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Live Blog A Nintendo Fangirl Reads Sonic
Beverly2018-05-28 15:36:35

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Back when gaming was on the road to becoming mainstream, there were two companies fighting for superiority. Well, there were more, obviously. But these two were the most important. These two were Nintendo, and Sega. In one corner was the red plumber, child of gaming celebrity Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario "Jumpman" Mario. In the other corner was blue child of also famous Yuji Naka, Sonic "Not Jumpman" the Hedgehog. In the gaming world, they were neck and neck, and soon enough the companies went out to find other mediums for these characters. Both franchises got various cartoons by the main antagonist of animation, DIC Animation, while Mario also got a... rather interesting film in 1993. While the plumber was clogging the toilets of the film industry, Sonic tried his hand at comics. Now, Mario had various comics. One specific manga, Super Mario-Kun, started in 1998 and still goes today. However, most Western fans (especially those subscribed to Nintendo Power) will more remember the comic that was released monthly, detailing the plot of Super Mario World.

These are not the comics I will be talking about.

Instead, I will be talking about Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. Starting in 1992, the comics tell a very different story than what's present in the game. Instead of just Sonic and whatever friend he ropes into his quest, he has a whole friggin' militia fighting for him. The Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile, Doctor Robotnik already won. Instead of the story being about "stopping that nasty Eggman before it's too late," it already is too late, and we instead have a story of trying to take the world back.

Just why they did this, I'll discuss later. I've already goofed around enough. I will be covering every issue of the comics (or at least, the ones I can find) and talk all about it, post to post. Ready? I'm not.

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