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Live Blog "Jin", or that manga about brain surgery and samurais
Kakai2015-07-12 08:39:39

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So a while back I've been doing my usual Wiki Walk around Our Most Magnificent Wikia and stumbled upon the page of a manga called Jin. The subject - a brain surgeon is brought back in time to the end of samurai era and applies his knowledge to save lives - looked quite interesting and so I read on. This is when the... unusual aspect of the work kicked in.

You see, Jin (that's the main character) is brought back in time by a brain foetus.

Yes, you've read it right. Brain foetus, as in "human foetus stuck inside a guy's brain". That caught my interest enough to actually find the thing and read it.

The first thing the website I've found tells me is that this manga is for people over 18 years old. Well, 'kay. On a side note, an advertisement underneath it claims that "I've lost my hair and became strong". Uh, sure. Whatever you say, you strange, weird person staring at me blindly.

Anyway, I click at the button "take me to the manga" and it... refuses to. No, really, it takes me to the very same page with the warning. So, to sum up so far: the website is warning me; odd advertisement stares at me; the website refuses to take me to the manga. Ominous signs much? Well, let's find some more cooperative site...

There we go. So, unto the breach!

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