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Live Blog Pannic Reads Stuff He Hates

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Table of Contents
Installment Title
Introduction 9
Our Hero 4
Shooty-Shooty 4
Hat Accent 7
The Search for Prissy Whine 9
So it's like that opening level on Battlefield 3? 3
Huh. Actual feels.
Back to Boredom 2
An Interlude For Murder 2
And back up to speed 3
Dead Guy 2
Other Stories! 3
Back to the original thing 8
Grimderp, Lesbian Jokes 5
Twilight Romance and Crap
Probably Not
A Surprising Lack of Pornography
Two More Things 1
And now to continue 4
And Getting Longer 1
Couldn't Bother
Not Much, Really 3
Oh, Shut Up 3
Plot Retreads
Resuming Our Regular Programming 1
On comedy 3
Two chapters! 1
Actually Live 7
Compression 1
I hope you like video game references 2
Retrospective 1
Sexual Harassment Sleepover
I've Put this Off for Far Too Long
I'm Gonna Be Here A While 11
Aaaaand Countdown 8
Worst Brotherhood Ever 8
So, Arbu 7
So it's a preview of the next chapter, basically. 3
Everyone's Getting Laid
Forgetting the Point 3
TL;DR part 1 4
The Worst Possible Thing 2
TL;DR part 2 6
TL;DR part 3 14
TL;DR part 4 (fin!) 3
Pardon Me While I Have a Strange Interlude 20
Toot Toot! All Aboard the Angst Train! 4
Third Time's a Charm, right? 2
I'm running out of snazzy titles 3
Like Your Dumber, Unfunny Cousin 2
Back in the Saddle 1
Tears and General Angst. Four Times. 3
I'm On Team Red Eye 1
How Anti-Climactic 10
Closure! 2
Here We Go Again 2
On the road with a kid. Oh boy. 2
How Not to Do a Crossover 2
Something Completely Different 8
Diluting the Magic 3
Not That Magical 10
The Sue Goes North
Naked Sues 3
Canon Defilement, Character By Character 15
Lazier Than You! 6
Anatomy of a Sue 7
Not Lesbians. Really. 3
Eleven Years Old, a Nudist, and a Budding Sociopath 8
Character Development is Stupid 4
A Neutral Mockery 4
How to Write an Accent 3
Truly, a Threatening and Imposing Villain 5
The Hair Down There is Most Important 4
Back to Horses 5
Feature Box Funsies 2
Feature Box Funsies part 2 3
All Aboard Again! 13
Déjà Vu. 14
Why is the Chapter Title and Header Aligned Left? 10
Set Phasers to Moan 26
Harry Twatter 1
Harry Twatter pt 2 5
Change of Scene 6
Moar Feature Box 1
We Come Full Circle 2
Raider Haters 2
No Bioshock Jokes, Part I 3
No Bioshock Jokes, Part 2 3
No Bioshock Jokes, part 3 5
Memories (From Memory... could've gone better) 3
Why Do These Exist? 2
Want to know how I got these scars? I bought them at Wal-Mart. 5
After this I'm gonna huff some laughing gas. 2
Payday... Wish I got Paid. 4
Like meeting an old friend again. That you hate. 2
I return from my coma. Back to the hippy nudists. 10

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