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Accidental Innuendo / Tabletop Games

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  • The Penetrator BattleMech is 75 tons of walking Accidental Innuendo.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The Rod of Lordly Might. That's just overselling yourself.
    • A Rod of Viscid Globs can only shoot three times a day.
    • There's also the Rod of Wonder (works at will) and the Rod of Extend (Spell) and Rod of Enlarge (Spell), which also work three times per day.
  • The Player's Guide to Eberron. An image of an Aerenal elf featured a skeleton-effect Breast Plate that looked very much like the elf was being groped by a skeleton.
  • Anys Syn from Exalted is named after real-world author Anais Nin; her name is not intended to be a joke about sex or headache medicine.
  • Fantasy Flight Games' urban-fantasy RPG Fireborn features characters who are reincarnated dragons; their special abilities are powered by "karma." Karma's corrupted opposite is "taint." Cue gamer snickering.
    • Even worse, in the official introductory adventure The Fire Within, the concept is introduced with the following verbatim dialogue:
      "Why did you attack us?"
      We smelled the taint of the Opener of Ways upon you. ...
      "What do you mean, 'taint'?"
      Do you know the thing you call upon when in most dire need? That has many names. Fate, fortune, karma? The opposite of that, it has but one name. Taint. ... The Opener of Ways loves taint.
      "What are the effects of taint?"
      ... As for us (he gestures to himself and his fellow fairies), it warps us, changes us. ... For you, I do not know.
  • Iron Kingdom: One female warcaster, Ashlynn D'Elyse, has a spell that makes entire groups of enemies less likely to hit in melee, less capable of self-defense and completely unable to operate firearms for a time. The spell's name? Distraction.
    • Skarre, a Cryx caster that is of the all-female Satyxis race, has an ability called Great Rack, which can knock people down. She has horns, you perv.
    • Given Privateer's rather tongue-in-cheek attitude, many of these are probably not accidental.
  • Rifts features a Humongous Mecha called the Hunter Mobile Gun. To help counter enemy infantry, it carries what Northern Gun sales reps insist is a belly gun... mounted right between the robot's legs.
  • Settlers of Catan: "Do you have wood for sheep?" It's a request to trade, obviously. Expect jokes like this a lot. (See The Big Bang Theory's use of this gag in the Live Action TV page.) Of course, the official names for these resources are "lumber" and "wool", but there's a reason people call them wood and sheep.
  • Character sheets in Vampire: The Requiem could be this to polish players, since the world for "virtue" (cnota) could also means "virginity" in poland. Cue first-time players asking whether they should put "yes/no" in corresponding label.