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Hmm, I don’t listen to music. I don't have ears.

I Am Dreadness is an ARG started in June 2014 when a guy called Frank started his blog "I Am Dreadness" about his dreams, anxieties and depression. After only a few posts he is greeted with his account being hacked by various people including a girl named Zelda Roswell(also known as R) and a plethora of entities out to get him, talking about him being necessary for some kind of game. Meanwhile loads of tumblr users were contacted by the main antagonist Dreadness, who gave them codes and various riddles to solve in order for them to understand the situation further. Eventually after the rules of this "game" are revealed its actually up to tumblr users to find out the secret which can win the game.


It's simpler than some other ARG to follow, but still the dedicated fanblog is recommended, especially since tinychat logs end up there.

But if you wish to follow it, here are some links:

The ARG has a small following and playerbase and is mostly praised for it's use of suspense, mystery and interesting antagonists.




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