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Season 2, Episode 4. Preceded by Can of Doomy Doomness, followed by A Nerd In The Band.

The teaser of the show has the gang arriving through the Story Gate sans Avatar, in front of Bayside High. As they try to figure out what the hell happened to Avatar, a teacher appears on the roof of the school. He goes off on a rant about how none of the students ever pay attention and learn anything, then proceeds to jump off the roof.


After the opening credits, we hear an alarm clock and fade in on Avatar waking up in a bedroom. He's not sure what happened, and everything seems fuzzy... but as soon as he hears his mom's voice, he figures the whole story gate thing must be All Just a Dream. He gets ready and arrives at school — namely, Bayside High. After a brief chat with Zack and Screech, he goes to class. Mr. Belding is there, and tells the students what happened to their teacher, Mr. Jones, in the teaser. He then introduces their substitute, Mr. Nerdly, who Avatar finds oddly familiar. Nerdly tells the class that he believes that they can learn, and will be teaching them for the AP Calculus exam. One of the students points out that this is a remedial math class, and Nerdly simply repeats, "I believe in you!" Class ends, and Nerdly asks Avatar to stay after so they can talk.


After class, one of the students, who identifies herself as Alexandria, leader of the Bayside High Fashion Club, is on a cell phone with somebody. After revealing that she's responsible for Mr. Jones' suicide in an As You Know, she tells the unheard person on the other end that Avatar's crew have arrived, and the plan is working on Avatar, but there's a hitch: Nerdly has replaced Mr. Jones! And he's even worse than the original, as he actually expects her to "learn and stuff". The person on the other end seems to calm her down, as she starts to smile, and even laugh.

Back to Nerdly and Avatar, as Nerdly tries to remind Avatar of who he is. Avatar isn't taking any of the hints, and is starting to get slightly creeped out by Nerdly. He slips out of the room, and is immediately met by Alexandria, who asks him to go to a party with her this Friday. He accepts gladly. As they leave together, we see Solo disguised as a janitor watching all this. He nods sagely, and then reaches into his mop bucket and produces a bottle of beer.


The party comes around, complete with kickin' generic tunes. Zack and Screech learn a lesson on the dangers of underage drinking, as Alexandria invites Avatar into an upstairs bedroom. They start macking on each other... and Alexandria produces a syringe. She's about to inject it into Avatar behind his back when the other Vamp Benders come in through the window. Avatar's still clueless, as Alexandria rants about them ruining her plans. Solo implores Avatar to remember, at which point Avatar clutches his head screaming and runs out of the house,. The Vamp Benders chase after, and Alexandria gets on her cell phone again, telling the unheard person on the other end to "switch to Plan B."

Avatar has run all the way to Bayside High, and is wandering through the empty halls. He happens upon Alexandria and a large black man (whom regular viewers will recognize as Black Rage). Alexandria tells him it could have been great, they could have gone steady, but his stupid friends had to interfere, so now Avatar would have to die by the hands of Alexandria the Great! Rage hands her a small box with a big red button; she pushes it, and it turns into a suit of powered armor studded with big frikkin' guns around her. She levels one of the guns at Avatar when the other Vamp Benders arrive and begin to fight her. The fight's going badly, as without Avatar, they lack The Power of Friendship. Something snaps in Avatar, and he suddenly realizes where the suit's weak point is. He grabs a pipe that Alexandria knocked off of the wall, and jams it into the suit's access panel, causing a tremendous electrical discharge that fries the suit and restores Avatar's memories. Black Rage opens a Dark Story Gate, and departs with Alexandria in tow. The Benders are happy that Avatar's back, and Avatar suggests they go home and rest, but Nerdly says he has one more thing to do first.

Nerdly returns to Bayside High to administer the AP Calculus exam. Incredibly, all the students pass. Every single one. Everyone is impressed by Nerdly's teaching skill, but Nerdly gives the credit to the students, saying, "It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it." The Benders open the Story Gate and depart.

Alternative Title(s): Wayside Bayside


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