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Live Blog Tales From The Schlock Zone: PRO-LIFE JUSTIFIES MY HATE!
Bismuth832017-10-30 16:24:06

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Episode Zero: Intro

We're on the SOAP.

ME: So, does anybody want to take a stab at what type of fanfic we'll be doing today?

DAR: Why should I care?

ME: There's 20 dollars in it... or its equivalent in whatever currency your home country/planet/universe uses–for whoever guesses correctly!

DAR: 30.

ME: 25.

DAR: Deal. I'd have to say some spelling-error riddled fanfic which sees nothing wrong with having all the hallmarks of traditional Mary Sue-ism.

MYU: A fanfic in only the loosest sense of the word, because the author actually hates the series it's based on?

SMS: One that's loaded with scientifically inaccurate and probably very painful sex scenes?

CAL: I think it'll be one where all the characters hate each other...

MAR: It's probably one that pretends to be meaningful and deep, but is actually stupid and pretentious.

VBR: I'd have to guess a really poorly executed songfic.

LAN: I'll see you that and raise you a poorly executed song PARODY!

MGA: Yeah, what Lan said!

WAV: This is probably gonna be one where the author failed to do any research whatsoever, whether it's of the series it's based on or anything else.



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