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Live Blog Zap To The Extreme! Let\'s Read Sonichu!!

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Issue 0: Open Your Heart, Sonichu! For Your Adventure Awaits!! 3
Issue 1: Live and Learn, Sonichu! For Your Battle Begins!! 5
Issue 2: Work Together, Chris-Chan! For You And Your Friends Are Sonichu Heroes!! 3
Issue 3: Overcome That Shadow, Chaotic Combo! For You Are All That You Are!!
Issue 4: In His World, Where Life Is Strong!! 4
Issue 5: Unleash Your Powers, Chris-Chan! For there are Endless Possiblities!!
Issue 6: Color Your World, Chris-Chan! And Reach For The Stars!! 3
Issue 7: Seven Balls In Hand! Bionic, The Knight of the Wind!!
Issue 8: Later, Sonichu! For You Are Such An Idiot!! 1
Issue 9: Gotta Go Fast, Sonichu! For You Are The Fastest Thing Alive!! 2
Issue Final: All Hail Chris-Chan! For He Has Dreams Of An Absolution!! 3
Issue Extra: To The Beginning, Christian! For We Shall Make Our Oath Sign!! 2
Issue #11: One More Last Fist Bump! Return to Sonichu!!
The Lost World of Sonichu Forces Me To Finish This Generational Story
My Little Chris-Chan: Friendship Is Forever

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