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Live Blog To Catch a Moon Bat
Revaryk2016-11-13 14:54:11

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Hello everyone! This is my very first time liveblogging, so please forgive me if I screw up something.

So, this is Pokemon's 20th anniversary game! IN HAWAII- I mean Alola. We've been all over the world since Black and White.

I mean, we have a region based on New York, a region based on France, and now a region based on Hawaii, something I wasn't expecting. At this rate, I bet the next Pokemon region is based on Australia or something (I'll eat those words if the next region is.).

In terms of me and leaks: I've only spoiled ONE major story spoiler for myself since the Full Game Leak (Which I'm still angry about). Oh, and I never looked at the Pokemon's stats.

All I know about this game are some Pokemon, some characters, the fact Competitive battlers are up-and-arms about everything right now, and the Kahuna-Trial Captain system they added, as well as Z-Moves.

I'm very excited to play the game on the eighteenth! See you all then.

Aloha, everyone.

Fun Fact: I actually went to Hawaii when I was little. I only remember some things about it, though.

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