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  • Bleach: All the captains of Soul Society and the Vizards joined in the battle against Aizen to help out Ichigo and give him a chance to strike Aizen, letting him know right from the get go that he wasn't alone in this fight.
    • When Rukia was taken back to Soul Society, Ichigo was determined to go rescue her. Same thing when Orihime got captured by Aizen.
    • Also with Chad, who refused to fight a bunch of thugs and Ichigo came to help him.
      Ichigo: "All right. Let's do this, Chad. You keep doing your thing and don't fight for yourself. But fight for me and I will fight for you. If you ever put your life on the line to protect something, then I'll put my life on the line to protect it too."
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  • William from A Cruel God Reigns is this for Jeremy. He continues to be Jeremy's friend even when Jeremy tells him strange stories about why his back is bleeding, acts bizarrely, and makes moves on him. He is first one to notice Jeremy's strange behavior, have suspicions about what is really going on with Jeremy without blaming him, and actively try to help him. William is also the one who convinces Jeremy to come back to school.
  • .hack//SIGN gives most of the main characters a moment or two like this.
  • Gankutsuou: Franz. He took his best friend's Albert's place in a duel with The Count, an event both knew would have negative outcomes. Tragically, this causes him to die during the duel; Albert is too late to stop it. Sucks.
  • The iDOLM@STER - - Centric part of the plot for the whole show, more visible during both Chihaya's and Haruka's Heroic BSoD's.
  • Izetta from Izetta: The Last Witch choose to help protect her friend, Princess Finé's country from the Germanian soldiers even though her friend tells her to run away to safety.
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  • Holyland: Shin is the only character who always sticks by Yuu no matter what.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry: Used in a pretty dark way - Rena killed a woman who tried to seduce her father for his money (and the woman's lover) and tried to hide it from her friends; however, when they discover the truth, they unanimously agree to help her dispose of the bodies.note 
    • In the same arc, When Rena is affected by the same paranoid delusions Keiichi had fallen to in the first arc, the friends all group together to save her, rather than abandoning her to the unfortunate fate despite/because Keiichi knows that Rena had tried to save him risking her life before.
    • In another arc, Shion decides in Keiichi's place to go kill Satoko's uncle. When Keiichi fails to convince her out of it, he and Rena decide to go along to make sure she's all right and help in the murder.
      • In case it's not too obvious, the "arc" of the entire series more or less happens to be eternally repeating Groundhog Day-style loop
      • Also on a lighter note, the origins of the game club (revealed in the Festival Music chapter) were to help the Hojo siblings cope with the crap they are put through. Partially successful.
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  • Pretty much the Aesop of the entire Kokoro Connect series.
  • The angel Tabris Kaworu in Neon Genesis Evangelion is poised to destroy mankind and basically unbeatable. Despite this he gives Shinji a free opportunity to deny him his purpose and kill him, saving the human race, all because he loved Shinji and preferred that he survive.
  • One Piece: Mr. 2 Bon Kurei (real name Bentham, nickname Bon-chan). His every action outside of when he was part of a Quirky Miniboss Squad is motivated by feelings of friendship and prompts him to take risks even when he has no obligation to do so.
    • In the Alabasta arc, he met and befriended the Straw Hat pirates for all of five minutes before being retrieved by his ship and discovering they were enemies. After the arc ended and they were no longer foes, Bon-chan helped the Straw Hats in their escape from a Marine blockade. While this part was somewhat self-serving since it helps his own escape prospects, when the Straw Hats risk it all to give a farewell to a friend, Bon Chan is so touched he ends up risking his own capture to ensure they can pull it off and get away.
    • Later, during the "Meet Baroque" cover story arc, Bon Kurei gave his aid to Miss Goldenweek and Mr. 5's attempts to rescue Ms. Valentine and the other incarcerated Officer Agents of Baroque Works. This act does result in his capture and sentence to Level Three of Impel Down.
    • After getting out of his cell in the prison Impel Down, Bon-chan offers to help the currently intruding Luffy reach his destination because it coincides with is own goal. He suffers a moment of weakness here and leaves Luffy behind to face Chief Warden Magellan alone, but comes back to rescue Luffy afterward and helps find treatment for his severe poisoning from the loss. The cause for this moment of weakness is that he knows Magellan's reputation and by the end of the arc, it was shown Magellan was powerful enough to simultaneously beat Luffy (the main character), some guy with a type advantage over Magellan's own abilities and several escaped prisoners armed with guns and cannons. After shouting for seven hours straight for Luffy to recover quickly, Bon-chan is himself recovered in time for the breakout. However, the only way the escaping prisoners can get past their final obstacle, The Gates of Justice, is if someone stays behind and opens them from within the prison. While Bon-chan successfully does this, he draws the full attention and killing intent of Magellan, who he promptly challenges alone, with his own eulogy in the background, all while declaring he has no regrets.
    • In essence, this was how Luffy met or helped out his friends, gaining their loyalty. Zoro was about to executed by the marines when Luffy jumped in. He beat the tar out of Arlong for making Nami cry. He helped out Usopp because he saw that Usopp was determined to protect his village. He helped Sanji protect Zeff's resturant ship. He stopped Wapol and defended Chopper's pirate flag. Robin wanted to die, but Luffy saved her. He accepted Franky into his crew, despite being enemies earlier. And he gave companionship and freedom to Brook.
    • This is Luffy in general. You don't even have to be one of his crew mates — you just have to be a friend. Because for Luffy, that's always been enough.
  • Princess Sarah: Sarah and her friends, especially Ermengarde, Becky and Peter, have one of these moments almost every other episode.
  • Saint Seiya: Shiryu. Even though most of the Bronze Saints are ready to go to great length for one another, Shiryu seems particularly prone to that especially toward Seiya. The most memorable example would be Shiryu willing to bathe Seiya's Cloth with most of his blood, aware that it would cost his life, in order to repair it. Without his Cloth, Seiya would not have stood a chance to survive the threat he was facing at the time and thus Shiryu was willing to offer his life for a friend in need.
    • Shiryu's biggest moment of this type was the fight against Perseus Algol, in which he BLINDS HIMSELF to be able to fight him out of his sheer determination to save his friends.
    • Shun was willing to risk his life to revive Hyoga in the House of Libra.
  • Variable Geo: Yuka's childhood friend, Satomi, has fallen on hard times, ever since her parents died; leaving her to care for herself and her kid brother, on her own. Except she barely earns enough to support them, despite working two jobs, due to Daiskue's medical expenses. Which made her an easy target for The Jahana Group, who manipulates Satomi into entering the VG tournament. When Yuka becomes aware of the situation, she resolves to save her friend.


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