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Live Blog Tales from the Schlock Zone
Bismuth832017-09-14 19:18:39

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Scene Negative One: Reboot even before it starts!

Hi, everyone! I originally planned on doing this as myself, but then decided not to ,as I think doing it as a fictional version of me that shares my name, along with several fictional characters that I think would be good commentary partners (Just like back in the Google Groups days!). I'm trapped on the SOAP (Satellite Of Awful Prose) by the Lord of All Schlock, Lord 'P'cf'l (that's "Epic fail" without any vowels.) I have been given a choice of 10 crossover characters to commentate with, as well as two guest slots for each fanfiction I do. Commentators and their shorthand (I find using shorthand for characters a lot easier than actually using the characters' names. BTW, how do you use colors in a liveblog?) ME: Bismuth83 DRA: Daria CLM: Clemont LAN: Lan MGA: Megaman.exe WAV: Wave MYU: Miyu SMS: Samus CAL: Callie MRE: Marie VBR: Vibri LEF: Lord Epic Fail/ 'P'c'f'l

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