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  • Seems to be a trope common to Nippon Ichi's Tactical RPGs in general.
    • Either you're a washboard or an Eiken character, and of the main female characters, only Prier from La Pucelle: Tactics, Rozalin from Disgaea 2, and Artina from Disgaea 4 are on the other end. The only average girl is Asagi.
    • Etna and Flonne from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
    • In Disgaea Dimension 2, Laharl is hit with a temporary Gender Bender. S/he is not particularly flat chested. Laharl complains about the size of his/her chest, and Etna threatens to cut him if s/he makes that complaint again.
      Laharl: I'm getting a really flat vibe from you two.
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    • Soul Nomad & the World Eaters features an entire race of aquatic pettanko.
    • It's worth noting that between La Pucelle and Disgaea, there was a noticeable change in character design, mostly due to lead artist Takehito Harada taking the place of former lead Ryoji Majima.
    • The manga adaptation of Disgaea 2 adds the Dimension Guide Friday to this list. She's a member of the absolutely flat Archer class. Just how absolute this is is shown in a series of yonkoma at the end of the book.
    • In the first Disgaea, Etna and Flonne's Pettanko status is actually vital to their employment; for undisclosed reasons (possibly Rule of Funny, possibly a result of his mother's death, possibly because his overly busty aunt abused himnote ), their master Laharl (who is himself an older-than-he-looks boy) has a deep aversion to breasts. Simply seeing a buxom woman freaks him out, and even induces weakness and nausea (one part of the game actually has a battle where a chorus of big-breasted she-demons constantly chant positive words, his other weakness, and Laharl rapidly gets weaker)- nobody really wants to know what'll happen if he actually gets sent to Marshmallow Hell or a similar situation. Being as flat as they are is the only reason he can put up with them. In fact, in the anime adaption, when Laharl faints and falls face-first against Flonne's chest as a result of seeing Jennifer, he suddenly revives and makes a confused comment that Flonne's cured him.
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    • In Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, a victory CG shows a game of chicken fight has the Mage class and Archer class violently trying to strip the bra off of a Mage Knight being carried by an Armor Knight. Their expressions pretty much tell why they chose that particular pair.
    • Another victory screen in Disgaea D2, an Archer and a Mage are shown to be feeling inadequate in the presence of a Magic Knight.
    • Their parent company, Nippon Ichi is personified in Neptunia. She is, of course, flat as a board and angry about anyone who mentions it. It doesn't help that she has her chest (wrapped with bandages where her breasts would be) completely exposed. She's pretty much asking for it.
    • Marona, of all people, becomes very angry when a Bonus Boss calls her "flatty-flatty flat flat".
  • Tales Series
    • Colette of Tales of Symphonia. It doesn't come up much but she is pretty flat-chested, and complains about being like an ironing board when she and the other ladies on the team have a Hot Springs Episode cutscene (after which she gets the "Ironing Board" title).
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    • Marta of Tales Of Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World gets a title like this as well. Hey, she is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, after all.
    • Likewise, Norma of Tales of Legendia. She's not flat chested per se, she just perceives herself as such. It doesn't help that the other female members of the party are stacked.
    • For that matter, Arche in Tales of Phantasia and Anise in Tales of the Abyss (though Anise may be excused for only being 13). To be fair, though, Arche only calls herself flat-chested in the game when compared to Mint. It doesn't seem like a fair comparison when Arche tells Mint that she "has the biggest tits [she's] ever seen!"
    • This is the basis of a few skits in ''Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3". In one skit, Frio (the game's male protagonist) sees Arche and Calo (his female counterpart) together and begins gleefully shouting about the "Pettanko Girls". Arche joins him in teasing Calo, who responds by reminding Arche that "He said Pettanko Girls! With an 's'!" Cue savage beatings of Frio.
    • Estelle of Tales of Vesperia, while not exactly flat chested, still wishes to be more like Judith. Rita, on the other hand...
    Estelle: They're... bouncing.
    Judith: What are you looking at?
    Estelle: I wish I could bounce like that.
  • From Corpse Party, both Yuka and Ayumi suffer from this. Granted, Yuka is only 14, but Ayumi is 17. In Blood Drive, Ayumi's flat-chestedness was also made fun of by Misuto.
  • Super Robot Wars
    • Ibis Douglas. In a series where girls of her age just manage to have well-endowed breasts, she happens to be a Pettanko and has no bouncing cut-ins, contrast with the other heroines. Even a little girl that she took care of (in Alpha 2) has an adult form which has bigger breasts than her. Obviously her status as a pettanko has been the subject of jokes. But it doesn't stop her to be a champ of Moe girls amongst fans.
    • In Super Robot Wars Reversal, one of Duminuss' Loli Quirky Miniboss Squad, Tis, has this as her plight. In a heart-wrenching moment of sacrifice, Duminuss asked what they wanted if they are to be reborn, Tis answers, "I want a body with sexier form and bigger breasts".
    • And in the spinoff game Endless Frontier, we have Suzuka as the resident Pettanko. So much Aschen calls her Princess Flat/Pettanko-hime, and most of the time she's praised about being beautiful, it mostly has something to do with her exposed belly. It doesn't help Suzuka that she's in the quadruple digits in age and still has a non-existant chest.
    • Then there's Xiaomu. It also doesn't help the self-esteem that they're in a group with two of the bustiest women in SRW and the third one is definitely not lacking.
  • Blanc (and her transformed self, CPU White Heart) from the Neptunia series. While normally calm and quiet, when bustier characters (Especially Vert/Green Heart) bring up the subject of breast size, due to jealousy, she becomes extremely foul-mouthed and aggressive.
  • Chihaya Kisaragi from The iDOLM@STER. Her bustline, 72 centimeters, has become something of a magic number for iDOLM@STER fans. In fact, if you Google for "72cm" and set the language to Japanese, guess what the top result is. (The Japanese Uncyclopedia also lists the "Chihaya" as a unit of measure for length...) She wasn't that much of having such thing as this is mostly fandom-based. But this becomes an Ascended Meme in the anime, during the Beach Episode whereas just by looking at Azusa and Takane's assets, she lets out a dejected grunt.
  • Shino from Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja fits this to the point that one of the comics on the game's website refers to her as the first flat-chested character on the DS. It gets to the point that in the sequel, this is the primary description her sister gives people when trying to find her. Although it later turned out it wasn't her sister.
  • Lilith Aensland, "sister" of the huge-breasted succubus Morrigan in the Darkstalkers / Vampire video games is a strange inversion. Although she tends to act "as if" she didn't notice the size difference, it's the rather busty Morrigan that makes a big deal of it every time Lilith gets the attention Morrigan is craving, while Lilith is not bothered by her flatness: likely because she likes to play the Lolicon fetish. See Morrigan's ending in Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix for an especially clear-cut example.
  • Castlevania: Judgment has Maria obsessing over her relative bust size in story mode, going so far as to attack someone for not appreciating their own endowments.
  • A throwaway line for a female player in the initial dialogue of the Neverwinter Nights 2 community module "Dark Waters" suggests the player may be one (despite the fact that all of the character models have reasonably-sized breasts).
  • Touhou's Sakuya Izayoi (pictured above) has this in many Fanon depictions, and many fans joke that she pads her bra (although it's well on its way to being a Discredited and Forced Meme). Said fanon also holds that even mentioning the word "pad" in Sakuya's presence is a Berserk Button that's liable to get you stabbed. It's worth noting that official Touhou artwork doesn't give any of the characters much of a chest, and such topics are never brought up in canon, so any A-Cup Angst a character may have in fanon is entirely due to fan interpretation or Memetic Mutation.
  • Eruruw of Utawarerumono although this is generally the mostly expressed sentiment. She actually tends to feel physically inferior to the entire cast (jealous of Urtoriy's breasts and hair, Touka's face, Karura's hips/effortless physical upkeep and that Kamyu has such large breasts despite being the same age or maybe younger) though they also tend to feel the same way about themselves. But even Mukkur is disappointed by her breasts. Yes, the cat. Mukkur was disappointed because she didn't produce milk, though.
  • Lina in Riviera: The Promised Land. One of the villains calls her "flatty". If you pick the "Small-chested..." dialog option, Ein loses relationship points with her. Go figure.
  • The BlazBlue series:
    • Noel Vermillion. During story mode Taokaka refers to her as "lacking lady" and after their fight Noel talks to herself about ways to make her breasts grow, including having a boy massage them. Bang Shishigami mistakes her for a boy at first and she attacks him for it. Amane Nishiki mistakes her for a crossdresser (the most convincing one he's ever seen!), which angers her enough that her Murakumo Unit personality takes over. She also contemplates asking Litchi Faye Ling ("Boobie Lady") about how to get them bigger. Litchi chases Noel around during one story path trying to get her to cosplay as various things, including May, the pirate from Guilty Gear, because the costumes don't fit Litchi.
    • Even though Tsubaki has way bigger breasts than Noel, she does get into a bit of this when Taokaka gropes her breasts and calls them "average".
    • Kokonoe has some issues with her chest size as well (Noel is the only one smaller than her). Near the end of Noel's Help Me!! segment, Noel points this out and Kokonoe chases her off the stage. In Makoto's, the two of them have a chat and, when breast size gets involved, Kokonoe almost throws a tantrum (Makoto's the inverse - she's smaller than only Litchi, and a display shows up to compare them). If Relius' CS gag reel is to be trusted, Makoto is very aware of Kokonoe's breast envy.
    Makoto as Ragna: Did you steal my boobs, Kokonoe?
    • Platinum the Trinity, though, despite having the size of Rachel, takes this Up to Eleven in her Gag Reel and features Luna having a dream where she had to unite with many of the small-chested ladies (minus Kokonoe) and the Clovers to fight against the 'Boing Queen' (Litchi depicted as an Evil Overlord, hammy at that) in a parody of a Magical Girl battle. 'Boing Queen''s minions include the top three bustiest ladies in the setting (as seen in the picture above), Arakune, and Ragna. Since this IS Luna's dream, one can wonder just how insecure she is to her own breasts, despite her age. Oddly, Trinity Glassfille (mistranslated in Extend as Glassfield), one of the souls residing in Platinum's body, seemed to have no problem with her original body's (big) breasts.
      • In BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Luna has special dialog where she freaks out over the fact that Es is "so small and yet so large" (in other words, short but very busty); Es doesn't get it. Oddly, she tries to insult Weiss Schnee by calling her flat-chested, despite the fact that Weiss's bustline is average at worst (and almost certainly bigger than Platinum's); it might just be that she considers "flat-chested" the worst possible insult you can give a woman. Weiss doesn't react at all and is more bothered by Luna being an absolutely lousy team player. The Japanese version actually puts Weiss into this trope, as she counters that she has plenty of time to grow instead.
    • Even Celica has a case of breast envy in BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma. At one point in the Six Heroes story, she gets angry with Ragna when he calls her "normal", believing that he was talking about her breasts. In Extend, her commentary with Litchi and Makoto involves asking them if Ragna believes Buxom Is Better, and her match intro with Makoto has her enamored with her Boobs of Steel.
    Celica: Whoa... they sure are big... uh... up close...
  • Leanne/Reanbell from Resonance of Fate has much attention drawn to her breasts' lack of size, mostly by Vashyron. She tends to react with violence whenever it happens, although her insecurity is somewhat justified by the fact that she's 21 but looks like she just hit puberty.
  • If we are to believe Ayla, Marle from Chrono Trigger is one. This may be in relative terms, though, as Ayla is generally perceived as having Boobs of Steel. Ironically, Lucca is visibly flatter than Marle, but doesn't get any flak about it; she doesn't comment on it, she's the Nerd of the group, and she routinely wears loose clothes that are likely concealing her actual figure (in contrast to Marle's simple outfit and Ayla's skins, both of which are more revealing).
  • Word of God says that Blaze the Cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog series is rather... shy about her breast size (or lack thereof).
  • Atelier Iris' Lita Blanchimont gets teased frequently by the love rival Veola who regularly makes and sells her items and equipments that are relatable to her hair-trigger insecurity.
  • Despite actually being quite well-endowed, the immediate reaction Kai from Samurai Warriors 3 has to Ujiyasu telling her that she has "a lot of growing left to do" is to clutch her bust indignantly.
  • Mayu Uzaka of Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken is very conscious about her cup size, and demeaning her this way is her Berserk Button. Of course, this is used for maximum comedy during her encounters with resident snarky Gag Boobs character Misa Atago. There's even an unlockable concept art where Mayu and Misa are wearing swimsuits, and in which Mayu has a jealous look towards Misa's rack.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable: In Homura's True Ending, when Sayaka forces Kyoko into the old school uniform of the large-breasted Mami, Kyoko takes great offense at Sayaka's comments about the chest area being loose. Madoka and Homura's dialogue after this exchange implies that Homura is going through this, too.
  • Fire Emblem Awakening: In her special CG in the Summer Scramble DLC, Cordelia is mortified by how much her swimsuit shows off—namely, that it reveals that her breastplate doesn't actually hug her breasts.
    • In one of her conversations with her daughter Severa, they have a dicscussion about their merits and Severa, who has serious self-esteem issues, storms off. Cordelia then says that there IS something Severa did NOT interit from her... Namely... slightly bigger boobs, as Severa isn't exactly busty herself and as Selena in Fire Emblem Fates, she's kind of insecure about her lack of boobage. Just like her mom.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Nyx, who plays this a bit more seriously than usual. Many of her supports make it clear that she has low self-esteem from her child-like body, and she's largely of the opinion that no one will ever love her. It probably doesn't help that she looks the way she does because of a curse placed on her for using her powers to be cruel to others.
    • On a lighter note, Elise is envious of how mature and curvy her older sister Camilla is, while she herself is small and narrow.
  • Airi Ban from Devil Survivor 2 is actually reasonably well-endowed for a girl her age, but has the misfortune of living in a World of Buxom, making this a case of B-Cup Angst.
  • Mari, the little archer girl who accompanies Ruairi and Tarlach in Mabinogi, is apparently very sensitive about her complete lack of development compared to other girls. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you find out later that she becomes quite well-endowed, although it takes getting killed and being reborn into another form to do it.
  • Senran Kagura has few examples. First is Mirai, who tries to find ways to increase her bust size, though aside of feeling insecure about her physique as a whole, doesn't usually cause a ruckus about it. Ryōbi, on the other hand, oh boy. She is really insecure about her (normal) bust size and tends to fight against those who have larger breasts than her (which is almost every one). In the Hebijo story of Shinovi Versus, she actually killed some one for saying out loud one of the ways she tries to increase her bust size.
  • In HuniePop, we have a Tsundere Fiery Redhead who suffers from B-cup angst and her Shrinking Violet fried Nikki suffers from C-cup angst.
  • In Potion Maker, Pio admits to being jealous of Tia's measurements.


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