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Accidental Innuendo / Comic Books

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Teeth marks?

  • Reptil attempts to do Get A Hold Of Yourself Man to shake Hazmat out of her Heroic BSoD in Avengers Arena issue #11. The only problem is it looks like he's attempting something else.
  • "Gosh Batman --Remember this leather thong? It still has your teeth marks in it!"
  • This panel, and Sensei's strangely erotic play-by-play of unlocking a door while sweat pours down his face..
    Sensei: Ahh. The blood flows outward and back again. Each element to each element binding. Dis-weighting... Lubricating... Feel... Feel... Feel... Tiny offset crystal borrowing lubrication... Now I can "see". Deeper inside. Aha. The tumblers are mis-balanced. Just so much. Each molecule... adds... and adds, apply pressure, up, then down, and down again. Now. Umphhh. Ah. Slowly... slowly...
  • Big Johnson Bone, from a prequel to Bone, Stupid Stupid Rat Tails. Think about his name a bit.
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  • A Captain America panel had the misfortune of using "WANK" as the sound effect for Cap's shield hitting a robot. To make things worse, the immediately preceding text was "Captain America, I command you to—" with the sound effect cutting off the last word and making it look like the baddie was commanding Cap to wank.
  • Chick Tracts
  • Scrooge McDuck and Carl Barks (in commentary outside the comics) refer to Magica de Spell as a "slinky sorceress." They must mean the first definition, right? Although the other definition works, too…
  • The Far Side had a cartoon of a triumphant dog howling over its freshly killed prey - an overturned car, with the caption "When Car Chasers Dream." According to Gary Larson, he was attempting to show his work by drawing a protruding piece of machinery right where the dog's crotch area happened to be. Much angry reader mail followed, including a comment from a friend of "Holy Crap! The dog's humpin' the car!"
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  • A blatantly obvious one in Garfield: His 9 Lives: BIG BOB CUM!
  • Giant Size Man-Thing
  • Lampshaded in Marvel Year in Review 1993:
    Hey, remember how last year we did all those jokes about how lame those X-Factor villans called the Riders of the Storm were, and how no-one would ever bring them back? So then they all came back in X-Cutioner's Song, only now they call themselves the Dark Riders. It seems that Storm complained to management.
  • Mickey Mouse, you raunchy cad!
  • Similar to the show its based on, the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comics are getting in on it too. Take a look at this one scene from the comic without the rest of the page to put it in context, and I dare you not to laugh.
  • A Comics Code-era Nick Fury comic features a page where Fury and the Countess were kissing. Artist Jim Steranko was censored by the Code all the time, to the point that on that same page, he had to redraw a phone so that it was on its hook, because a phone off the hook was just too risqué. So obviously, when he drew a panel of Fury and the Countess embracing, it had to get replaced. Some fellow decided to grab a zoomed-in shot from another panel and put it in their place. What went there? Why, Fury's gun, in its holster. After a page of him and a woman without much clothing kissing. Steranko apparently laughed his ass off when he heard about it.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Many people have noticed Scott Pilgrim's testicles. Made funnier because, as the Major Spoilers review of Volume 6 pointed out, "Scott Pilgrim Grows a Pair" would be a pretty fitting alternate title... It's actually possible that this innuendo was not accidental at all.
  • In the Sin City story "Hell and Back", Wallace is in a car chase with Blue Eyes in the passenger seat. When the bad guys are about to open fire on them he tells her to get her head down, so she, well...
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics): Lupe comes from the word Lupa, which is Latin and means either she-wolf, or, well...
  • This Spider-Man cover. Whoa Petey, cold shower much? It's supposed to be his knee, but damn, bad placement. Made worse by the two Jail Bait girls in the background.
  • Spirou and Fantasio, obviously. There are things like this picture to keep the rumors alive and kicking.
    • Taken out of context: Fantasio wakes up, apparently in the same bed as Spirou. He's covered in a whitish dripping liquid. He shouts "The condom! We forgot the condom!" (capote means both hood and condom)
    • The context: Fantasio and Spirou are sleeping in a castle ruin, two separate beds. They used pieces of tarpaulin to keep themselves from the rain, except the one above Fantasio suddenly ripped and unloaded buckets of water on him. He wakes up shouting "The hood! We forgot the hood!" (on the car, to protect it from rain).
  • This cover of a Superboy comic that features him getting spanked by the principal. Extra points for said principal being good ol' Pa Kent, both Clark and the kids watching having surprisingly giddy faces, and the issue being titled "The Secret of Smallville High".
  • Supergirl:
    • In Demon Spawn, Supergirl is fighting off a Mind Rape and losing her mind when she feels “something good rushing inside her (mind)”. She describes it as “something warm and comforting”. It's her then-Love Interest Geoff, who is trying to contact her mentally. Supergirl thinks “Yes! That's it! You're getting there! You're getting through!” as she writhes. And Geoff thinks in turn that “This is hard work, but I'm making it!”
    • In the second issue of Supergirl (1972), Linda blows a bottle. Honestly, how this went past the Comics Code?
  • Superman:
  • Teen Titans:
  • The "Starscream won't come out of the closet" conversation in part 2 of The Transformers: Dark Cybertron.


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