final battle...well, some have taken it as evidence he really, really enjoys destruction.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening: The last line of an S Support between Say'ri and the Male Avatar has Say'ri, after promising to take him back home with her to see Chon'sin and all of the fantastic sights she described to him, hoping that they could perhaps be joined together as one under the cherry trees. While Say'ri probably had a marriage ceremony in mind, fans with dirtier minds interpreted her wording as a different kind of joining.
    • In Frederick and Cordelia's support, he asks her to help him teach a class of trainees by asking her to "show the new recruits how well you handle a spear." The fact that portrait is blushing from her last line while he says this only makes it better.
  • Full Throttle: During the demolition derby, Ben and Maureen have to stage a seemingly fatal accident by getting in a head-on collision. Getting Ben's car over the field to her car takes some time, so at one point an impatient Maureen will say: "Ben, get here and nail me!".
  • Golden Sun games have the Hard Nut rare items which permanently raise a character's defense stat. If the main character finds an item they don't have inventory space for, they give it to the first character who does. Thus, "(protagonist) got a Hard Nut! (protagonist) gave a Hard Nut to (another character)".
    • In the first game, this was used to set up an actual innuendo: "Jill gave Isaac a nice surprise! Isaac got a Hard Nut!".
    • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn made this one even more funny by removing the capitalization on items like the hard nut. "Matthew got a hard nut!".
  • Gothic 2 features quite a fabulous one at its very beginning, with the Necromancer explaining to the hero the effects on the evil realm creatures of the first game's final boss deathcry.
    Xardas: It was an order to all evil creatures, a word of power that they were all bound to obey. His last order was, COME! And they came, all of them, even the dragons.
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies:
    • And Rare already crammed their usual heaping helping of deliberate adult humor into the game! There are quite a few things that are innocent enough in the normal game, but become very risqué due to the player character being of the opposite gender during Challenge 21. To elaborate: when playing through the normal game, you play as Cooper, a male who appears to attract the sexual attention of multiple female foes in the game. When you play through a second time in Challenge 21, you play as Amber, a female, who still attracts the same female baddies. The female vampires that pull you into their coffins and shut the door while hearts rise out of the casket and you slowly lose health suddenly take on a whole new meaning.
    • Amber's pre-boss Ghoulie self still wants a kiss from her non-Ghoulie self...
    • Perhaps worse is the second mummy you meet in the game, who startles you by jumping out of a large vase, triggering a Super Scary Shock. The camera shows him, then cuts to the player, then cuts to him doing menacing pelvic thrusts. Poor, poor Amber... The fact that the next shot is of the player character leaping into the air with an exponentially more shocked expression than before doesn't help.
  • Twitter users have poked fun at The Grinch (2000) for Gameboy Color and its unintentionally provocative illustrations of the title character leering at the player or reclined in bed after winning a level.
    It's December, and you know what that means: the return of the Grinch from the Konami Gameboy Color game where an artist on the team clearly wanted to (bang) the Grinch
  • Guilty Gear: Resident fanservice character Dizzy has a lot of lines that can come across as sexually arousing, despite that's not her intention. Especially when her dialogues are matched with I-No's, it sounds like rape against her.
  • Half-Life: "If you follow standard insertion procedure, everything should be fine."
  • Halo 3: ODST: One exchange featured in one of the ViDocs got replaced thanks to jokes about this.
    Dare: My hatch... (grunts) is... (grunts) jammed...note 
    Buck: (chuckles)
    Dare: How's yours?
    Buck: (sighs) Works great!
  • In Harvest Moon for the SNES getting the best ending requires that you pick up and set down your dog 100 times. You can do this all in one quick session, just don't face northward.
  • In Horizon Zero Dawn, an Oseram character expresses pride in the functionality of the elevators his tribe were commissioned to build: "If the Carja had built them, they'd have stopped at a good-looking shaft!"
  • The infamous line from House of the Dead: "Don't come!" They just forgot to add in the words "any closer," honest. It's very common in games translated in Japan.
  • The first Impossible Quiz game invokes this by providing a list of unfortunate town names and challenging the player to find the one that doesn't exist. The fake name is "Arsefacey." The other names listed include Bitchfield (a town in Lincolnshire), Brown Willy, Budd's Titson (both in Cornwall), and Twatt (a name belonging to two different Scottish towns).
  • Kurama Norihito from Inazuma Eleven Go has the dub name of Michael Ballzack.
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: "Here we see Black Club, riding grind rails and firing giant steel balls."
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • When Sora finds out that Kairi's heart is within himself in the original game: "Kairi... Kairi's inside me?"
    • Also, when Sora has a conversation with Yuffie early in the first game, she says "I've heard that the Keyblade can open all sorts of locks" while sitting on a bed like this. Talking to her again would make her say "Think of this as an adventure!" While sitting in that same position.
    • In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Axel refers to ice cream as "the icing of the cake," Roxas enjoys "having ice cream" with Axel and Xion, and complains that having ice cream alone isn't the same because "all he tastes is the salt, and his hands get sticky."
    • The series is a goldmine. Other examples include "Uh Uh You're really good," "I have some unfinished business with this puppet," "Sora, you sure are growing fast"...
    • Kingdom Hearts coded takes the cake with Goofy's line. "Who's to say if it's even safe inside Riku?" All that can be said is that It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Kingdom of Loathing is no stranger to intentional dirty jokes, but the creators insist that the Sugar Fruit Fairy was not supposed to look like the top half of a nude woman, balancing a fruit bowl on her large tracts of land. But many people see it this way, and calling it a "fruit fairy" didn't help matters. (The two round things in the middle are eyes, and the semicircle under them is the head...uh, cranium.)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning uses the slang 'tinker' as a synonym for 'craftsman'. This means you get dialogue like:
    Parwen: Sun Camp is built around trade. Argine started it before Adessa was built, and she keeps her tinkers' hands very busy.
  • In King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
    • when Alex pulls out the Magic Map: "Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation." Alexander "pulling out his magic map" itself has been met with snickers because of this.
    • "By all that's beautious, fair and sightly, four morons do I sleep with nightly!"
  • League of Legends: Teemo's quotation on Tristana could sound like a totally lame Double Entendre joke.
    "If there's one person I'd trust to take on a difficult mission, it's Tristana — all day long!"
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has characters walk up to treasure chests and they'll say a line or two that sounds out of context a few times like Emma's "What an amazing chest!" despite the fact that she herself has Gag Boobs. Though some characters do take it out of context like Angelica's "Always happy to lay my hands on another chest."
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: In most towns, you can find a Lady in Red who invites you into her home to refill your health. What exactly she does is unknown, since you can't see inside the house, so how she heals you is anyone's guess. Maybe she makes you a nice meal, or can cast healing magic... but the most popular theory for how these dames refill your life bar involves Intimate Healing, which would also explain why you can't see the insides of the house.
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:
      • When you upgrade the Tempered Sword to the Golden Sword: "Your sword is stronger! You can feel its power throbbing in your hand!"
      • The Desert area features an enemy called the "Geldman."note  The romaji of said enemy is "Gerudoman", suggesting that "Gerudo-" was meant to be a prefix for sand enemies in Zelda considering the enemy in Zelda II called the "Geldarm" and the later Gerudo race.
    • Link’s Awakening:
      • "Link checked the chest. Wow! This is a nice chest!" Adding fuel to the fire, the 2019 Video Game Remake replaces this line with an edited variant that calls the inspected item "drawers" instead... except in Crazy Tracy's house.
      • Link holds Marin up like an item... and she has a dress. Then the text comments how this could be his "big chance".
      • In the DX version's Color Dungeon, the Fairy Queen tells Link to close his eyes and relax...while she changes his clothes. Followed by her announcing that she will now "take [him] out." In the Switch version, at least, her dialogue is tweaked to say that she will take him outside.
    • Ocarina of Time:
      • When you visit the Fishing Hole with a Rumble Pak in your controller, the man will say: "Today, you can feel the vibration, young man!". Errm... Come again?
      • If you go to the Kakariko Graveyard, look inside the gravekeeper's hut and read his diary, it will say: "Come into my grave to receive my stretching, shrinking keepsake".
      • If you show the Spooky Mask to the head carpenter as a kid, he will say: "Hey, you have some good, quality wood there, kid!". In the Nintendo 3DS version, this line was rewritten so he explicitly refers to the mask to make it clear he's actually talking about wood.
      • In the beginning, there is a Kokiri boy trying to pick up a rock... or, at least, that's what he's supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, he looks more like he's humping the rock instead.
      • There's Nabooru, when you first meet her as a child, who gives this gem: "Will you go through this tiny hole and get the treasure that's inside?". The crotch shot only makes it better.
    • The action text for when you stuff the Deku Princess in a bottle in Majora's Mask reads: "It's a tight fit, but she says she'll be fine if you hurry". The flavor text for the item version is even worse: "It's a tight fit, but she's a trouper!".
    • In the Oracle games, there are items called Rings which you can equip to give you special powers. One ring is the Bomber Ring which allows you to set two bombs at once. The ring shows two bombs to indicate its power, and unfortunately, when you put two Cartoon Bombs side by side, with 8-bit graphics it ends up looking a lot like a bra.
    • Orca, the old man from Outset Island in The Wind Waker who trains Link on swordsmanship, says "Come at me, Link! Thrust with your sword!" followed shortly by "Very good! Keep thrusting!".
    • Agitha from Twilight Princess has some unsettling lines like "Li'l stag beetle, li'l stag beetle, your spiky pinchers are so sharp! They must feel so good..." or "Li'l snail, li'l snail, just once I'd like to take a bath in that slime...".
    • Spirit Tracks has Chancellor Cole and Byrne running off with Zelda's soulless body, with Zelda wondering what they're going to do with it. And the gratuitous usage of the word tap: "Tap me if you want to get back on the train".
    • The line "COME!" is one of the many memes from the Philips CD-i games.
  • It's a common file name in all of Sierra's adventure games, but an accidental innuendo is caused if you realise that the VGA version of Leisure Suit Larry has a device driver with the name "STD". (This filename is actually short for "standard" (in C and C++, a library that handles multiple standard C features is called cstdlib, for C standard library) since VGA is the basic resolution on most x86 computers, still often used today to safely use a computer with a bad driver without the driver being active. However, considering the game in question, it can be misinterpreted as standing for something unrelated to computers.)
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: "One day, the light touched me." from trailers. That it's the character herself saying it doesn't change the fact the main protagonist's nickname is "Light".
  • LittleBigPlanet: "I'm a wooden steed. Grab my soft material, and we can go for a ride!"
  • Little Red Hood has this in the ending:
  • Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ: In the player selection screen, upon choosing Red, she'll say: "Let's do it!". Maybe not so accidental, after all...
  • Near the end of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, Daos shouts out, "You little hoochees [sic]!" In case they didn't know, a "hoochie" is a slang term for a woman who, let's say, is kind of... promiscuous.
  • The whole concept of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is screaming with Accidental Innuendo. The Bros are "inside of Bowser's body". They have to "stimulate" his body parts. If you have a dirty mind, you'll be snickering all throughout this game. It also doubles as accidental Fetish Fuel: while each person likes their own thing, there are a few more common... odd kinks that show up in the game. The game is perfectly innocent, but if you look at, it contains a lot of items that have an actual name for the attraction to. For more specific examples:
    • "It is I who added the nuts to that statue!".
    • When finding Bowser's funny bone near the beginning of the game, Starlow overtly says: "If we can stimulate this thing, something'll happen...".
  • Mario Party
    • The original had Peach (unintentionally) have a rather suggestive-looking animation for whenever she tried to hold onto an item during "Crane Game". The Runaway Guys were quick to notice.
    Jon: Hump that chest, Peach! Hump that chest! You show it who's boss!
    • Mario Party 3 had this for Bowser of all people. Normally, when you step on his space on the board, his intro would show him dancing happily. However, there were rare occasions where Bowser's intro showed him lying on his side with his head leaning on his hand while his other hand is on his side and has one leg crossed over the other. This makes Bowser look like he was ready to have sex with the player instead of playing his usual pranks.
  • Somehow, there's some accentual innuendo in an educational game. Mario's Early Years: Fun With Letters has a "Sentence World" where kids are encouraged to fill in the blanks with objects on the screen to correctly complete the sentence. ProtonJon and a friend of his did a Let's Play of the game and when they saw the sentence "The Princess has a big ____", hilarity ensued. It can be seen here around the 8 minute mark. Sentence World earns itself the nickname "Inappropriate World".
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Listen to Pauline's dialogues from the sound test of Mini-Land Mayhem...
  • Spencer's "You don't know nothing about swinging!" line to Spider-Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, especially regarding the latter's astonishing number of love interests and his actions post-One More Day.
  • You can get something along these lines while romancing Garrus in Mass Effect 2
    • Harbinger - basically, anything he said could be interpreted as double entendre, including, but not limited to: "This hurts you.", "You cannot resist.", "I know you feel this.", "If I must tear you apart, Shepard, I will.", "Shepard, submit now.", "(...) bend to me.", "You will regret your resistance, Shepard.", "You cannot escape your destiny, Shepard.", "Why do you resist us, Shepard?". All of this makes him sound like a Super-Persistent Predator of a sexual variety. It sounds like he really likes SHEPARD...
    • At one point during Mass Effect 3, Comm Specialist Samantha Traynor says this with an almost passionate voice:note 
    Traynor: I like the feel of something solid in my hands.
    • Keeping in line with the series' Running Gag on aliens misinterpreting the finer points of human figures of speech, in the Citadel DLC of Mass Effect 3, an asari Rich Bitch in the casino will deliver this unfortunate line:
    Asari: The humans are so resilient. Like that phrase of theirs, "stiff one in the lips".
    Shepard: Stiff upper lip.
    Asari: Right, what did I say?
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man V: Uranus's weapon is called the Deep Digger? Seriously? And did it really have to be Uranus?
    • Mega Man 2: One of the Robot Masters is Flash Man, which sounds like a stripper's name. It doesn't help that his power is stopping time. And then there's Wood Man, a robot made of wood. A homophone implies something else...
    • Mega Man 3 has a Robot Master named Hard Man. The shape doesn't help. To make matters worse, there's his weapon, the Hard Knuckle, which allows him to rocket fis— errrrr, Rocket Punch the Blue Bomber.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: The Doktor keeps spouting these:
    "Yes, enemy cyborgs should have plenty of electrolytes once you... extract their fluids."
    "Working on your body was quite... educational."
  • In Metal Walker one of the capsules you can buy is called "Get Blown".
  • Mimana Iyar Chronicle: If Melrose's Mad Scientist intentions are not taken into account, her attempts at undressing Crais and/or Sophie border on Black Comedy Rape.
  • MindJack: "He's a big one! Well, the harder they come..."
  • Monster Hunter has a consumable item that grants a stamina gauge boost and negates cold. The problem? It's called "Hot Meat".
  • Konquest Mode in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon involves collectible "Relics" for each character in the game. Moloch's is the ball and chain he carries around...but it's called "Moloch's Ball." Cue Heh Heh, You Said "X".
  • Lucas in the hot spring with Ionia, the Magypsy in Mother 3. Because it cuts to black, and Ionia says things like "Don't struggle" and "Just endure it for a little bit", it can be interpreted the wrong way.
  • Nurse dancing, BDSMnote , techniques for the proper use of leashes...describing your most recent NetHack run can sound downright kinky.
  • Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos: The cutscene right after defeating Ashtar, where he mortally wounds Irene. What's supposed to be a very dramatic moment gets a very different vibe when Irene cries out for Ryu as she falls forward while facing him, her head going below frame with her mouth open...
  • Ni no Kuni has a scene where one character accuses the young hero Oliver of still sleeping with dolls. As it happens, his Fairy Companion, Drippy, was trapped in the form of Oliver's favorite plush toy until the game's beginning, leading Oliver to proudly state that he hasn't slept with Mr. Drippy in more than a month. Combine his verb choice with a heaping helping of Video Game Time—heck, even Drippy's name itself—and it comes out decidedly wrong-sounding.
  • The Nintendo DS's Working Title was the "Nitro", resulting in the three-letter indexing code NTR. Unfortunately, a certain polarizing ero trope also shares that abbreviation.
  • Nuts & Milk: The name of this game. Think about what it could lead someone to believe, and did in fact lead a ROM hacker to believe.
  • Octopath Traveler:
    • One of the random encounters is a tree enemy called a "raging wood".
    • You get this little gem of faux-cockney dialogue if you allure/guide the Ruffian Lackey in Stonegard and dismiss him:
      "Ack! Me boss's gonna do 'is nut!"
    • All of the stat-boosting items are types of nuts, including the Slippery Nut, Hard Nut, Invigorating Nut and Nourishing Nut.
  • The game OFF. Nothing in the game itself, but its title leads to a lot of unintentional hilarity when mentioned in conversation, leading to a lot of "I just beat OFF!" and "Can you help me get OFF?"
  • Ōkami has a fisherman who, after a good run, proudly declares "I can feel life itself pulsing through my rod!"
  • In The Oregon Trail you're fording the river and the water's going too fast. If you don't tie your wagon down, you might lose all of your supplies! Would you like to use rope and chains?
  • All over the place in Otomedius. Especially from Tita, which might not be so accidental.
  • Pac Man Arrangement: The fifth ghost, which was added to the game as part of the "Arrangement", is titled Kinky.
  • Paper Mario: In the first game, there's a little (male) star kid called Twink.
  • In the first Pajama Sam game, Sam will grab a plank of wood at the cost of a rope he borrowed from a tree. If you have Sam offer the wood to the tree in exchange, she'll be disgusted and tell Sam to take it away. Said tree might also be thinking of the wood as a dead corpse, possibly of her kin ... !
  • From PaRappa the Rapper 2: "Slurp it! Suck it! I know you all like it!" He's actually referring to the noodles he was eating, but anyone who is at least 13 will take it as... something else.
  • Plok: "I've been diddled again!"
  • Pokémon:
    • Basically, anyone who talks about Poké Balls. In fact, in HeartGold and SoulSilver, when the player first meets Kurt, he says, "(Player), eh? You want me to make some balls for you?" In fact, most of the types Kurt makes you qualify, with names like Heavy Balls, Friend Balls, and Love Balls.
    • Anyone who talks about breeding Pokémon. Especially Brock, in the anime, whose oft-stated ambition is to be "the best breeder ever".
    • Yanmega's Japanese name, Megayanma, made plenty of censor filters jump, along with Cofagrigus and Frosslass.
    • Magmar and especially Magby's Japanese names: Boober and Booby, respectively! Of course, it was MEANT to reference birds like the Blue-Footed Booby, but... well... And Magmortar is Booburn. Ouch.
    • Quite a few Pokémon have a suggestive tuft of fur between their legs, like Blaziken, Reshiram and Beartic. White Kyurem gets a few of Reshiram's characteristics... but not that suspicious placing of fur.
    • The move Harden could make a few people with dirty minds giggle. Especially since the same Pokémon likely will know String Shot, and especially with the questionably-shaped Metapod. Hydro Pump causes the same dirty thoughts sometimes, as do a variety of other moves out-of-context, like Bounce, Pound, Gunk Shot, Howl, Explosion, Endure, Poison Jab. Particularly with Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action jokes.
    • Pokémon Red and Blue:
      • Have you ever taken a good look at the fountain at Silph Company first floor in FireRed and LeafGreen? No? They look like breasts leaking milk.
      • Professor Oak came when he heard you became champion. The remakes don't even change this line.
      • The remakes of Pokémon Red and Blue turn Professor Oak telling the player they have “come of age” into this simply by allowing you to play as a girl, and thus the line takes on an entirely different meaning.
      • A Juggler in the Fuschia Gym (named Shawn in FireRed and LeafGreen) says "Dropped my balls!" after he's defeated. It caused endless snickers throughout the fandom. The line was changed to "You're more skilled than I thought!" in FireRed and LeafGreen, and he doesn't appear at all in Let's Go.
    • Pokémon Gold and Silver:
      • Juggler Irwin says "Behold my graceful BALL dexterity!" before he's battled. In the remakes, this line was replaced with "Behold my dexterity and grace!"
      • In GSC, there's a trainer in the Burned Tower named Firebreather Dick note . Nintendo slightly modified this in the remakes by instead using the name Dick is short for, Richard.
      • HeartGold and SoulSilver's first NPC in the first town apparently likes your bag. A lot.
      • If you go to the Pokéathlon Dome, Whitney offers to buy you an outfit for the sport. In the Japanese script, she wonders out loud if you were an S or an M, then decides that you're an M and forces you into an outfit of her choosing.
      • Dewgong's Pokédex entry in Gold and HeartGold states: "The colder the temperature, the friskier it gets".
      • The "Vietnamese Crystal" bootleg consistently mistranslates "[player] put the [item] in the bag" as "[player]![item] BAG FUCK".
    • One of the Team Rocket members in Pokémon Stadium 2 has a Wobbuffet nicknamed... Wobbufap. It's even worse considering what Wobbuffet is.
    • Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire:
      • In Sapphire, Dodrio's pokédex entry says: "Apparently, the heads aren't the only parts of the body that Dodrio has three of". It's talking about its three hearts and three sets of lungs.
      • A fisherman trainer in Emerald brags about his fishing before the battle, and then afterwards says: "Don't tell me yours is bigger!".
      • Zinnia from the post-credits content in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire greets you on the bottom floor of the Sky Pillar in a way that sounds exactly like she's hitting on you. The fact that she blushes right before you battle her at the top makes it worse.
    • Pokémon Colosseum: A construction worker in the Pyrite Hotel says: "Apparently some rich fellow ordered the colosseum built. I'm amazingly stiff".
    • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl:
      • In Platinum, you get a villa. You can buy furniture for it. When you mix records, sometimes your friends will find a TV program that is examining furniture you have. Sometimes they say that you have a "nice rack".
      • Get enough furniture and eventually certain NPCs will invite themselves to your villa. It's funny the way a few of them seem to be waiting right next to your bed.
      • "REGIGIGAS can't get it going because of its Slow Start!" (Regigigas's signature ability lowers its Attack and Speed for the first 5 turns; whenever you send it out, this questionably-worded message appears.)
      • Palkia's unfortunate design from the shoulders up.
    • Pokémon Black and White:
      • Mew's backsprite looks like it's... um... enjoying itself with the tail...
      • In the first gym, which is based upon a restaurant, a trainer that's a waitress tells an analogy about serving food and battles and then begins the battle, but not before saying "I'm your next course!".
    • In Pokémon X and Y, you can sometimes meet a man in a purple suit named Mr. Bonding, usually alone in a hotel room and always facing a wall. If you talk to him, he'll turn around and exclaim "It's bonding time!," and the screen goes dark. After a second, the game fades back in, as if the player character has no memory of what just happened, and Mr. Bonding talks about how he's just given you a new skill. Said skills are called O-Powers.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon:
      • The very title runs into this with its abbreviation: Pokémon S&M.
      • Exeggutor's "Alola" redesign gives it an enormously long neck, with round objects and a literal bush at one end.
      • The end section of Mallow's trial (involving preparing ingredients to make a stew) ended up being quite suggestive due to the way the dialogue is phrased along with some unfortunate camera anglesnote . In particular, the instruction "Press A to pound" became quite infamous among the fandom. The fact that one of the ingredients is identified as a Rare Bone and Lana comments on the taste of the stew that "the flavor of the Rare Bone is filling my mouth" didn't help either.
      • Incineroar's special attack animation is intended to have it shoot the attack out of its "belt", but the animation ends up looking like a pelvic-thrust instead, so it looks more like it's shooting the attack out of its...uh, yeah. (It also doesn't help that Incineroar's design has its torso be the only part of its body that is a completely different color (gray) than the rest of its body, thus given it a pantsless look)
      • As a side bonus, Incineroar has access to Leech Life and U-Turn via TM, both Bug-type moves, meaning it can use the Z-Move Savage Spin-Out, which involves the opponent shooting a white, sticky ball of silk at the opponent. Guess which animation Incineroar uses for this move.
      • In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Rotomdex can ask the player questions. One of these questions is "If you could go into either a Pokéball or the Rotomdex, which would you prefer?" His response if your answer is the Rotomdex? "For realzzz? It'd be a bit of a squeezzze, but want to give it a try?" He's probably talking about you possessing the Rotomdex like he's doing, but some of the fandom has had a field day with this line.
    • In Pokemon Sword, the Dex entry for Gigantamax Alcremie reads: "Cream pours endlessly from this Pokémon's body. The cream stiffens when compressed by an impact. A harder impact results in harder cream."
  • Project × Zone 2: Brave New World has Chun-Li claiming that Miyuki-chan from Ordyne can "suck them in" with Miyuki-chan agreeing that she's ready to suck each and everyone of them. In context, they're trying to escape the Balrog ship that's currently exploding and that Miyuki-chan has an airship that has a giant tube that can get people inside the store and the only way to access it is to use the catapult from the Balrog to get to said ship.
  • Psychonauts: "The sea shall run white with his rage!" The guy is the Milkman, just for context's sake.
  • In Punch-Out!! for Wii, when Soda Popinski gets back up, he takes up a bottle... and it looks somewhat like he pulls it out of his ass.
  • Putt-Putt: Level 69 of Balloon-o-Rama has pink balloons arranged in the shape of a heart, which soon fills up with white balloons. Ironically, it's also a That One Level for many due to the fact all balloons regenerate after popping them. Three times.
  • Even Quest 64 gets away with this one in regular gameplay. It's bad enough the spell is named Power Staff, but this is the kicker. It's of the fire element.
  • The level in Rayman Origins where Holly Luya is rescued is known as Crazy Bouncing.
  • In the Playable Epilogue of Red Dead Redemption II, the Martson family dog gets bitten by a snake while John and Jack are off fishing. John has to suck the venom out of Rufus's leg while Jack keeps saying in his cracking pre-teen voice things like "Keep sucking, dad!" , "Spit it out!", and "Don't swallow it!" in the background.
  • Ring King for the NES. The in-between round animation. Doesn't help that no one can seem to explain what is supposed to be depicted.
  • During Black Widow's ending in Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II.
    Black Widow: "My web has snared them all, none can hope to escape it, or me!"
  • In one of the later Sam and Max releases the duo is trying to get into the church of Prismatology. Before Sam can enter, he is given a toy unicorn. When he rubs its horn, the horn will turn red if his faith is strong enough. Because he is not actually a believer, he has to go around asking other potential believers if they'd like to rub his unicorn. Similarly, referring to the franchise as S&M. Whoops.
  • You try bringing up Seaman without someone cracking up.
  • Oh, education games are not immune. In The Secret Island of Dr. Quandary, after you release Sir Pillory from the Num Lock stockade, if you approach the stockade again, he cheerfully offers to get locked up in it again, "just for fun".
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant: Yuri: "That is one big pussy". He saw a giant pink man-eating cat, you see.
  • Ezekiel Lannister from Shadow Nexus — the way he talks is perfectly naive and innocent, but sometimes understandable as subtext (especially when Liam Oakley and Aidan are concerned).
  • Shin Megami Tensei: For the whole series there is Jack Frost's Verbal Tic "Hee-ho", often coming in the form of ending each sentence with "ho!" Meaning that he keeps calling people whores.
    • Devil Survivor does this itself when describing the Gigolo in Naoya's profile as a "flamboyant man," immediately followed by "What could their relationship be?" The fact that Gigolo is unambiguously revealed to be gay on one path doesn't help.
    • In Digital Devil Saga, Angel's Pre-Asskicking One-Liner can easily be read in all the wrong ways; especially once you find out that she's a fully functional Hermaphrodite.
      Angel: At last, we shall finally see the maturation of the seed I HAVE SOWN IN YOU!
    • The opening of the first Persona remake has a scene that looks oddly similar to goatse. And then you see Maki's face in it. It may be intentional, given the other bits of symbolism we see in the game itself.
    • In Persona 3, Ryoji just won't shut up about being inside the protagonist. Especially in regards to the female protagonist, because that can actually happen.
    • Persona 4:
      • Chie's All-Out Attack line: "Alright guys, pile on! Are you ready?" And if you refused: "We're not gonna do it? Aww..."
      • "Yosuke pounded the enemy!" With emphasis put on "pounded".
      • Yosuke to the (male) protagonist:
        Yosuke: What, really? I know you were always good with your hands and - uh, never mind.
    • Persona 4: Arena Ultimax: When Yukari beats Ken, she'll comment on how "big" he and Koromaru grew. The chat picked up on this.
    • Persona 5: Multiple:
      • The game's battle theme is a Bragging Theme Tune about how the Player Character is about to execute an enemy with style and how they'll never see it coming. The problem? The singer repeats the phrase, "I'm coming!" very loudly and noticeable after the chorus is over. This, plus, fact that the music has such a jazzy tone in addition to this makes the whole thing sound less like a battle theme and more like an especially smooth Intercourse with You song at times.
      • Some of Makoto's lines can come off this way.
        Makoto: Let's do it in the student council room. I'll leave the back entrance open to you.
        Makoto: Come to the library. I'll drill it into you.
      • After maxing out the Strength Confidant, the player is shown a fully voiced scene with Justine (who looks like an elementary-school girl) trying to remember something and apparently having a headache over it. The problem is that the voice acting, instead of her wincing in pain, she seems to be moaning.
      • This gem, which is even lampshaded.
        Yusuke: I'm in the zone now; give me more stimulation!
        Ryuji: Dude! Phrasing! I-I know what you mean, but...phrasing!
    • In Shin Megami Tensei IV, walk into a weapon shop during a sale and the dealer delivers this line:
      dealer: You had to come now, didn't you?
    • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse:
      • After Gaston's introduction, Asahi expresses her annoyance at his attitude and "magnificence".
        Asahi: What a Magnificent ass.
      • When "Nozomi" (actually Napaea disguised as Nozomi) sends you a quest to meet her, she writes it with incredibly poor spelling and finishes it with "pleez kum".
  • Shining Resonance: The skit that has Marion ask Sonia about her boobs includes two unintentional innuendos by both of them. Mainly because Sonia fails to notice what Marion's staring at, so she assumes Marion's asking about her strength and says it's because she drinks milk.
    Marion: (still staring) "I see... Milk."note .
  • Sin and Punishment: Star Successor: Deko's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner in his third phase, coupled with his shirtlessness and cuffing of Isa makes him sound like he's going to put on hurt of a... special variety.
  • Of the visual sort in Solatorobo: The defense system inside Lares, a giant blue-grey Rent-a-Zilla Humongous Mecha, contains a jellyfish-like creature and a sperm-shaped creature. The defense system inside Lemures, a giant grey-pink Rent-a-Zilla Humongous Mecha (stated to be more advanced and complicated than the above) contains the jellyfish-things, some round things that could easily be eggs, and... the sperm-things. Frisky giant robots!
    • For even more fun, the eggs and sperm tend to show up together, and since the main method of dealing with multiple enemies is to throw one into another, you're likely to end up tossing sperm at eggs.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • The number of times Tails has said "I can do it!" or "We all did it together!" throughout the series makes it seems like it's not an accident anymore.
    • In Sonic Adventure, you can feed nuts to the Chao in the Chao Garden. Some of the thoughts they can have are "I love your nuts!" and "I like eating nuts, but I like staring at them too."
    • "Get a load of THISSSSSS!" The way Eggman enunciates "this" catapults it into this territory, even more so after Eggman's dance sequence in Sonic Shorts.
    • "Throw it All Away" has the following which is not related to Coming Out:
      Everybody tries to be straight,
      But things are still unchanged
      It's useless to resist,
      Their effort will be wasted
    • The lyrics of "Seven Rings in Hand" can easily be interpreted as masturbation jokes. "No such thing as fate for those who speed"? "So many things need a push or pull to begin"? "Wild with just one single hand"?
    • Even worse is "What I'm Made Of...".
      "I don't care what you're thinking as you turn to me!
      'Cause what I have in my two hands is enough to set me free!
      I can fight the feeling to resist it over time...
      But when it's just too much to take, you sneak up from behind!"
    • The lyrics to Knuckles's theme song in Sonic Adventure, "Unknown From M.E."
      I don't need a posse,
      I get it on by myself.
    • In the fourth level of Sonic Lost World, the player can hear the character Zazz declare off-screen "I've been dreaming about pounding his sorry blue butt." No word of a lie.
    • In Sonic Colors, after beating one of the bosses we get this exchange.
      Tails: Great job, Sonic.
      Sonic: You know me. I aim to please.
      Tails: Well, I'm TOTALLY pleased... And a little nauseous.
  • Soulcalibur features Kilik, whose weapon is a staff—or a rod, if you will. In one of his victory quotes in Soulcalibur II, he boasts that "this rod will be your doom!" The fact that he has a short laugh right before saying the line doesn't help.
  • In the 2000 Spider-Man video game, Mysterio fires lasers, but the placement of where they're fired is... questionable.
  • SPISPOPD: By Word Of God, Sphinxster's name was meant to be a pun on "youngster", but it was only until after the release of Dr. Lunatic that Mike Hommel realised that it sounded dangerously close to "sphincter".
  • Splatoon:
    • The Japanese "Milk Tea vs. Lemon Tea" Splatfest temporarily introduced two new ink colors: white and yellow. Needless to say, the fans quickly generated a lot of off-color jokes about what the fluids really were. Splatoon 2 similarly had a global "Mayonnaise vs Ketchup" Splatfest, where the colors were off-white and red, saw the off-color jokes came back with a vengeance.
    • In the North American "Marshmallows vs. Hot Dogs" Splatfest in the first game, Marie infamously sided with Team Hot Dog on the basis that "It's the perfect food! Just a cylinder of meat!"
    • The game has a weapon type called the Slosher, when "getting sloshed" is slang for getting really drunk. It doesn't help that in the news report for Piranha Pit, Callie encourages the player to "go wild with the Slosher" there, and Marie's only response is "If you're into that sort of thing."
    • Pearl telling Marina that she's a fan of "octo pie" in one of the Splatoon 2 stage discussions is meant to be a punny way of saying she loves her best friend (octo pie = octopi, and Marina is an Octoling). This by itself could already be seen as flirting given how close the two of them are, but considering what "pie" can mean as slang, it takes on an additional, eyebrow-raising layer.
  • One of the bosses in Spyro the Dragon (1998) is named Blowhard, of all things.
  • The bulletin board requests in Stardew Valley can lean this way if someone requests a phallic-shaped object and gives no context what they plan to do with it.
    FOR GIRLS ONLY: I need Sea Cucumber. You know what it's for! - Haley
  • Almost every line in Star Fox 64 can be seen as an innuendo when taken out of context.
    Peppy: Slippy! You've got a bogey on your tail!
    Peppy: Shoot the tentacles to open the core!
    Pigma: I'll do you fast, Peppy old pal!
    Falco: I can't wait to see this secret weapon!
    Peppy: Don't go too fast Falco!
    Slippy Things are starting to heat up.
    Fox: Let's sneak in low and surprise them!
    Falco: I got everything above!
    Peppy: And I will take care of everything below!
    Slippy: Hey...Nice aircraft guys.
    Peppy: Aim for the open spot!
    Falco: Don't get too excited.
    Fox: Just what I needed to see...Star Wolf.
    Macbeth train engineer: What's wrong? Come a little closer!
    Slippy: Fox! Get this guy off me!
    Falco: I'll take this one...Get that one behind me!
    Peppy: Pull it together. Just a bit further!
    Slippy: It's too hot! I can't take it anymore!
    Fox: I will do my best! Andross won't have his way with me!
  • In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic:
    • Everyone keeps referring to the player character's affinity for the dark side of the Force, and its effect on the other party members as "touching your dark taint."
    • After his declaration of love for a female player character, other party members will remind Carth that you all have more pressing concerns. Like, you know, saving the world. He responds with "Let's get going. The longer we wait, the harder this is going to be."
  • Sticky Balls — Its title and intro.
  • Street Fighter: The Movie: When the numeral "5" looks like the letter "S" during match play, "5 HIT COMBO" has a different interpretation.
  • Hakan in Super Street Fighter IV pulls this off in his Arcade Mode's intro animation.
    Hakan: It's time to cover the world IN MY OIL!!! note 
  • In Super Mario 64, a villain whose name is Wiggler, of all things, has the brilliant line "I can't take it anymore! First you get me all wet, then you stomp on me!" Referring to Mario flooding his cave, and then jumping on him as a battle attack. Obviously.
    • Oh, and after you jump on him the second time, his response includes, "This is the second time you've nailed me!" You wonder whether all this is as accidental as it seems.
  • In the first Super Mario Galaxy, about halfway through the game, Rosalina will invite Mario into her bedroom.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2:
    • When you fight Digga-Leg, you must hit it between the legs with a drill. Erm...
    • Rollodillo, who you defeat by turning rock-hard and ramming yourself into its behind. Erm...
    • Megahammer, who you battle by sending bullet bills into two large spherical sections of its chest and into a hole on its backside. Erm...
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins:
    • Level 2 of Mario Zone is set approximately in the crotch area of a giant mechanical Mario. It's full of... balls. Big, bright balls, spiked balls, bears riding balls. Balls.
    • In the first level of Space Zone, there is mound of rocks that resembles a certain rude hand gesture...
  • Super Robot Wars: Original Generation: Put Excellen Browning at the controls of the Alt Eisen if you get a chance and use the Revolver Stake. Hilarity Ensues
  • Super Robot Wars UX: From Kali Yuga, of all things. One of her battle quotes is "All will be within my breast."
  • The linked Retsupurae video for Super Tanooki Skin 2D has slowbeef interpreting the bony hills in the background as ribbed condoms.
  • Tales of the Abyss.
    • In a somewhat infamous example, Luke wakes up his manservant Guy in the middle of the night, and asks him to meet him outside with his sword. And then once the scene's over you get a little dialogue box saying "Luke learned Sonic Thrust!"....... Good?
    • There's also a skit where Jade refers to Dist as "an amusing pet." We'd also mention the Keterburg hotel scene, but, well... that one was probably completely intentional innuendo.
  • Tales of Berseria: What Eleanor says to Velvet in regards to mending her clothes. It doesn't help that the skit portraits position them in a way that makes it look like Eleanor is staring at Velvet's chest.
    Eleanor: I'm told I come across as awkward sometimes, but if nothing else, I'm good with my hands.
  • Tales of Destiny 2: There's a skit where Judas mentions he'll "get better sleep" without Harold around. Not helped by Nanaly's next comment.
    Nanaly: Don't be mean, Judas. I bet you're just saying that because you miss her!
  • Tales of Vesperia:
    • There is a very, very good reason why Flynn and Yuri get so much Yaoi Fangirl attention. Right after you free Estelle from Alexei, you can rest at the castle. There's a fade-out, and when you fade back in Flynn's standing behind you asking if you're "going already?" It manages to look very much like a walk of shame. But the most suspect is this conversation before their duel:
    Yuri: (in an extremely sultry voice) Try it like this.
    Flynn: Yuri!
    Yuri: You can't beat me in an argument. But you know what you can beat me in. This!
    Flynn: Yeah. You're right. Just like always. Everything I feel is in this sword!
    Yuri: Good. Come on!
    • And then when they're done, they lie down on the field side by side, and Flynn says that Yuri has "gotten better."
  • In the Taz-Mania game developed by Sunsoft for the Super NES, Taz says a unique one-liner at the end of each level. For "Interstate Idiocy", the first level of Act 5, Taz says, "Taz pooped!" This was meant to convey that he's tired out, but if you don't factor in the Hulk Speak aspect of his dialogue, that line takes an entirely different meaning.
  • An occasional result of the randomization of the pre-battle lines in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
  • Two characters in Threads of Fate are named Trap Master and Doll Master. "Trap" and "Doll" are both slang for MTF transexuals.
  • The name of the Namco arcade game Tinkle Pit.
  • Tomodachi Life has a minigame where you must tickle a Mii's nose to help them sneeze. If you fail it, they say "That was weird. It didn't really do it for me." It sounds a bit like they could be talking about unsatisfying sex as well as sneezes.
  • One of the messages that could appear on a Loading Screen in Toontown Online said that if your toon was low on laff playing with the toon's Doodle was a quick way to earn them back. Doodles are the pets that players can own in-game.
  • You would expect a Korean-English Dictionary to be aware of this trope, but one released on the Nintendo DS was initially named "Touch Dic". Not helping is that the cover was of a hand pointing downwards. Thankfully, they changed the title to "Touch Dictionary" with a cover of a stylized dictionary... but then they have a slogan that means "Words stimulate". Then there is Sony releasing its own dictionary called "Hand Dic"...
  • Touch Me: Whoever came up with the name probably didn't realize how lewd it sounds.
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron: Granted, they're robots and so don't really have genitalia (despite having both male and female examples of the species), but when fighting the Destroyers, after you blast the fuel cell in the back of the tank, forcing them to transform, if you keep your targeting reticule on that spot, you find that you're basically shooting them in the ass. Their heavy armor and moving head means that, basically, the best place to shoot them is in the crotch or the ass.
  • Two Worlds decided it'd be good to call the evil threatening the land, "The Taint". It's up to the hero to deal with the Taint infestation.
  • The first task you must perform in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines that requires your skills is lockpicking a door to an office. The only option you have, really, is to accept the task (like you'd refuse to do it if you were trying to escape homicidal Sabbat nutjobs and had a lockpick handy, anyway). The innuendo comes, sure enough, if you're playing Malkavian:
    I shall invade this orifice.
  • Waku Waku 7: One of Politank-Z's victory quotes: "Yes, yes, yes! Balls, balls, balls!"
  • Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune:
    • In Maximum Tune 4 and later, Story Mode stage 34 has "CCR" Motoki screaming "I'm coming!" in large-point font and with a very pained expression.
    • When you unlock the 10 Outrun Mode soundtrack, also from Maximum Tune 4 onwards, the album jacket for it shows an... alternate translation for the soundtrack's title: "Sound of Ten persons Pulling out Mode."
  • Lumi's scream of "It's too tight!" during the tutorial first level of Wheelman.
  • Wiiwaa was a cancelled game where the player was supposed to control the game through a separate plushie. However, you needed to install a Wii Remote into the plushie, which involved... shoving the Wii Remote up the bottom of the plushie. Naturally, news websites had a lot of fun, while the makers of Wiiwaa quickly changed the trailer.
  • World of Tanks doesn't seem like the kind of game to have this — after all, it's about tanks blowing each other up — but then when you hear Penetration!...
  • World of Warcraft has an item called "Serpent Flesh", being meat dropped by a type of winged snake. The problem was that its icon rather more resembled a close-up look at something euphemistically referred to as a "serpent". That has since been changed to a T-bone icon.
  • Yakuza 0: Bacchus (who is not a native Japanese speaker) introduces Kamoji:
    Bacchus: He's a whatchacallit... a fisting artist!
    Kamoji: That ain't it! It's punchout artist!
    Bacchus: Yeah. That. Slip of the tongue.
  • While deciding whether or not to recruit Nessiah after defeating him in Yggdra Unison, he says "Please do whatever you like with me." The fact that you're technically holding him prisoner when he does doesn't help the yikes factor one bit. (Don't say that! You're cute, so there are people who'd definitely take advantage!)
  • You Don't Know Jack: "Player two, nice screwing!"