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A Dog Named Dog / Live-Action TV

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  • Inspector Columbo has a basset hound named Dog.
  • In Breaking Bad, Jesse's drawings feature a baby kangaroo named "Joey".
  • On The Closer, Brenda simply calls her inherited cat Kitty.
  • The Polka Dot Door: Most of the toys have real names, but the teddy bear is just called Bear. The Polkaroo is either this or Pokémon Speak.
  • ALF's real name is Gordon Shumway, but his Earth name ALF is actually an abbreviation of Alien Life Form.
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  • Doctor Who has a Robot Dog named K9, overlapping with Robot Names.
  • The robot in Lost in Space answers to "Robot", even among those who consider it family and best friend.
  • The Emergency Medical Hologram in Star Trek: Voyager never found a better name than "Doctor". That's not just Everybody Calls Him "Barkeep": being a Doctor is more than what the EMH does, it's what he is (though he eventually learns to transcend his programming).
  • "Horse" from Monkey. "Horse" is really a dragon named Yu Lung, but everyone just calls him "Horse".
  • "Cat" from Red Dwarf. Played with as Cat is actually a Human Alien that evolved from domestic housecats. The Novelization explains that he finds the concept of a name hard to grasp; it would suggest that people don't already know who he is.
  • The small terrier with apparantly human intellect from Petticoat Junction was called just "The Dog". During a courtroom scene, he took the bench (seriously!) after being referred to as "John Doe Dog".
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  • Played with in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Willow and Tara's cat is named "Miss Kitty Fantastico".
  • Somehow comically averted in Gossip Girl, since Chuck's dog gets named Monkey".
  • The Lass family in Dead Like Me adopts J.D. without knowing the meaning of his initials. Reggie decides it's "Just Dog".
  • Played with in one episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. They get a dog named Dragon, but it's actually a dragon magically disguised as a dog.
  • In the premiere episode of the final season of 24, Jack Bauer asks his granddaughter if she's given a name to the stuffed bear he got her at the zoo - she says that he's "Bear."
  • JAG: The dog Admiral Chegwidden adopts in the season nine episode "Empty Quiver" is named Dammit, because that was the only expression to which it would pay attention.
  • He's eventually re-named to Riot, but the Australian Shepherd Sam hits with the Impala in Season 8 of Supernatural is initially just called Dog.
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  • Big Bird on Sesame Street is a big bird.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D. has Kat Manx, Fowler Birdie, and Sergeant Silverback, who are both aliens that resemble anthropomorphic animals that match their names. Anubis Cruger, who looks like a dog, is also called by the nickname "Doggie" (in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, he actually was named Doggie Kruger.) Piggy, however, is a subversion; he doesn't really look like a pig.
  • In The 10th Kingdom there's Wolf. Though he's a human/wolf hybrid.
  • Emerald City's incarnation of Dorothy Gale's canine companion Toto takes his name from the Munja'kin word for "dog."
  • Million Yen Women: Shin's housemates can't agree on a name for their new cat, so they decide to take turns calling their name of choice to see to which one it responds. When it doesn't work, they let Shin give it a try. Shin is uninspired and just calls it "Cat", to which it responds.
  • The gas pump from The Big Garage is named Pump.
  • The old Nickelodeon sketch show Out Of Control once had a segment with wacky pet names. At the end of this segment, the show's resident heckler scoffed at the different pet names and explained to the audience that his dog is simply named "Dog" and, likewise, his cat is just named "Cat."
  • The Walking Dead: During the Time Skip in season 9, Daryl Dixon has taken in a Belgian Malinois named "Dog", who becomes his hunting companion and sentry.


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