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aka: A New Persona

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Season 4, Episode 11. Preceded by (unknown), next episode unreleased.
(recap pending)
Notes: This episode was called "The Writers Gave This Episode A Really Long And Confusing Title To Prevent Any Spoilers From Leaking Out" in its initial airing and up until the season finale aired, as well as on the DVD Box set's episode guide, box, discs, and disc menu (but, strangely enough, not in the title card, which was taken from the versions that were rerun after the season finale had aired. During this time, the fans called it "TWGTEARLACTTPASFLO", pronounced "twig-TEER-lact-pəs-FLOH," which is the coding used for this page because the full title is apparently too long for our poor wiki to take and a page with such a long name is literally impossible to edit, or rather, to make edits stick to. After the season was over, replays of the episode gave it a new title card (as mentioned before, also used in the DVD Box Set) that dubbed it "A New Persona"; both names redirect to this page.

Alternative Title(s): A New Persona


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