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  • Key/Visual Arts games seem to like this.
    • In her own H-scene, Ayu of Kanon starts apologizing because her chest isn't as big as Nayuki's. She's not an A-cup at all and has a slightly bigger bust size than Shiori; you just can't tell most of the time since she wears a baggy coat.
    • In Little Busters! Kud gets angry when Haruka starts talking about how to get a bigger chest with Kurugaya.
  • Kyoko from Crescendo generally holds this attitude about herself. Granted, she's not small-chested at all, so it just ties into her other body issues.
  • Tsukihime
    • Akiha Tohno, the Tsundere Ojou, is well aware of her small assets, but that doesn't really prompt out until the more intimate scenes in her route of the game ("'I have small breasts, so I was scared you might not like them.' Akiha is blushing so hard that even her ears are turning red..."). Fanon took this aspect of her personality and ran with it.
    • The sorta-sequel Kagetsu Tohya features one possible path where Shiki walks in on her changing and, for some reason, is compelled to comment that her chest is "steep as a cliffside". Unsurprisingly given the nature of the characters involved, this leads to a Bad End.
    • Added irony: Akiha and Saber have the same bust size. Saber, however, is more likely to have her breasts overstated. Rank B Charisma can go a long way.
    • Becomes an Ascended Meme in Carnival Phantasm when Shiki comments on how Akiha has grown in every parts except her breasts, even being regressed into a 4-years old mentally didn't stop her to turn red and presumably beat the shit out of Shiki.
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  • Saber of Fate/stay night, once she starts to develop feelings for Shirou, shows discomfort over the fact that she doesn't have a better figure. During her date with Shirou at the pool in Fate/hollow ataraxia, Lancer makes the mistake of saying that a bikini is for more mature women- At which point Saber proceeds to kick his sorry ass all over the pool.
  • School Days:
    • Setsuna Kiyoura. It doesn't help that both her best friend (and half sister, in the games) Sekai Saionji and her love rival Kotonoha Katsura are much better endowed.
    • Otome Katou has this issue due to being one of the smaller bust female characters, especially when compared to Kotonoha or her own younger sister.
  • Kazuna in Kara no Shoujo. Reiji jokes that while her belly may be big due to pregnancy, her chest is as flat as ever.
  • Sara Smith from Bliss Stage First and Final Act:
    Sara: I'm TRYING to make my breasts look bigger... I figure that people won't take me seriously because I look like a girl, not a woman...
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  • Mayumi and Sage in Tick Tack both have pretty severe depression over their busts, though Mayumi tries to console herself by thinking of those with a fetish for bodies like hers.
  • Toko Fukawa from Danganronpa. She'll occasionally bring up her small cup size as one of the many things she accuses the others of looking down on her for. Her Split Personality, Genocide Jack, is more about Petite Pride and snarking at the more well-endowed Asahina whenever she can.
  • Tsukasa from Fragment's Note acts like this often to reinforce his girly image, especially when arguing with Kazuha. Ayame, however, possesses this genuinely.
  • Nayuta Kagura, to the point where she lies about her body measurements and to a lesser degree, Kirara Kurokawa, in which mentioning how small she is tends to elicit threats of violence from her, from Yumina The Ethereal.
  • If My Heart Had Wings: Occasionally, Kotori shows nervousness that Aoi won't be as attracted to her because of her modest chest, even though she's normally pretty confident about her looks. Though considering she has Amane and Ageha to compare herself to, it's probably no wonder.
  • Grisaia Series:
    • In Grisaia no Kajitsu Michiru is rather self-conscious about her modest breast size, though that is mostly because she always compares herself to her more well endowed peers at Mihama Academy.
    • During one of the Grisaia no Rakuen ero sidestories, the Chiara episode develops her relationship with Yuuji a bit. She has a weird habit of asking him to touch her butt and only her butt as her only way of flirting with him. Apparently, she doesn't like to think about her bust thanks to her boss being JB, who has the largest bust in the story.
  • When They Cry:
    • Rika Furude of Higurashi: When They Cry berates herself for this, despite being twelve years old. Rika's technically centuries old. The constant time loop that she goes through keeps reverting her physical body back to a younger time point, and she never reaches puberty. Near the end of the series, she resolves to grow up to have huge breasts, which is a lot more poignant than funny, given the context. In the anime adaptation, there's a short bit at the end of episode 5 of season 2 where Rika grabs Mion's boobs and declares "I won't lose!" And in one of the OVA episodes, she has a dream where she's a grown up Magical Girl. The first thing she does when she wakes up is feel her chest and make a sad expression.
    • This is Played for Drama in Umineko: When They Cry. Word of God has stated that the very well-endowed Shannon actually has Fake Boobs. In the manga it's revealed that Sayo Yasuda, Shannon's true identity, never actually grew breasts at all, which is heavily implied to be because they were designated male at birth but Raised as the Opposite Gender due to their sexual organs being badly damaged. Since Battler (who Sayo is in love with) has often expressed his belief that Buxom Is Better, and both Shannon and Beatrice (another one of Sayo's personas) are both well-endowed, it's clear that Sayo is very insecure about this.
  • Zero Escape:
    • June from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors implies to be angsty about her breast size in a conversation with Junpei at the cargo hold. Apparently, she's not too happy that boys tend to like well-endowed women like Lotus.
    • Phi from Virtue's Last Reward takes offense when Sigma makes an offhand remark about her unimpressive breast size. Rather than getting bent out of shape about this, she adamantly claims that she has a C-cup, though nobody in the group buys this, including the audience.
      Sigma: If you're a C cup, I'm packing twelve inches!
    • Brought up once again by Sigma in the sequel, Zero Time Dilemma, this time when suggesting that Phi would have the easiest time fitting into a tiny air vent. Apparently, Phi believes she went from Cs to Ds in the time between games, despite the fact she's in a slightly younger body due to Mental Time Travel. Sigma calls her out on this.


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