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  • Angel
    • In "Spin the Bottle", a mistaken spell has all of the characters reverting to their teenage minds, but realizing they are in their adult bodies:
      Cordelia: (looks down at her chest) I've filled out!
      Fred: (looks down at hers) And I'm... apparently not gonna.
    • Gunn plays on Fred's potential for this trope when he breaks up with her to protect her.
  • In a later episode of The Cosby Show, youngest child Rudy enters puberty but she's upset that she hasn't...developed as some other girls in her grade. Hilarious in Hindsight because Keshia Knight Pulliam has become quite curvy as an adult.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation
    • Manny has this despite being at least a D cup.
    • In season 12, Maya has this and buys a push-up bra and later buys bra inserts in order to impress a band she is auditioning for. She uses them wrong and they end up falling out during the audition.
  • Mary Jo Shively from Designing Women falls prey to this on occasion although she is simultaneously fascinated by Suzanne's large cup size. In one episode she receives an unexpected inheritance and contemplates getting breast implants.
  • In "A Reunion ...", the second-season premiere of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, June laments that all the stress she's endured since coming to New York has probably cost her a cup size.
  • In the Taiwanese Series Drunken to Love You, Xiao Ru gets in a size argument with her boss. Later, she wears a bustier to a club, inciting her husband to cover her with his jacket...backwards.
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  • Eun Bi from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop gets upset when Chi Soo justifies touching her chest as it's not much different from his.
  • The George Lopez Show: Angie's 34B bust size is a very sore spot for her. So naturally, Benny makes fun of it as often as possible. Even George does in a few episodes.
  • On Good Day America small busted reporter Anna Gilligan, in this segment when she strips down to a bikini at Action Park to try out the Tarzan rope scene quips:
  • iCarly: Carly's "flat-chestedness" during early (in Season 1) and middle (season 2 or 3) puberty has been humorously referenced in a few episodes.
    • In "iSaw Him First":
      Carly: What's that supposed to mean?
      Sam: Why don't you ask your new helping bra!?
      Carly: (gasps) That's it! I'm out of here!
      (Carly walks out, walks back in)
      Carly: This is my house.
      (Sam walks out)
      Carly: (defensively) There's nothing wrong with a little help.
    • And in "iFight Shelby Marx":
      Carly: I'm not a twig. I'm getting curvier every day.
      Freddie: I know.
      Carly: Eyes up, dude.
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  • When Sophie (rather inappropriately) lifts her top to show Paul her rash on In Treatment, and then taunts him for being scared of her "titties", she then immediately disparages them as underdeveloped due to her years of gymnastics training.
  • For the first few seasons of Life Goes On, the introduction featured the family's teenage daughter Becca gazing at herself in the mirror and whining, "Come on, where are you guys already?"
  • Apparently, Lizzie McGuire, Kate ditched Lizzie and Miranda as friends once she "developed", only adding to Lizzie's insecurity regarding her size. Many episodes made reference to bras, Lizzie's lack of curves, etc., which seemed unlikely towards the end of the show when Hilary Duff got older and obviously well-endowed.
  • A running gag in Married... with Children is Marcy being mistaken for an adolescent boy due to her flat chest and short hair.
  • In early episodes of Modern Family, Haley makes fun of her younger sister Alex for a lack of a chest. This became Hilarious in Hindsight in later seasons, as it quickly became clear that while Haley was retaining her petite figure, Alex was becoming very curvy.
  • Nip/Tuck: Well, yes, there are several characters who have gotten breast implants on the show due to not liking their old ones, but it didn't happen as often as you might think for a show that focused on plastic surgery. Primarily because it's such a common procedure for the two main characters, and more bizarre cases were usually the subject of the week.
  • In One Day at a Time (1975): Julie, embarrassed that her younger sister Barbara is more endowed than she is, resorts to stuffing her bra with tissues.
  • This, along with her short stature, is one of Claudia's main insecurities in Party of Five.
  • An episode of Popular involves the character Sam wearing an inflatable bra to a dance due to feeling insecure about the size of her breasts.
  • Done as a joke in the Sam & Cat episode "Twinfection".
    Cat: When I say Aybra Kadaybra...
    Sam: I thought you wanted me to stop making fun of your A-bra.
    Cat: [covers her breasts]
  • An episode of Smart Guy involves TJ's sister, Yvette, wanting to have a breast augmentation done as she isn't happy with her size. When TJ complains about getting bullied for his big ears, she quips, "Well, at least you have something that sticks out!"
  • In That '70s Show, when Eric and Laurie are trying to roast each other in "Jackie Moves On":
    Eric: You stuffed in high school.
    Laurie: So did you!
  • From an episode of Three's Company:
    Jack: Do we have any more money?
    Janet: I'm sorry, Jack, I'm flat.
    Jack: Never mind that. Do you have any money?
  • Yamada Naoko in the live-action Japanese dorama Trick is constantly teased about her flat chest by all the male characters and is quite bitter about it.
  • In the True Life episode, "I Hate My Small Breasts", they had a woman who was an A-cup but worked as a go-go dancer and pole dancer. Of course, this led to her wanting to get breast implants.
    Anna: I'm going to de-robe here. I don't know what's scarier, the ride or taking off my clothes.
  • Grace in Will & Grace is insecure about her bust size to the point of using a water-filled bra at one point.
  • WXII traffic reporter Jennie Stencel learns that she's been wearing the wrong size bra.
  • Dialog from the Veronica Mars episode "Meet John Smith", where Veronica is trying to change her flat tire:
    Troy: Flat?
    Veronica: As God made me.

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